We have reached over 100,000 views!

The Creation Study site has received over 100,000 views! Jim and I would like to thank the many viewers from America that have made this possible since America is a Christian nation.

We also thank God for making this possible. Please stay tuned for more entries on why evolution, homosexuality, music, evolution textbooks, the Catholic Church, and sinfulness is wrong and how we can fight Satan.

God Bless America and God Bless you all for following this site.

Martin Baker

6 thoughts on “We have reached over 100,000 views!

  1. Amen Martin. Thank you everybody for reading, and may Jesus be with you!

  2. Franco says:

    wow, even the Catholic Church is bad for you?, so according to you, only Americans are going to heaven?

    • Did you know that America is a Christian nation?

      • Franco says:

        Yes, I know. So, according to you Catholics are not Christians? let me tell you that Catholicism and Protestantism (even your church) are sects, like to say branches from the Christianity the main religion, because both of them are built about dogmas based on Jesus Christ; and also consider that United States is a melting pot, so there are a lot of different cultures and religions, so I don’t know where did you question come from? (because it doesn’t make sense). Please inform yourself the speak.

      • Again, they are not true Christians. The Catholics were corrupting the true teachings of Jesus, and they altered the true scriptures so they could make indulgences by preaching purgatory. True Christians don’t do this!

  3. Franco says:

    Who says, you? because the Bible doesn’t. Altered the true scriptures? you are wrong, the Catholic Bible was first then the King James’ version appeared, it’s so funny the fact that the people who you call “fake Christians” are more Christians than people like you who consider themselves “True Christians”. Please inform yourself then speak.

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