STEVEN SPIELBERG REPENT! He is at it again with Jurassic Park!

Once again, the perverted filmmaker Steven Spielberg has decided to declare war on Christianity with his sinful film “Jurassic Park.” The film is an unholy abomination from Spielberg that is used to target innocent children who attend Sunday School at Church and to force them into believing evolution. As Christians, We must stand up against these evils from Hollywood and the Secular Media. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Hollywood has given us movies that are full of anti-christian themes, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tron, Toy Story, lots of porn films, Star Wars, Brokeback Mountain, The Dark Knight, The Hobbit, and Jurassic Park. Spielberg has decided to re-release the film in theaters so that he can use the money from ticket sales to do other sinful projects.


The film preaches evolution and wants us to reject God. Don’t believe me? Look at the scientist character in the movie. The scientist played by Sam Neil is based off of Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin. We know how Darwin and Dawkins have worked on agendas to attack Christianity. The film is also an offense to God as we see Samuel Jackson’s character calling God’s name and ending with the curse word “Damn.” Another offense to God is the atheistic character, acted by Jeff Goldblum, who says you can destroy God and create dinosaurs for your sinful purposes. It is also offensive to God as we see creationism not given any fair mention in the movie. Other forms of sin in Jurassic Park are stealing, homosexuality, lies and deceit, and adultery in the film. The film score was also composed by a composer that had ties with the German Nazi composer Richard Wagner. Let’s also not forget the themes of evolution in the film were useful in inspiring Hitler, Marx, Stalin, and Mao for communist purposes.

Please check a Christian review of the film from here

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As Christians, we must stop Spielberg and Satan from having their way by re-releasing the film in theaters. We have seen rises in pornography, the teaching of evolution in public schools, atheism, teenage sexuality, racism, pornography in the churches, rape, and other sins as a result of the film being released. We must get together and pray, and we can also write letters of concern to Hollywood. The film preaches evilution, and evilution assumes you can do whatever unmoral actions you prefer while thinking that there isn’t the One and True Creator. Let’s take a stand for Christ! It is time to cut down the tree of evil that Satan has planted!

Martin Baker

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