Dinosaurs and Man walked together

Dear Christians,

Let us take a moment to remember that dinosaurs were in the garden of Eden. Perhaps they wore saddles like this dinosaur and were ridden by man. God gave mankind dominion over the dinosaurs, as God gave man domininion over all organisms. Let us not forget this fact, and let us reject the heathen atheist millions of years mythology loved by the Darwinists.

And let us not forget that Jesus came to save the ENTIRE Creation from the fall of man. Though this image is extremely fanciful, it reminds us of the Truth of Christ. We are all God’s children, and we are His stewards for this Earth. Let us remember that the Earth is indeed very young, and that humans did interact with dinosaurs. Don’t believe me? Check out the work of great scientists like Duane Gish and Ken Ham.

Now the heathens will say man and dinosaurs never co-existed. Look at the Paluxy River and Glen Rose beds in Texas. They CLEARLY show man and dinosaur footprints together. here’s a picture. Checkmate Darwinists! The Earth IS young, and dinosaurs and man DID coexist. the fossil record proves this. Here’s some pictures.

If the footprints aren’t good enoguh, check out the Ica Stones, carvings by PreColumbian Peruvian heathens with no scientific knowledge showing dinosaurs and humans together. Can’t explain that, Darwinists!

Dinosaurs and man walked together. Checkmate Atheists!

From your friends at Creation Science Study.

47 thoughts on “Dinosaurs and Man walked together

  1. The fossils prove it heathens. no arguing there

    • Glenn says:

      Except they don’t. You cannot make this up and pass it off as fact… you are doing your fellow believers a disservice and obviously have no respect for them. You ignore 99% of scientific evidence and focus on a small anomaly. Present all the facts and then people can decide for themselves. Present a one-sided argument and you are controlling how your fellow believers think. If what you say is true, you have nothing to worry about.

      • My point is true. You are deluded by the Darwinists you heathen. the fossils prove that man and dinosaurs lived together. The fossils prove a Global Flood. And the Fossils prove a Young Earth. Why else would dinosaur blood cells be preserved? I’ll be praying for your heathen soul so that you might come to know Jesus and therefore not rot in Hell.

        Yours in Christ,

        Jim Solouki

      • Martin Baker says:

        Dear Glenn,

        Jim and I are presenting the scientific evidence honestly on this site. This site is as honest and legitimate as Jesus, so there are no lies. Please read the woks of true scientists such as Kent Hovind and Ray Comfort.

        Martin Baker

    • Casey says:

      You don’t know very much about fossils do you? Have you ever taken an archeology class? Heck I got my archeology merit badge when I was a scout. I feel sorry for you that you don’t understand the world in which you live. That must be very frightening. I understand that you feel like you’re beliefs are infallible (otherwise your life would apparently loose meaning). But they are not. I am sorry but you are wrong.

      • the fossils were deposited by the Flood Casey. Check out the REAL science done over at Answers in Genesis and the ICR

      • Casey says:

        There is nothing REAL or science related about those organizations. Please educate yourself on the scientific method and how to properly apply it. Scientists take data and draw conclusions from it, psuedo scientists like Ken Ham draw a conclusion and then try to force the data to fit.

      • Dude, really?! Look at how the geologic column was defined! Geologists take an assumption of evolution, take fossils from the ground, fit them into their magic picture of evolution, and then “date” the rocks by that process! Circular reason at its finest! And natural selection is nothing more than a meaningless tautology! The survival of those that survive. Sounds like some Buddhist heathen stuff to me!

        Let’s see how good your scientists are when they’re barbecuing in hell.

      • Casey says:

        You don’t know what a geologic column is. Nor do you understand how a scientific theory is formed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method

        Please use your God given potential and try to better understand his creation, not stick your head in the sand. And please stop bringing up hell all the time. You have no control over who goes there, nor do you have any say in who doesn’t. For someone who claims to be a true Christian I find you to be very prideful, arrogant, and completely lacking in humility and empathy (Jesus’s main attributes).

      • the Bible tells us very clearly that we must be Born Again to go to heaven. I’m merely trying to warn the heathens that aren’t and hopefully wake them up so they accept Jesus. I’m trying to save them Casey, I really am.

  2. Harry says:

    I haven’t had such a good laugh for quite a while.

    To presume man and Dinosaurs existed together is a ridiculous to presume ‘Darwinism’ is a logic term to use for somebody who can see the imperical evidence for the Theory of Evolution via natural selection which best describes how the FACTUAL LAW of Evolution over time can take place.

    Before you say ‘It’s just a thoery’ as many deluded creation psuedo-science believer say let me show you what the actual term means.

    A scientific theory is “a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment.” This is why science is credited with having answers and your ridiculous notions of creation are completely disregarded by any thinking induvidual.

    2 pictures of animal prints is not evidence of man/dinosaur coexistence.

    If you are deluded and naive enough to suggest a fossil record doesn’t exist, take a trip to the New York Natural History Museum and see actual fossils for yourself. Contact archioligists and think. I know Christianity likes to surpress knownledge, thought, induviduality, logic, reason and intruige but try it. For once in your life look at the other side of the coin.

    Now as far as saying ‘Dinosaurs were in the garden of eden’ please point out any records, factual evidence or confirmed geological data for the mere existence of this supposed garden?

    And as the timeline of the earth goes please explain this to me, if (as you say) the Earth is a mere 5000-10000 years old please explain why we have observable evidence to show otherwise, why we can see distant stars that are billions of LIGHT YEARS from out lonely position in the 97 billion lightyear across universe.

    Why would a God, create humans and life, show no proof of existence other than a man made book created in a war torn bronze aged slum in the middle east (not in China where they could already document history which for me would have been a much better idea) to iliterate peasants who were already known to have followed supposed mesiahs, created gods of their own and fables that you would so quickly dismiss and assume that this is somehow a proof of a young earth?

    Your stance is that of blind ignorance in the face of pure knowledge, you prostelatise idiocy as though it is fact to the uneducated and naive and you push observed, recorded and unfalsafiable evidence to the back of your mind as lies because you are so warped in your logic.

    Free youself from lies, dogma and hyprocritical works of bronze aged myth and look at the world through open eyes. Much more truth beauty and wisdom will come your way!

  3. Casey says:

    Jim I hope that you know that the Ica Stones you are so excited about have been proven to be fakes. They were made recently by Peruvian locals to sell to tourists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ica_stones

    • Casey, that is a lie. How could ALL of those stones have been faked? Maybe some were but not all of them were. Many of them are real.


      • Casey says:

        Very simple, they were ALL made by the same Peruvians who were trying to make a living off of the tourists. I find it odd that you declared my statement to be a “lie”. Then immediately concede that MAYBE some were fake. I don’t understand how you seem to ignore basic critical thinking skills (which God blessed us with so that we may better understand his vast and incredibly ancient creation called the Universe) .

      • Casey, how could ALL have of them have been carved by the same person? That’s just stupid!

      • and how could they have been carved with such great accuracy by people living off of tourists? It doesn’t add up. You’re the one with no critical thinking skills you heathen. I will pray that you accept Christ so you don’t find yourself cast into hell.

      • Casey says:

        I never said the were carved by the same person. I said they were carved by the same PEOPLE (plural as in more than one). Are you implying that modern Peruvian people aren’t artistically capable of those very crude carvings? I don’t quite get how it doesn’t add up for you. The Ica Stones are no different than the miniature Statue of Liberty replicas that you buy in NYC. Please just accept this simple, basic, fact. You are wrong. I have already accepted Christ. I am a Christian same as you (unless of course you somehow think you are superior than me, in which case I beg you to admonish yourself of such arrogance and pride and vanity).

      • Casey, where would they get the tools? Wouldn’t they just make crappy kitsch instead? In fact, some very fine historians have argued that the stones are legitimate. I saw it on the History Channel.

        They’re very different than the NYC replicas. Even the show Ancient Aliens, which is a false and heathen show, claims them to be authentic. Given the funding they have, they would knwo if they were faked

      • Casey, where would they get the tools? Wouldn’t they just make crappy kitsch instead? In fact, some very fine historians have argued that the stones are legitimate. I saw it on the History Channel.

        They’re very different than the NYC replicas. Even the show Ancient Aliens, which is a false and heathen show, claims them to be authentic. Given the funding they have, they would knwo if they were faked

      • Casey says:

        What tools? all they need is some chisels and rocks. You must think the Peruvians to be a very incapable people. Please show me which accredited historians have claimed the stones to be real. And if you learn about history and science from TV no wonder you are so confused and wrong.

      • the stones can be traced back to at least the 1500s. Not many tourists then!! Checkmate. http://livingdinos.com/2011/07/are-the-ica-stones-fake-skeptics-under-fire/

  4. Casey says:

    Acutally no they cannot be traced to the 1500’s. http://www.skepdic.com/icastones.html

    • well that’s based on someone else’s interpretation. different experts, different interpretations. it’s all rather unertain

      • Casey says:

        No it’s not based on someone else’s interpretations. It is stone cold fact. It is 100% certain that the stones are fake. There is no refuting it. There is not one shred of evidence to the contrary. The website where you acquired your info did not contain any expert opinion. Mine did.

      • Sigh. you appeal to authority yet you reject true scientists like Ken Ham, Kent Hovind, Kurt Wise, and Duane Gish. Shame on you Casey.

      • Casey says:

        None of those people you mentioned are actual scientists. If they were they would be publishing papers and giving lectures and advancing scientific knowledge. They are nothing more than doubt casters trying to poke holes in other peoples hard work. None of them have ever accomplished ANYTHING scientifically speaking. Again this is not a matter of opinion but a matter of reality.

      • ok. John Baumgardner. he’s a creationist and he publishes science

      • Casey says:

        you’re right, i do appeal to authority. You should as well if you want to have any basic understanding in the world. Do you mind if i ask where you got your degree from?

      • Patriot Bible university.

      • Casey says:

        He’s not a creationist. He just uses the market to get rich. He has signed his name to papers about Old Earth mantle evolution and Old Moon formation. He is not one of you, he is merely claiming to be to get your hard earned money. Im sorry you’ve been duped.

  5. Casey says:

    You need to figure out how to discern between fact and deception. See my website has links to other non affiliated materials and references. Your’s does not. Again if you were educated in the scientific method you would know these things and could avoid looking uneducated and gullible.

  6. Casey says:

    AIG is not in any way an accredited scientific organization. When you present false information you do indeed appear to be both gullible and uneducated. References and links and the like ARE everything, how can you understand something to be true if you cannot corroborate the evidence presented? Please name me one scientific contribution that has been made by AIG, or for that matter show me one article they have published in ANY accredited scientific publication.

  7. Casey says:

    Yeah they have to have their own journal because NO ONE ELSE WOULD PUBLISH THEM!

  8. Casey says:

    Yes i have seen Expelled. There is no discrimination. You just simply cant seem to stomach the idea that these “scientists” are abandoning their professional training in order to ratify their personal beliefs. You would fire any other employe for not being professional would you not?

  9. Casey says:

    No it is not. Did you even read the overview on the scientific method i sent you? Also you got your degree from a degree mill, it’s not a real college.

  10. Casey says:

    Dude you are everything that is wrong with Christianity. I will debate in person anytime anywhere for free. As long as it can be video taped.

  11. Alienfan says:

    To christians that think everything on earth is for humans only: how selfish are you?! Do you have no respect for living things at all?!

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