The war on R/Atheism continues!

Dear friends,

Our post on R/atheism has made it to the heathen board! You can find the thread here!

In this post, we will respond to those heathens who are destined to hell, the denizens of R/Atheism. Let us laugh at them as they continue in their sinful ways. Jesus does not know them, because they do not know Jesus. These are the same types of heathen scum who would claim that good Christian thinkers such as Edward Current are actually atheists in disguise. Well Checkmate Reddit, your time has come.

Let’s look at and respond to a few of these comments. Comments from board in italics, responses in normal text:
“]redditsatan 4 points 10 hours ago
Second, redditsatan? Someone is pretending to be Satan on reddit! This proves that the antichrist himself is allied with R/Atheism.
Well, someone pointed out that I’ve been lurking here for a while now, so I was all like fine! I’ll contribute.”

You mock us right now Redditsatan, but your time of atonement will come. I hope you like it hot, because you will burn forever in the fires of hell unless you change your sinful ways. Shame on you for mocking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You need to embrace Him and reject Satan, friend.

“Anatomyacademy 4 points 10 hours ago
Is this a joke? No one can actually spew this stuff and be serious. And if they are, they can’t be intelligent. “

This is not a joke site! Why do you fools continue to insist that this is a joke site? We’re as legit as Jesus! We are here doing the work of the Lord, and you heathens will mock us. Typical. And we’re far more intelligent than you. Why? Because while you’re burning in hell, we’re going to heaven.

“JazielLandrie 3 points 10 hours ago
I get to spend my time in hell with people like Carl Sagan and Alice Cooper? Where do I sign up for a guaranteed seat?”

Keep wasting your time on R/Atheism and you will soon find yourself there. Heathen. I’ll keep you in my prayers and hope that you will one day come to know Jesus.

“laserchalk 1 point 10 hours ago
what kind of person laughs at someone burning in hell?”

We are not laughing at you for going to hell. We are laughing at you for being so foolish that you would not accept the Truth of Jesus in this life and therefore accept eternal punishment after death. You are fools you heathens. Fools.

“Roguejakex 1 point 9 hours ago
“Well Christian friends? What must we do? We must pray for the heathens that frequent r/Atheism.”
I for one am not too concerned “

Well Roguejakex, you may not be concerned now, but when you’re being barbecued in hell while Satan shoves a pineapple up your butt because you chose to spend an eternity in Hell, let’s see how concerned you are.

“TehDroppedPotato 1 point 10 hours ago
“…although one must agree with Hitler’s stance on homosexuality…” Fucking sickening”

We agree that homosexuality is wrong. We do not agree with extermination.

“evolsteve 1 point 10 hours ago
That site is a gas… I love Star wars is for sinners”

Dear evolsteve, you seem to be a well-meaning but misguided soul. Martin and I are indeed true, serious Christians trying to do the Lord’s work. You seem to mock us less than the other heathens, and I thank you for that. Martin and I will pray for your salvation. Please keep an open mind. I see the seed of a good Christian in you.

Repent Reddit, or end up here. Get off the Reddit you heathens, or face an eternity in Hell.

Your friends in Christ,

Jim and Martin

2 thoughts on “The war on R/Atheism continues!

  1. Martin Baker says:

    To all atheists: This site is as legit as Jesus! I have no understanding why atheists say this is a “poe” site when this site has no dedication to Edgar Allen Poe.

    • The Illogical Reaper says:

      “As legit as Jesus.” So, not legit at all? You site is as legitimate as a character from an adult fairy tale?

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