Intelligent Design. Deluded by the Devil

Greetings True Christians!

Tonight I’m going to tell you about the Intelligent Design movement. Intelligent Design is basically closet Creationism! And like those other things that hide in the closet (homosexuals), the Intelligent Design movement is…..SINFUL! Did you know that the Intelligent Design people claim to not know who the “Designer” is? Some of them even think that the Intelligent Designer could have been a space alien! That sounds an awful lot like Mormonism to me, where God is viewed as a human that lives on an alien planet and makes spirit babies, and we all know that Mormons are going to hell. Probably the same place the Intelligent Design people are going for hiding their allegiance to God.

Let’s start with Michael Behe. Behe is a Roman Catholic, and actually embraces a large amount of evolutionary change, just arguing that some structures are “irreducibly complex”. Like Behe, HISTORIAN (note, not paleontologist), Stephen Meyer implies that the Cambrian Explosion is the moment of Creation, i.e. it shows the necessity of Intelligent Design. TRUE Creationist paleontologists with credentials in the field like Kurt Wise know that the entire fossil record showcases the effects of the Flood, not some creation event. The Creation is not recorded in the fossil record. Noah’s Flood is. The Intelligent Design advocates are wrong because they reject Biblical Truth in favor of the millions of years mythology so dearly loved by the Darwinists.

Intelligent Design advocates are basically like castrated bulls. While once strong, they are now weak. Look at the text from Of Pandas and People. Early in that book’s history, it embraced a True Biblical message. After Edwards V. Aguilard and other cases lost in front of an activist liberal court, they changed the wording from “Creationism” to “Intelligent design”! Intelligent Design supporters are basically Creationists that are trying to hide the fact that they are Creationists!

Let us not forget Jonathan Wells, that well-known intelligent design supporting conspiracist that shows us that the evolutionists are using false icons to support their indoctrinated faith in Darwinism! Icons of Evolution is a wonderful book, and Wells is a wonderful man, who admits that his religious beliefs led him to declare war on Darwinism, as a result of the words of his reverend. Wells is the closest thing to a True Christian Soldier in the ID camp, and yet he hides behind the mantra of Intelligent Design.

What are these people afraid of? I believe that the Discovery Institute is hiding behind a false mantra of secularism to try to hide their true beliefs. Intelligent Design supporters are like Christians who are afraid to admit their faith in Christ. At the end of days, when Christ passes judgment, surely he will point to the supporters of Intelligent Design and say to them “surely I do not know you.”

Who will Jesus know? Jesus will know us, the True Christian Creationists. We support Him. We believe in Biblical Truth. We are not afraid to let the truth of our motives be known. We are not afraid to admit that we believe in the True God. We believe in the validity of the Bible. We believe in the infallibility of scriptural authority. We believe in the Genesis flood. We believe in the Creation account in Genesis. We believe in the Truth of Christ. And we will one day sit with Jesus in Heaven.

Now a word to the Design proponents. Unless you stop hiding, unless you openly embrace the Truth of Creation without hiding behind fancy labels, surely you are headed straight to hell with the heathens. I will be keeping you in my prayers, heathens. Repent, Discovery Institute and the Intelligent Designers! Repent!

Let us not forget the heritage, the TRUE CHRISTIAN HERITAGE, of the argument from Design. Paley knew who the Designer was. Know your philosophical roots, Intelligent Design supporters. It is obvious that the Designer is the God of the Bible. AND He will punish you if you fail to accept His Truth. It is easy to go to heaven, all you must do is be born again and embrace Jesus. Reject your unidentified “designer” and embrace our Biblical Father. I will be praying for your souls.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

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