An interview with Richard Warren

Greetings True Christians.
Today I would like to share an interview with True Christian thinker Richard Warren. Warren is a Creation Scientist with qualifications in biochemistry and engineering. Warren is a true soldier for Christ, and I sat down over tea to discuss the failures of evolutionary theory. I hope you enjoy the transcript of my discussion with Richard. My questions are marked “JS”, his replies are marked “RW”. –Jim Solouki

JS: Good morning Richard! I’m happy to discuss the Truth of the Gospel with you today!

RW: Hello Jim. Thank you for this opportunity to share the Truth with your readers.

JS: Before we begin, perhaps you would like to tell our readers about your new book?

RW: Of course. What I have written is a piece by piece expose of the viewpoint discrimination present in American universities. Did you know that it’s almost impossible for a Darwin doubter like myself to find employment in a university setting? Unless you have tenure, it is foolish to openly question Darwin. William Dembski found that out the hard way, and lost his research center. Great, credible scientists such as Duane Gish, Ken Ham, Michael Oard, and John Safarti are openly shunned by universities because they dare question Darwin, the secular religion of our day. My book is coming out some time next year through InterVarsity Press, if all goes well. The title is going to be “Doubts about Darwin? Stay in the Closet.”

JS: A provocative title to be sure, Richard. Tell me, Richard. Does the fossil record really support evolution?

RW: Of course not. That’s just stupid. Duane Gish has published a great book, “Evolution: The Fossils Say NO!” that explains why the fossil record does not support evolution. Granted, the Darwinists will constantly grapple for any “transitional” form they can find, but the problem with transitional forms is how do we know they’re transitional? Maybe Tiktaalik was just a Tiktaalik! You can’t prove it was evolving into anything. The fossil record, by and large, is exactly what we would expect to see if Flood Geology were the correct explanation for how the geologic column was formed. We see massive upheavals, most of our fossils come from flood deposits, and we see a “progression” from simple oceanic organisms to man and other complex land animals. This is exactly what we would expect given the conditions present at the time of the Flood. During the Flood, we see all the organisms grappling for higher ground. Obviously mollusks cannot get that high. Humans, on the other hand, are crafty beings, and can hold out for a long time, even in a flood setting. The atheists will tell you that “oh, well then why did fish die?” That’s actually a quite simple question to answer. The Flood caused a drastic change in the salinity of the oceans. This overwhelmed the fishes’ metabolic pathways, and the fish died. There are reasons that you can’t keep a clown fish in fresh water or a guppy in salt water. These animals were designed by God to live in specific habitats. The Flood forced them out of their habitats. This caused them to die. I…

JS: Richard, can we focus on the Flood for a moment? If God was mad at humans, why would God destroy everything, and not just man?

RW: Well you see Jim, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, it threw the whole Creation out of whack. Adam and Eve were running around in the Garden of Eden like children. Innocent, beautiful, obedient children. Then Satan came to town and convinced them to eat the apple. Now Satan and God go back way before Eden. We can’t be sure, but many theologians believe that Satan, also known as Lucifer, was initially one of the angels in Heaven, but was expelled from Paradise after an act of rebellion against God. Once Adam and Eve ate the apple, they allowed Satan to gain a foothold in God’s Creation. Satan messed up the entire Creation with this one act, and thus allowed death to enter the world. Once Satan had gained a huge foothold over the Earth, God caused the Flood to cleanse the Earth of Satan’s evil. This was only partly successful, as evidenced by the crucifixion of Christ in later years. Christ was sent to help combat this Satanic presence, and will ultimately defeat Satan in the end times. We can join God and be raptured in the end times by becoming True Christians and being Born Again in Christ. Those that aren’t True Christians will be left on this Earth to fight the antichrist in the end times. It’s not going to be a pretty picture, so I will suggest to your unsaved readers that they should find Jesus now if they haven’t already. Wouldn’t want to be stuck here at the Battle of Armageddon.

JS: Thank you Richard. What do you think about recent violent acts such as the recent killings on college campuses across the country?

RW: Well isn’t it quite obvious Jim? God is allowing these bastions of Darwinism and Satan to be attacked by gunmen. God does not protect that which rejects Him. The American university system rejected God ages ago. I believe that the rejection of God by man allows Satan more control over our youth. This allows these atrocities to happen.

JS: What is your opinion on homosexuality Richard?

RW: I think that homosexuals are choosing to sin, and should be sent for rehabilitative treatment. If they choose not to accept rehabilitation, I believe the should be incarcerated.

JS: Incarcerated? But Richard…

RW: They are a threat to society and should be removed from it. Do you want your son to grow up as a faggot?

JS: Fair enough Richard, fair enough. Let’s get back to evolution. What’s the problem with evolution? Why is it such a big deal?

RW: Isn’t it obvious? Evolution is the cause of all of society’s ills. If we teach our children that they come from monkeys, then they’ll act like monkeys! Belief in evolution causes abortion, murder, rape, masturbation, homosexuality, bestiality, communism, atheism, and numerous other sinful acts. It’s not just that evolution is a lie. Well it is a lie, but that’s beside the point. The real problem with belief in evolution is that it leads us away from God and into Satan’s grasp.

JS: Richard, I just did a blog post on dinosaurs and man living together. What are your thoughts on this topic?

RW: Well Jim, every animal was in the Garden of Eden. This includes dinosaurs. Now your readers may or may not be familiar with the fact that all organisms ate plants in Eden, because there was no death then. A dinosaur like T-Rex ate a diet that consisted wholly of plant matter before the Fall. This explains why T-Rex’s arms were so short! If T-Rex were designed as a predator, than its arms would be long enough to catch prey, but short stubby arms like these would only be found on a plant eater. Does the historical record show man and dinosaurs coexisting? Of course! There are records of “Dragons” in almost all cultures. These “dragons” were likely dinosaurs. The Bible talks about “Leviathan” and “Behemoth”, also likely dinosaurs. The Ica Stones show illustrations of dinosaurs and man interacting. Tombs in India show perfectly drawn stegosaurs. The ancient legends of griffins? Dinosaurs. I can go on for hours. The evidence is there. To believe that dinosaurs and man didn’t coexist is like believing that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is real. It may be a funny belief, but it’s just stupid.

JS: Richard, I know we’re running out of time, but are there any thoughts you’d like to leave our readers with?

RW: Just one. Is Richard Dawkins a closet Christian? Think about it. The guy is so anally anti-Christian that it seems like an act! You make a good point on your blog when talking about Christopher Hitchens’ conversion experience. Sometimes the people that are most virulently against something are compensating and trying to hide something. Perhaps Dawkins is really a Christian at heart. Or maybe he was just an angry child who destroyed his toys because Mommy and Daddy didn’t love him enough or give him enough attention because they were busy in Africa. Dawkins is an amusing character, but I can’t help but wonder if his atheism is just an act to get publicity and an easy source of income. It seems as if all the atheists want to do is sell books and make money. Before I get too angry, I’ll stop. Thanks for the interview Jim!
JS: Thank you Richard. I’m sure my readers will enjoy it. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Brought to you by the folks at Creation Science Study!

2 thoughts on “An interview with Richard Warren

  1. Martin Baker says:

    God bless you Jim for this post.

  2. 10bacon says:

    This “interview” sounds like the same person was both people.

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