50 reasons why evilution fails. Questions for the atheists.

Greetings atheists. Here we will outline a number of questions which evolutionists have no answers for. Read and have your faith in evilution shaken.

1) If evolution is true, then how come nobody’s ever seen a carbon atom turn into a cell?
2) If evolution is true, how come there are no transitional fossils? How come we don’t have any fishibians or crocoducks?
3) If evolution is true, then why did Darwin recant on his deathbed?
4) If evolution is true, then how come we still have people with Down’s Syndrome and other mental disorders? This is more consistent with a decay as a result of the fall of man than it is with evolution.
5) If evolution is true, then how come we only have examples of microevolution, or evolution within a kind, and none of macroevolution, creation between kinds? This proves that the Biblical model of 2 of every kind on the Bible is true.
6) If eovlution is true, then why do we still have monkeys? If man came from monkeys why are monkeys still here?
7) If evolution is true, then why does Richard Dawkins refuse to debate Creationists?
9) If evolution is true, then why do we still need medicine? Wouldn’t we have evolved defenses against all the bacterias if we evolved?
10) If evolution is true, why doesn’t God tell us about it in the Bible?
11) If evolution is true, then where do we go when we die?
12) If evolution is true, then is it ok to have sex with donkeys?
13) If evolution is true, then how come the RATE group can show that the world is very young? Even Darwin knew that an old Earth was essential for his theory to work.
14) If evolution is true, then how come nobody can explain the origins of the eye?
15) If evolution is true, then what happened before the Big Bang?
16) If evolution is true, then how come scientists can’t replicate the origin of life in a lab setting?
17) If evolution is true, then how come we still have dinosaur blood cells? This again proves that the world is very young.
18) If evolution is true, what about the ICA stones? These stones clearly show man cohabitating with dinosaurs.
19) If evolution is true, then how come the Paluxy River beds in Texas show human and dinosaur footprints preserved right next to each other?
20) If evolution is true, then how come the evolutionists still use Haekel’s faked embryos in textbooks as examples?
21) If evolution is true, then why does religion still exist?
22) If evolution is true, how come we still die?
23) If evolution is true, then why do we still have black people?
24) If evolution is true, then how come homosexuality exists?
25) If evolution is true, how come they discovered Noah’s Ark on Ararat?
26) If evolution is true, then why do men have nipples?
27) If evolution is true, how come the cell is irreducibly complex?
28) If evolution was true, then how come the geologic record clearly shows that it the Grand Canyon was created by one giant flood?
29) If evolution is true, then how come things are extinct? Evolution perfects orgasms apparently, and this would lead not to the extinction of these organisms, but to their eternal survival.
30) If evolution is true, how come ceolocanths haven’t evolved?
31) If evolution is true, how come nobody’s ever documented a beneficial mutation?
32) If evolution is true, then how come atheists have to try so hard to fight Biblical Truth?
33) If evvolution is true, then why does the banana perfectly fit the human hand?
34) If evolution is true, then why does the Bible Code work?
35) If evolution is true, then why aren’t humans evolving?
36) If evolution is true, then why is it just a theory?
37) If evolution is true, then how come the decay of the Earth’s magnetic field proves the Earth is young?
38) If evolution is true, then why does Genesis 1 tell us that God created life in more or less its current form?
39) If evolution is true, then explain how entropy works. You can’t, because entropy disproves evolution. Checkmate atheists.
40) If evolution is true, then why don’t people have gills?
41) If evolution is true, then explain Brian Peppers.
42) If evolution is true, then why wasn’t it in my science textbook?
43) If evolution is true, then how come we have men AND women? Wouldn’t it make more sense evolutionarily speaking to just bud or something? Why only pass on HALF our genes?
44) If evolution is true, then why did Christopher Hitchins convert to Christianity on his deathbed?
45) If evolution is true, then why do the Communists rely so heavily on it? Everyone knows that Communism fails. And Communism is based on evolutionism. The Bible tells us that an evil tree cannot bear good fruit, and neither can a weak tree bear strong fruit. Therefore, evolution fails.
46) If evolution is true, where does the information in DNA come from?
47) Have you ever seen a watch without a watchmaker? Well an organism is far more complex than a watch. Checkmate atheists.
48) If evolution is true, then why hasn’t a monkey ever typed Shakespeare?
49) If evolution is true, why can’t I evolve wings even though I’ve been trying to fly since I was a child?
50) If evolution is true, then where did the platypus come from?

I could write hundreds more questions that show the falsity of evolution but I will leave you with these 50. Checkmate, atheists!

16 thoughts on “50 reasons why evilution fails. Questions for the atheists.

  1. Dennis says:

    As much as I’m willing to put up with stupidity, this is utter bullshit. I have answered all of these questions in some form yet the religious idiots around can’t answer ONE. Do you even KNOW what the fuck evolution is? You don’t even know the fucking meaning of the word “theory”? I can rant about your bullshit argument all day yet I’m choosing to save my breath and just tell you to spread your bullshit somewhere else, have a nice day believing in bullshit. 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    You are an idoit. No other word for it. Maybe an afternoon on Wikipedia would enlighten you.

  3. Seamus Ruah says:


  4. Mike says:

    I hope this is a troll, but if not, I’ll bite.
    1. Evolution does not describe how life first came to be, and also that isn’t how it works.
    2. Transitional fossils do exist, but you seem to have a flawed idea of how evolution actually works.
    3. He didn’t, that is a lie that is being circulated.
    4. Genetic mutation.
    5. Macroevolution does not occur over the course of one lifetime…
    6. Once again, flawed idea of how evolution works.
    7. He refuses to debate some creationists because doing so is like yelling at a brick wall and expecting it to fall apart.
    8. You skipped 8.
    9.We still need medicine for two reasons. One, we have not cured all the diseases that exist on earth. Two, diseases such as the flu virus are able to adapt to antibiotics so that future generations are immune to the medicine we are currently using.
    10. God did not write the Bible, and no way did some Bronze and Iron Age Jews have the technology to determine that evolution is the reason for the diversity that exists today.
    11. In the ground.
    12. What is this I don’t even… This question is complete nonsense. Having sex with a donkey is not normal behavior, regardless of what the person who is doing it believes.
    13. The theory of evolution does not describe the age of the earth, but the world is not young, get over yourself. Tell that to any competent physicist or astronomer and you will get looks of amusement and incredulity. You will then be promptly told off.
    14. The origin of the eye can be explained in theory. The first “eye” was a system of photosensitive (sensitive to light) cells and nerve fibers.
    15. Once again, this has nothing to do with evolution. Humans do not know because it took place billions of years ago. Because we do not know, humans research and study to find out.
    16. AGAIN, this has nothing to do with evolution. We can’t yet generate living material, but people sure as hell have been trying (and succeeding). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miller%E2%80%93Urey_experiment
    17. What…?
    18. The Ica stones are hoaxes.
    19. The “human footprints” aren’t human footprints.
    20. Haekel may have fudged some of his drawing, but comparative embryology is not a hoax.
    21. Religion still exists because humans were taught through the course of their evolution that it was smart to be superstitious: they were better safe than sorry. Superstition led to religious belief, and only persists today because people are unwilling to accept that their religions are no more than fairy tales and because they ignore scientific progress.
    22. What? Why would evolution prevent us from dying? Everything needs to die for evolution to keep going. The reason we die is the telomeres, the “caps” that prevent genetic damage, on the end of our chromosomes are slowly worn down as our cells divide. Cells can only divide a certain number of times (the Hayflick Limit) and our body slowly decays, or ages, as our telomeres are worn down.
    23. I can’t tell if this question is supposed to be really racist or not. The reason black people appear different from white people is because they evolved in Africa under the scorching sun, causing their skin to gradually develop a darker color which they then passed on. The process by which black people became “black” is the same process by which you and I tan.
    24. Homosexuality exists in nature in species other than humans.
    25. They didn’t. It is believed to be a hoax. Gotta love how the creationists looking for Noah’s ark use RADIOACTIVE DATING TECHNIQUES in order to test the age of wood found on Ararat, yet when the same process is used to determine the age of anything else, creationists ignore the data.
    26. I think “If creationism is true why do men have nipples?” is the better question. The reason this is the case is because nipples grow in the embryo before it actually becomes a boy or girl. The Y chromosome, which makes men men, doesn’t “activate” until about 6 weeks in, at which point the genitalia starts to grow, so all babies are start out being unisex.
    27. The cell is irreducibly complex in humans. Look at the cells of simpler creatures, like insects. Their cells aren’t near as complicated as ours. Hell, bacteria are prokaryotic, which means they don’t have nuclei, the place that holds all of our genetic information. The are composed of a cluster of DNA, cytoplasm, and ribosomes inside of a protective casing. Tell me again that cells are irreducibly complex.
    28. Anyone who tells you that is full of shit. If the Grand Canyon was created by a single flood, the Colorado River would not be snaky and curved. The appearance of the Grand Canyon could ONLY be caused over a long period of time, more than a few thousand years, and DEFINITELY more than a few days.
    29. Again, what…? You have zero knowledge of what you are trying to disprove. Evolution is essentially “survival of the fittest”. If a new species evolves from an old one and is better able to survive in the same area, then the old species will die out. Where the hell did you get this idea of evolution leading to immortality among all species?
    31. Evolution occurs over long periods of time. Humans are not able to observe macroevolution because it occurs over more than a couple years. Try tens and hundreds of thousands of years and more.
    33. Humans created the banana as you know it. Careful breeding of banana plants by humans resulted in the iconic yellow fruit that you know today. Take a look at what wild bananas look like:
    34. Bullshit. Even if it were true, how would this prove that there exists a divine creator? The book was written by humans, and you should know that.
    35. Once again, we ARE. Slowly.
    36. scientific theory: a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment
    What about the theory of gravitation? Or germ theory? The theory of relativity? Cell theory? Molecular theory? Plate tectonics? Climate change? All of these are theories, yet are backed by mountains of evidence. Make sure you know what something means before you try to dismiss it.
    37. The earth’s magnetic field is not exponentially decaying. It has varied in intensity and reversed in polarity numerous times since the birth of our planet.
    38. Saying that the Bible is proof that God created us all in our current forms is like saying that Harry Potter proves the existence of Voldemort, or that Dragon Ball Z proves the existence of Goku.
    39. The second law of thermodynamics says that heat will not spontaneously flow from a colder body to a warmer one or, equivalently, that total entropy in a closed system will not decrease.The only processes necessary for evolution to occur are reproduction, heritable variation, and selection. All of these are seen to happen all the time, so, obviously, no physical laws are preventing them.
    40. See #6.
    41. See #4.
    42. It wasn’t in your science textbook because conservative states have a ridiculous amount of power when it comes to what goes into textbooks NATIONWIDE.
    43. Passing on only half of our genes leads to genetic diversity. Flowers, squirrels, and fish all reproduce sexually. Only simple organisms such as bacteria and sponges can reproduce asexually.
    44. See #3.
    45. What in the hell? I see no semblance of logic in this question.
    46. Like #15, because we do not know, we get to find out. Anyone who claims they have all the answer is full of shit.
    47. This argument again… You have zero knowledge of evolution.
    48. Because monkeys are not capable of speech, complex thought, or writing Shakespeare.
    49. ZERO knowledge of evolution…
    50. I don’t know, but platypus-like animals were believed to have existed in the Cretaceous Period. Their sex chromosomes are similar to those of birds and have reptilian and mammalian genes associated with egg fertilization.

    In short, please read up on a subject before you ignorantly try to discredit it. I’ll even help you:

  5. Thomas says:

    I have a question. Why do you feel so threatened by us atheists? What about our thoughts irk you so? Why can’t we just shut up, and live our lives,, keep our personal beliefs just that PERSONAL and leave it at that. Move on, live rich fulfilling lives and die.

  6. Mike says:

    I find it amusing that I provided EVIDENCE for what I was saying and the only response I got was insults and that I am living in a fairy tale. I know that creationists won’t listen to reason, but you can’t live in your delusion forever.

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