Russia is being punished for communism!!

Greetings Christians!!

Did you know that the current events in Russia show that God hates Communism? As I’m sure many of you are aware of, a meteorite hit a region of Russia today, injuring more than 1100 people. Why did God allow this to happen? Because Russia rejected God! Russia rejected God for an atheistic Communist doctrine inspired by Darwinism and Satan. And now God is punishing Russia for this fact.

First, God allowed the Russians to lose the Soviet Missile Crisis. Why? Because God is on America’s side. Why was there a missile crisis in the first place? Because Kennedy was Catholic, and God is ambivalent towards Catholicism. Had America had a True Christian president at the time, there would have been no missile crisis, as God would have scared the Soviets away. But America chose to dishonor God by electing a Catholic president, and God allowed the Missile Crisis to happen. However, in the end, America is still a True Christian nation based on Christian ideas and values, and therefore, God allowed America to defeat the Russian communists in the Missile Crisis.

God also destroyed the Soviet Union. Why? Because the Soviets were Communists! God punished the Communists by destroying their Government. President Reagan, a friend of True Christians and Creationists everywhere, commanded the Soviets to tear down the Wall, and down the Wall came. Why? Because Reagan was a True Christian servant of God, and God listened to Reagan.

The Russians also utilized sexually explicit images of Lenin and Stalin to push their agenda. Here’s an example. This image is clearly inspired by Satan:

So boys and girls, isn’t it obvious that God hates the Soviet Union and Russia? God allowed the meteor impact today to try to cleanse Russia of its sinful ways. By attacking Russia from the heavens, perhaps God hoped to inspire an awareness of things not of this world amongst the Russians. We can’t be sure, but one thing is obvious. The meteor impact in Russia is clearly a punishment from God for communism in Russia. Communists embrace Darwinism hook, line, and sinker. God hates Darwinism. Therefore, if you are a Communist, God hates you. Repent Communist heathens of Russia, lest your nation be hit again from the heavens. I will be praying for you.

Repent or die, Russia. Repent or die.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki.

11 thoughts on “Russia is being punished for communism!!

  1. John Lenin says:

    holy shit, you are an amazingly stupid fucking person. no, really. i guess that’s what religion preys on… people that can see connections without evidence. bravo.

  2. Wayne says:

    the russians are no longer communists, and they have freedom of religion.

  3. You're an idiot says:

    Also, evolution is taught as fact where I go to school. Another thing (if you’re one of THOSE wackos) the Earth is billions of years old. Fact.

  4. Phil McCrack says:

    China is a communist country that doesn’t believe in a christian god whose population out weighs Russia’s by a few hundred million citizens. Why has China been spared for all this time? Why has India been spared all of this time if they don’t believe in Christianity?

    Don’t confuse coincidence with divine intervention and then spread your hate speech across the internet. Your religion was dictated by your parents and the region you were born and nothing else. Should you have been born across the globe you could have been raised Hindu.

    One of a few trillion rocks in the our solar system just happened to come into contact with our planet. It isn’t that uncommon. A decade ago when we tracked multiple meteors crashing into Mars, an unpopulated planet mind you, who was god punishing then? The universe is a massive shooting gallery of large moving objects with no concern or agenda against the human race or its religious politics.

    You are just a hateful and scared person who would rather pass judgement on societies that you never bothered to fully learn about than take the time to understand different cultures. You are sad and naive individual as is blatantly obvious from your borderline insane rantings. People will be forever dumber for reading your article now that this has been posted to the internet.

    Did you know that the internet was also invented by scientists and atheists? You probably couldn’t have chosen a worse platform to share your views to the world. Maybe next time if you want to spread the “truth” you should try a manor more suited to your religion and that your god would appreciate more. Next time just write your tripe on a scroll, seal it in a clay jar, bury it for 1000 years, and then leave everyone one else the fuck alone.

  5. Martin Baker says:

    God will also punish North Korea for threatening Christian America with atomic bombs.

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