the National Center for Science Education is Going to Hell.

Greetings Christians!

let me bring your attention to one more evil group, the National Center for Science Education! These heathens actually have a self-declared mission to defend the teaching of Darwinism in American classrooms! Led by the evil Eugenie Scott, the folks at the National Center for Science Education are responsible for such heinous acts as the removal of stickers questioning evolution in Georgia and the defense of Darwinism in Dover. Whenever someone is bold enough to question the lie of evolution, the NCSE sends their stormtroopers in to protect the Darwinist dogma.

Did you know that the NCSE has an entire page dedicated to mocking the Ray Comfort version of Darwin’s Origin of Species? The Ray Comfort version is the ONLY True Christian version of text, and the NCSE is threatened enough by that to devote entire articles to mocking it. They also mock Creationists with their “Project Steve” program. Heathen scum!

Want to mock Christ and defend Darwin? Send an email to the NCSE. They will actually mail you anti-Christian materials, free of cost, dedicated to the defense of Darwinism. What a bunch of creeps. Don’t they realize that they will pay for their sinful acts in hell?

Apparently now they also support the secular myth of climate change! Everybody knows that Global Warming is a liberal myth to keep Christians out of the Holy Land! Don’t believe me? Pray about it. The Holy Spirit will guide you to that truth. Global Warming was created by pot smokers, hippies, tree-huggers, and homosexuals as an excuse for nudist colonies and stupid traditions that involve pirate costumes. Look at this nonsense!! The Darwinists and Global Warming freaks actually believe in this stuff:

The NCSE acts much like Hitler’s SS. They search for outbreaks of antievolution activism across America, and quickly seek to destroy this activism. They are working hard to take Jesus out of our classrooms! It is heathens like these that are responsible for abortion, sexual education, homosexuality, bestiality, adultury, fornication, masturbation, women wearing pants, murder, communism, atheism, and liberalism! These heathens support the doctrine of evolution, and would lead us straight to hell if they had their way.

Let us join in Christian prayer that the heathens at the National Center for Satanic Education might change their evil ways. Let us pray that they might be born again. Let us pray that they may reject Satan and embrace Jesus.

Repent NCSE, or burn in Hell.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

51 thoughts on “the National Center for Science Education is Going to Hell.

  1. Casey says:

    It is clear to me that you know absolutely nothing about the NCSE. Your hypocrisy is astounding. You chide these people for doing the exact same thing you are attempting to do. The only difference is they have proof on their side, they have evidence. I do not understand how you can claim to be a true American, and yet advocate for a religious theocracy. Which goes against every basic tenant this country was founded on. Please reply to this so we can then discuss you’re views on climate change and pollution of the earth.

  2. Casey says:

    Actually it was not. In fact it was created as an oasis for ALL religions, hence the wording in the Constitution. If this was truly a Christian nation, how come it wasn’t clearly stated in any founding documents? You still did not answer my question I posed. How can you claim to love America and yet want to destroy the republic and replace it with a religious theocracy akin to Iran’s? These two ideas are incompatible. Now please can you explain to me why climate change is a huge conspiracy?

    • Haven’t you ever read the book Myth of Separation? That proves that America is a True Christian nation. In fact, America would be better off if it was without heathens like you.

      Isn’t it obvious? Humans couldn’t mess up the atmosphere this beautiful blue-green ball floating in the sky! The warming rates are completely consistent with a post-flood/catastrophic ice age stabilization of the atmosphere. The idea of Global Warming is just another attempt by liberal heathen professors to emporwer themselves and threaten the world. Checkmate, heathen!

      • Casey says:

        So you’re telling me that we can send a man to the moon and create a nuclear bomb. Yet we are not advanced enough to mess up something as delicate as the atmosphere? Also the earth is not “floating in the sky”, whatever that was suppose to mean. Gload warming rates are NOT AT ALL consistent with the conditions you proposed. There is no evidence to support your claim. If the heathen liberals wanted to seriously threaten the world how is advocating for better stewardship of the earth (as God commanded) accomplishing that task? You have not completed a checkmate, in order to do that you must actually understand how to play.

      • Casey, fancy words will not get you to heaven! Read some of the science to come out of Answers in Genesis. They’ve done some GREAT work on global warming.

        ANd you know we didn’t actually go to the moon, right? That was filmed in a basement and broadcast on TV to scare the Communist soviet union

    • and I want nothing to do with Iran. a True Christian nation would be built on Christian principles, not heathen muslim ones!

      • Casey says:

        Perhaps, but the means of enforcement would be the same. The tyranny would be the same, the injustice and strife would be the same. The suffering would be the same.

      • no. A Christian nation would be an equal nation. Yes, punishments would be necessary for sinful actions, but we punish criminals today anyway! A Christian nation would be one based on love and mutual aid, not one based on oppreession, tyranny, and hate

      • Casey says:

        There is no “science” coming out of AIG, jut the same rehashed arguments and falsehoods and half truths. And yes we went to the moon. You can grab a telescope and look at it and see the American flag and the lunar buggy if you feel so inclined. I am sorry if you can’t understand my diction. I assumed that since you run a blog about science and history that you would be well educated and well versed in the vernacular that is used in the academic community, apparently I was wrong.

      • I know history and science Casey. i just refuse to buy into the atheist heathen nonsense that’s spouted by liberals

  3. Casey says:

    Well what would you do with those who lived here who weren’t Christian? Tyranny is tyranny no matter which way you put it.

    • I would constantly try to teach them the truth of Christ. If they lived according to the laws of the nation, no problem, even though they will burn in hell if they reject Jesus

      • Casey says:

        But if the laws of the land are Biblical and God commanded his follwers to pick up the sword and slay the nonbelievers (Luke 22:35) wouldn’t you be forced to execute those who didn’t believe (even the women and children)?

      • I believe that passage was allegorical because the Spirit tells me so Casey. My interpretation might be incorrect, but I believe that it is our job to lead the nonbelievers to Christ, not just kill them.

  4. Casey says:

    Also why did you take down the post about the day of prayer for me?

  5. Casey says:

    No I would not like a day of prayer, prayer is useless. Jesus was a man of action, not a man of silence and folded hands.

    • but Jesus also told us to pray. I pray very often, dozens of times a day actually.

      • petrolhead10 says:

        You know that Pascal’s Wager is a bad bet right?

        Look at it this way, if you do bad things, but keep repenting for them, and constantly praying to God, you’re still a bad person, but according to the bible, you’re going to heaven because you believe in God.\

        However, if you do not believe in God, but instead spend your time doing good things, fighting poverty, striving to cure illnesses, etc, then a truly intelligent and benevolent God will grant you access to heaven anyway.

        Now, if you reply you’re either gonna scream at me for being a heathen, or say something like ‘you have to believe to go to heaven, and not just be a good person’, in which case you are saying that God is an unfair, unintelligent, self-obsessed hypocrite.

      • Good deeds are great. But Christ also told us that He is the only way to heaven. I’m sorry petrolhead10, but you can’t argue with Biblical Truth.


      • petrolhead10 says:

        I rest my point. A good person who doesn’t believe (Gandhi for instance) would go to hell, despite only ever doing bad things, whilst a bad person (Hitler for instance) who only ever did bad things, but believed and repented would go to heaven.
        Nice religion. Really screwy.

      • You need t obelieve in JESUS. The Bible tells us that. you should read it sometime heathen.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Prayer works, heathen! You’ll be wishing for prayer when the time comes that you are surrounded in fire for eternity!

  6. petrolhead10 says:

    I have read the bible. So don’t attempt to accuse me off ignorance. You are the ignorant one here.
    All you’re doing is proving my point; That a bad person (who believed in jesus) would go to heaven, whereas a good person (who didn’t believe in jesus) would go to hell, despite doing nothing but good for his/her fellow humans.
    Your parade of ignorance impresses no-one, all you’re doing is reinforcing my point, which is that according to your rules god is a sadistic, unfair, moronic, narcissistic control feak.

    • don’t you blaspheme on my blog you heathen scum. Words like that will take you straight to hell. Repent or burn.


      • aevitaslp says:

        Whoa, “heathen scum”? Really? Did your mother teach you to talk like that? I doubt Jesus or the “Holy Spirit” would ever say that to anyone regardless of what they have done. At least you are showing your true colors. If you keep up that kind of talk, I’m sure if there is a hell, you will be there. Most likely crying why you are there in the first place.

  7. petrolhead10 says:

    Oooohhhhh!!!!! I’m scared now! The moronic hypocritical preacher man is threatening to send me to a place that doesn’t exist!
    Thanks for reinforcing my points, and weakening yours.

  8. Franco says:

    Wow, really WOW, the author of this post is ignorant (and ignorant isn’t an insult) how somebody can deny the proof of global warming and that we are destroying with the emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere, also that emissions of gases broke the ozone layer, everybody who is not illiterate knows that, is a fact, there are evidence, and is basic science, and the difference between the intellect of the author of this post and the people who replies is evident because the author only says “heathen, you are condemning yourself to hell” and more repetitive things, it’s evident who posted this doesn’t have the skills to discuss, and when is with no alternative he diverts the conversation and uses terms to offend the people, that’s a lack of intellect, that’s so sad.

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