Rick Santorum 2016!


Dear fellow Christians,

Who is the one true candidate that will restore America to the way it was since the Pilgrims first settled it?


Who voted for the Patriot Act?

Who openly criticized the selection of Romney as the presidential candidate for America?

Who has addressed the problems facing America today such as forced gay marriages, terrorism, marijuana and other illegal drugs being legalized, communistic socialism, the Universities that are forcing secularism onto students, the rising national debt, the teaching of evolution in the classroom, the ban of school prayer, abortion causing pills, and other problems tearing up this nation?


Who recognizes that we have inalienable rights from our Creator?

Who defended Todd Akin from the organized atacks by the liberal media?

Who is the one and only candidate God approves?


Rick Santorum! As a true Christian, Rick Santorum knows how to unite all Christians together to take a stand against the evils of oppression we have seen since the election of Obama. Get right with Rick and let’s take a stand for America!


Remember, Rick Santorum 2016!

Jim and Martin