A call for prayer

Greetings Christian friends.

I have been praying to God about the atheist attack perpetuated by this Senator Jason on Martin and I, and the Holy Spirit has told me that Jason will be burning in Hell. This heathen has no love for God, and in fact has his own blog called “Crimes Against Divinity”. I’m not joking. You can find it here. If this man does not repent, God will cast him into the pit of fire where he will be burnt and tortured for all eternity. Let us pray for this Jason, that he may one day soon stop his “Crimes Against Divinity”. Let us pray that he will accept the Truth of Christ and change his heathen ways.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

2 thoughts on “A call for prayer

  1. […] I found out they’re issuing a public “call for the clasping of hands and muttering to one’s self” for me, in hopes that I’ll give up my heathen ways and turn to the path of the Lord.  […]

  2. Martin Baker says:


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