North Korea is cursed

Greetings True Christians!

This is the truest face of evil in the world today:

Kim Jong Un, the new face of terror

Kim Jong Un, the new face of terror

North Korea is cursed by God for their ungodly actions. North Korea threatens American security through the use of nuculear weapons, and through the threat of violence towards South Korea. North Korea is a heathen, communist nation that will be obliterated from the map if they ever are stupid enough to once again start a war with the American-allied South Korean nation!

Kim Jong Un is the world’s greatest threat to world peace! The North Koreans are even crazier than the Iranians. And the North Koreans are going straight to hell! Why? Because they reject Christ and embrace a heathen communist doctrine! Kim Jong Un is a monster who deserves to die. He is no better than Hitler, and is destined for hell, along with all the other North Korean heathen scum!

Let us pray for God to smite the North Koreans. May God destroy them with flood and storm and natural disaster and pestilence and plague. May the North Koreans be weakened, and may their nuclear arsenal destroy only them. Let us look with disdain upon their “dear Leader”, the dead and burning in hell Kim Jong Il. This man clearly flaunted his wealth, besides the fact that he was a commmunist sinner. He’s burning in hell as we speak!:

Kim Jong Il, the “dear leader”

Let us write to our congressmen and congresswomen in America and ask them to deal with the heathens in North Korea. Let us pray that their government will implode and that it will be replaced with a True Christian government. Let us pray for the fate of North Korea. Let us win the Korean souls for Christ!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a true Christian.

7 thoughts on “North Korea is cursed

  1. Martin Baker says:

    God will punish North Korea just like he recently punished Russia with asteroids.

  2. Marty Jay says:

    I see you have a lot of love for suppressed people… Wonder how Christian you guys would be if your family would be killed because YOU are a Christian?
    Thumbs up for Franco!

  3. Hannah Kim says:

    Jim Solouki, I am a Christian, and God gave me a dream to adopt a girl, Mai Jane Parks, from Jordan (a Muslim country in the Middle East), to convert Mai from Islam to Christianity.

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