R/Atheism, the Gateway to Hell

Greetings True Christians!

Let us declare intellectual war on the heathens on reddit! The Godless Satan-worshipping atheists on Reddit Atheism are mocking this True Christian site! We are here, trying to do the Lord’s work, and the heathens laugh at us. But let us remember the words of the Good Lord Jesus. We will many times be laughed at for His sake by the heathens. Here is an example of this mocking on R/Atheism

What does the site say? I will copy-paste. I apologize for the language. These Godless heathens will all rot in Hell while True Christians like Martin and I will watch from Heaven. I will respond to this drivel after posting it. Heathen-central R/Atheism mocking in italics.:
“[–]ncm3t4l 10 points 20 hours ago
Therefore, unlike Christopher Hitchens, who repented on his deathbed and is now in Paradise because he accepted Jesus Christ at his death, John Paul II is burning in hell as we speak.
find and beat this blogger
[–]KalElKent821 5 points 18 hours ago
Amen to that! I say crucify the son of a bitch
[–]cantthinkofgoodname 3 points 15 hours ago
That really pissed me off to read that. I hope this son of a bitch is just a good troll because if not I’d really like to see him experience a moderate amount of pain soon.
[–]verandaguy 2 points 5 hours ago
Christopher Hitchens, who repented on his deathbed[citation needed]
[–]Mutton_Chap 1 point 4 hours ago
This this and this again..
[–]intentListener 6 points 20 hours ago
Is this a Poe?
[–]olbertie 4 points 19 hours ago*
My guess is yes. Edit: Statements like “You don’t see Billy Graham practicing this type of extravagance! Why? Unlike the Pope, Billy Graham is a true Christian” give it away as a Poe… it’s highlighting Christian hypocrisy.
[–]KalElKent821 1 point 18 hours ago
Damn. You beat me to it
[–]catholicrainsta[S] 1 point 20 hours ago
Poe’s law…it’s impossible to tell
[–]loltrolled 3 points 18 hours ago
It is. It pops up every so often with new accounts to post about it.
[–]memeticadama 4 points 18 hours ago
I don’t know which side of this post to support.
Does not compute.. Nnnrrrggghhhghghgfzzzt.
[–]loltrolled 3 points 18 hours ago
I say support neither since it’s just a Poe.
[–]redditsatan 2 points 19 hours ago
Hey, I had nothing to do with what those priests did to those boys.
Seriously folks, y’all are fucked up.
[–]verandaguy 2 points 19 hours ago
Damn… JP2 was actually a decent human being. He didn’t deserve this.
[–]djphoria 2 points 19 hours ago
Is that a troll blog? My brain hurts after reading several articles All though the pics of sinful lust where pretty good.

First off, we are not a “troll blog”. We are as legit as Jesus.

Second, redditsatan? Someone is pretending to be Satan on reddit! This proves that the antichrist himself is allied with R/Atheism.

John Paul II was a decent human being? So was Hitler…at least if you weren’t Jewish, Black, or a Gypsy…although one must agree with Hitler’s stance on homosexuality…

Yes. Billy Graham is surrounded in the trappings of wealth. But Graham earned this money as the fruits of his God-serving labors. John Paul II was gifted them by an evil organization.

Friends, Christopher Hitchens DID convert to Christianity on his deathbed. I have covered this before. I know this is true because the Holy Spirit tells me so. Pray about it and you will be enlightened as well. I challenge the heathens on R/Atheism to disprove this.

Well Christian friends? What must we do? We must pray for the heathens that frequent r/Atheism. We must hope that they will choose to be saved lest they be cast into the fires of hell. But alas, if they choose to continue their lives of sin, they will spend an eternity in hell. Let’s see some people that they will join, so we can laugh at their suffering!

Is there where you want to spend eternity you heathens? If not, repent and know Jesus. My fellow Christians, join Martin and I in praying for the Godless sinners on the reddit atheist board. Let’s take back their souls for Jesus. Let’s win the world for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a true Christian.

5 thoughts on “R/Atheism, the Gateway to Hell

  1. i want to see you burn..

    with anger because atheist aren’t assholes you just hate anyone who doesn’t believe what you do.

  2. lol you guys are kidding right? says:

    So you are saying Hitler was a decent guy……well that makes sense seeing how historically accurate you guys are. Well back to r/atheism for some actually factual information

  3. Martin Baker says:

    Laugh at this site all you want, but we aren’t the ones who will be burning in Hell!

    • P says:

      You guys agree with how Hitler treated homosexuals, that’s inhumane as fuck. A true Christian would not advocate for such cruelty people commit against each other. We’re ALL equal sinners in the eyes of God, no one is perfect. He has taught us to respect and love everyone despite our sins. Do you think I’m going to Hell for caring about humanity? Because God must be supremely evil to eternally punish people who do not have such a bloodlust. Which I know he is not.

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