join us in the war on Islam!

Greetings True Christians!
Today I’d like to talk to you about the evils of Islam. The Muslim faith is an evil, evil, evil faith responsible for such atrocities as the September 11th Terrorist attacks, Al Qaeda, fatwahs against Christian leaders, the stoning and be-heading of good Americans, blasphemy, heathenism, the collecting of many wives, and the Taliban. The Muslims brought us such great world figures as Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and that idiot Ahmadenijad, and are currently fighting against Christian interests in Israel and the Middle East. We must wipe the false Islamic faith away from the face of the Earth. We must take back the planet for Christ.

Are all Muslims heathens? YES! The Islamic church teaches many false things. For example, Muslims believe that Christ was a “good man”, but not the Son of God. This is false blasphemy, and Muslims should be punished for spreading this lie. The Muslim heathens also call God by the wrong name, “Allah”. Muslims also treat their false “prophet” Mohammed as some kind of God, since they fight against the production of images of Mohammed. Here’s a picture of Mohammed, just to make them angry:

this is the face of a terrorist, not a prophet. Mohammed is one of the princes of hell!

What is the best way to deal with a Muslim? We must bring them to Christ. All Muslims are terrorists. Hasn’t anybody noticed how willing Muslims are to blow themselves up to kill innocent American soldiers and civilians? This is a dangerous, dangerous belief system, one which is fueled by hatred, lies, and Satan. We must either convince Muslims to accept Christ or we must destroy them. Much like a dog that bites all those people around it, the Muslim must either be rehabilitated or put down. We must expand this American “War on Terror” into what it has the potential to be, a “War on Islam”. No matter how many terrorists we kill, as long as there are still Muslims, the sand people will be training more terrorists. It’s as simple as that.

Be an American. Reject Islam. How can you help? I don’t believe that our readers should engage in acts of violence against Muslims. Christ would not want us to do that. However, we can send them Bibles and Christian literature. We can direct them to True Christian websites such as this one. We can shun them when they fail to accept Christ. We can bring them to the light of Christ. We can trust our American government to declare war on the Muslims as well, if enough of us write our congressmen and congresswomen. Join with me today. Ask your local congressional representative to support a declaration of war against the heathen Islamic nations of the world.

Why should we declare war on Islam? Because Christ can’t return until the Temple is rebuilt. What stands on the site of the Temple right now? The Islamic Dome of the Rock. The Dome must be destroyed before the Temple can be rebuilt. Once the Temple is rebuilt, Jesus will return. Therefore, it is essential that we get rid of the Dome of the Rock. How do we get rid of it? Through an act of war. Join with me, Christians of the world, and ask your government leaders to support the destruction of the Islamic faith. Jesus would be proud of all of you.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a true Christian.

13 thoughts on “join us in the war on Islam!

  1. You are not a true Christian says:

    Hello radical fanatic religious who call themselves true Christians, bad news from you, God should be disappointed of you!!!!! yes your fanaticism doesn’t help anybody, expressing a high level of intolerance, stereotyping, and lack of politeness, it seems that you didn’t get the message of your religion do actions for benefit for the fellows, it’s sad to see that people who you call heathen have more Christian values than a person who calls himself true Christian.

  2. rahul singh says:

    islam should be destroyed because its a cancer .

  3. Vanessa says:

    Stop claiming to be a true christian, trust me you do not know the first thing about being christ like. This whole holier than thou attitude is taking you straight to hell, where you’ll roast and burn with all the other idiots like you.

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