a repost of Hitchen’s salvation story, for all the heathens to see.


Greetings True Christians,

Many of you are probably wondering why Christopher Hitchens did not make our list of “People you will probably meet in hell.” The answer is quite simple, actually. Christopher Hitchens turned to Christ on his deathbed, and is now in heaven with Jesus, Peter, Paul, Noah, Mary, and all the angels.  Why did Hitchens repent? The answer is actually quite simple.  Much like a man that can see a train bearing down upon him as it comes close to him and is about to kill him, Hitchens was able to finally see hell bearing down upon his immortal soul as it became almost unavoidable.  Somewhere, likely on his deathbed, Hitchens called out to Jesus for salvation. Jesus embraced this lost sheep with open arms, and led him straight to heaven, where he is in Paradise as we speak.  Why do we know this is true, you ask?…

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