Pope John Paul II, the Prince of Hell

Pope John Paul II, a resident of Hell

Greetings True Christians.

Let’s talk about Pope John Paul II. Many Catholics and moderate Christians believe that John Paul II, the longtime leader of the Catholic church, was one of the holiest men to walk the planet in the 20th Century. Many believe that he is now in heaven along-side our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, truth be told, Pope John Paul II is most likely, at this very instant, being tormented by Satan in the fires of Hell. This is why.

John Paul II was a Roman Catholic. All Catholics are going to hell. Why? Roman Catholics worship idols and graven images instead of Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven. They replace the True God with man-made images of Christ. Catholics also worship the saints instead of focusing on Jesus. This is sinful stuff, boys and girls. God Himself commands us that we shall not worship other gods besides Him, and yet here the Catholics are, worshiping saints like its their job.

Pope John Paul II lived in a life of luxury, in a mansion surrounded by gold. The extravagant trappings of the papacy are the trappings of wealth, and Jesus tells us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy man to make it into heaven. You don’t see Billy Graham practicing this type of extravagance! Why? Unlike the Pope, Billy Graham is a true Christian.

Pope John Paul II also defended pedophiles in the Catholic Church. He protected men that touched little boys while these boys should have been home playing with their toys and learning about Jesus. Defense of the work of Satan is the same as doing the work of Satan. John Paul II defended the Devil’s work, and therefore, John Paul II was an instrument of Satan.

Unlike True Christians, John Paul II also defended evolution as being consistent with Christian belief. Really?! Evolution is completely antithetical to Christianity! Belief in evolution causes all sorts of sinful actions. The doctrine of evilution was given to man by Satan, and directly contradicts the words of Genesis 1. If John Paul II was a true friend of Jesus, he would not have abused his power as Pope to defend the evilutionists! This in itself is enough to have granted him a one way ticket to hell.

Therefore, unlike Christopher Hitchens, who repented on his deathbed and is now in Paradise because he accepted Jesus Christ at his death, John Paul II is burning in hell as we speak. Pope John Paul II was far too stuck in his ways to have a deathbed conversion. In fact, he was the Pope! He believed that he was the holiest person on Earth. But he wasn’t, and now he’s in hell. Would you like to join him, or would you rather be in heaven with Christopher Hitchens? The choice is yours. Embrace Jesus and reject the evils of moderate Christianity and evolution! Let’s take back America for Jesus!

58 thoughts on “Pope John Paul II, the Prince of Hell

  1. Tom says:

    Your view point lacks substance and fact thus rendering it useless, pointless and worthless.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. MJ says:

    You are not to judge others or bear false witness

    • we are, however, to call a spade a spade. and I’m not bearing false witness. AND I’m judging that heathen by Biblican standards.

      • Cathy says:

        Hey, the Holy Roman Church were just BAPTIZED PAGANS, since they were instituted! They dislike the Name Constatine, because they want their History, to go back to Pentecost!
        Everywhere, in Rome is Paganism, a very Unholy Environment, for the Universal Church! Pagan gods are present, with the Seal of the Papacy…quite disturbing!
        Now, the RCC believes in “Universal Salvation!” That is totally contrary to the Bible! Proof, they are teaching a Different Gospel!

      • Amen Cathy! You are totally, totally correct! Let s reject all Catholic sinners! They are using an entirely different “gospel” and are headed straight to hell. They need to turn or burn!

        Jim Solouki

  3. james potts says:

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I am Catholic. You are just a simpleton dumbass.

  4. Franco says:

    Respect him, how you can say that to that man, I can be against Benedict but John Paul II come on you are so wrong, even the Catholic Church is sinful or you? what’s wrong with you, I bet this man made better things than you, also you don’t understand the Catholic Church, please inform yourself then speak. Gosh you need a lot to learn.

  5. Biff says:

    Sorry to say, Billy Graham is a 33 rd degree Mason and a Satanist. All religious people that share the same doctrine of the RCC( Orthodox, Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Lutherans, etc) need to REPENT. The time is at hand, our Savior Jesus Christ is coming soon. Read the book of Revelations, come out of her my children, so you don’t partake in my WRATH. Every Religious Denomination came out of the RCC, one way or another. Read the Bible, God’s TRUE WORD. Keep his commandments and REPENT for we ALL are sinners and fall short of the Glory of GOD !!! The Sabbath or Lord’s day is Saturday, NOT Satan’s Sunday. It was changed in 325 A.D. by Constatine.. Peace, Love to ALL !!! PRAISE to OUR Savior Jesus Christ !!!!

    • Biff says:

      P.S. I WAS a Former RC, and by the GRACE of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, I’ve gotten OUT ! This came to me inNovember 2012, while taking the trash out. What a WONDERFUL Feeling !! The RCC Blasphemes, Idolterizes, prays to FALSE gods…etc . Search google for all Satanic symbols in Rome, you’ll be Surprized !!! Obelisk right in the middle of St. Peter’s square( Sun Worship) with a cross on top, Eye of Horus EVERYWHERE( Satan’s all seeing eye) also on the back of a dollar bill U.S. currency. Pyramids all over( illuminati symbol) to worship satan… I could go on but YOU do the homework. I’ve been shown MANY things just in the past 6 months and THANK God the Father and Jesus. REPENT for the time is NEAR !!!!

    • Dear Biff,

      You have it all wrong about Billy Graham. He is a true soldier for Christ, unlike the Catholics and other false Christian denominations, and he is pro-family, pro-military, pro-life, and anti-gay. The false Christian denominations do not have these qualities.


    • Cathy says:

      Congratulations, breaking the Chains, that bind so many!
      I too, got out of her!
      I never felt comfortable, since my First Confession, at 7,
      Auricular Confession, and Sinful Man, forgiving sin! Handing out Penance….Priestcraft at its worst! No, bringing down an all Holy God, upon their Altars, to Resacrifice daily (un-bloody!) What Prelate Scholar Birthed that?
      I could go on, but that might me a Catholic Basher!

  6. destin lee says:

    No not all Catholics went to hell. Pope John Paul refused to believe that Hell is Real. Saint Faustina was taken by God to see Hell and Heaven, so she can testify to all humanity to be aware of. But Pope John Paul refused to accept it, he wrote a book denied and said that Hell and Heaven are Not Real. He was tempted by Satan, that’s why?
    Father Pio is in heaven, St Faustina in heaven, St Bernadette in heaven, because they held the cross and they obeyed God’s teachings. Many Christians including Pastors were seen in Hell, too.

  7. Dan says:

    Dear Creation Science, I suppose you know that Satan is the accuser of the Brethren. Think about it……

    • Imelda says:

      Hi Dan.
      This CS blasphemes our Lord Jesus. He said Satan took over CHRIST’s Church which is against the Words of the Lord told Peter “On this rock I will build my Church,and the gate of hell will not prevail” Matthew” 16:18, Satan infiltrated all Churches, but Satan cannot prevail.

      • Cathy says:

        I will tell you, the Bible refers to the Rock, as the Lord, over and over!
        The RCC insist Peter, is the Rock and to validate the Universal Church—proclaiming,Peter, their 1st Pope!
        Christ Church is he BELIEVERS(The Body/Bride of Christ!) Satan is NOT in her!
        The Smoke of Satan, was inhaled by Pope Benedict with the Sex Abuse Scandal! Let’s not go with the stench of past Popes, in the Murder of Waldenses, Hussites Albagensies……..on & on, for they believed the Bible and Not the Tradition, of the RCC!
        There was Sulphur Spewing then, too!
        Well again, the ppl were Dependent, on Mother Church, to direct them!
        She controlled their Eternity!😱

      • amen Cathy! Preach my sister in Christ! Amen!

      • Vid says:

        Imelda. Stay where we are and do the Will of GOD. Look around, Satan is cleaver, but we must keep praying.


  8. Dan says:

    What, nor reply? I all but accused you of being an emissary of Satan, and nothing from you. You need look deeply into your own soul, and be more concerned about saving it, than about your pretended knowledge about the fate of the saintly John Paul II whom I have met. You sir, are walking on very thin ice damning John Paul II and Catholics like myself in general. I am speaking about blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Be careful and learn humility. You don’t know as much as you think you know, and the less you know, the more arrogant and malignant you become. Again, it is to your own soul, which is in great peril, that you should pay attention, and learn to be a disciple of our Lord.

  9. Vid says:

    People who bash Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Holy Child Jesus, forgot that God created her a perfect being to carry His Son the Son of GOD, that she is not just like you or me. GOD never or ever makes mistaken. God created Mary and she has to be perfect human being to carry His Son. If some of you believe that cursing Christ’ s mother will help you to heaven, you make a big mistake.
    Jesus Christ is GOD in flesh. GOD created and preserved Mary without sin. She was on earth because GOD’s plan. She is like a messenger or Ambassador of her Son. When the Lord became a man as her son, He obeyed His mother just like us. Remember the wedding at Canan that His mother told Him, they have no more vine? Worship GOD through Christ is the priority, but cursing His mother, like cursing GOD’s works. There is nothing wrong to pray and ask His mother to intercede with GOD for helps. There is nothing wrong to ask GOD’s servants to pray for us. There is nothing wrong to ask God’s archangel Michael to pray for us. Prophet Elijah prayed God to save a dead boy after his mother cried to him for help. The Lord while on the Cross told His disciple John to take care His mother, and told His mother to be mother of His beloved disciple “John”. Who are to claim that your name was in the book of life because you cursing the Blessed Mother, the mother of the Lord? She deserves a High respect from us.

    Pope John Paul II who denied the truth Gospels of the Lord that Hell and Heaven exist, and other Pastors or Christians (who attacked Blessed Mother and who believed in hell and heaven) were seen in hell by many who experienced with NDE. What are you going to say to that?

    I pray GOD every 3PM. And I pray and ask Blessed Mother to pray for me to intercede with GOD for me every day. The one who serves GOD faithfully and knows GOD, it has to be Blessed Mother, Mary.


    • John Paul II most definitely is in Hell. We can agree on that at least.

    • Cathy says:

      You are praying, to a Catholic Mary. She was proclaimed by the Pope and Majesteriim, that Mary was Sinless. There is only One, who was Sinless, Christ Jesus. He is our ONLY Mediator!
      He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Christ is the Door, to the Father!

      • Amen Cathy!! Catholicism is of the Devil!

      • Cathy says:

        We can only pray for the sincere, duped people, that believe in the Babylonian System! May God “Wink” at their Spiritual Ignorance! Man, substituting, as God! (Another “Door” to God) The RCC makes lazy non- Biblical man Dependent, on her priests, instead of a Relationship with the Lord Jesus, our High Priest and Mediator, to the Father!

      • Amen Cathy!! preach sister! They believe in their priest, who is busy touching the altar boys when he’s not amongst other grownups. Then they get on their knees in front of this guy to take pieces of bread out of his hands and confess all of their sins to him instead of to God. This is wholly unbiblical! we must destroy Catholicism! Please spread our true Christian blog and share the truth!

        Yours in Christ,

        Jim Solouki

      • Cathy says:

        I was a former RC, and my eyes were OPENED,, at all the Abominations,, of Mother Church 6 years ago! If anyone wants to Come Out Of Her, please watch former Dominican Priest, Richard Bennett on YouTube!
        It is very important to covert people, to Christ Alone,, because these could be the Llast Days! (Of course, no one knows, but the Father!)
        In Revelation 17, the RCC is decribed….No Doubt!
        Also, the Angels tell us:
        Get out of her, my people!
        Do not be partakers of her sin and receive her plagues!

        She is indeed : Mystery Babylon, Mother(Church) of All Harlots ( not faithful) and Abominations on the earth!
        The sad part, is the Fewness of the Saved….too many Tares amongst the wheat!
        I was saved, by his Grace, to spread the Truth!
        Sister in Christ

      • amen our sister in Christ, Cathy! You speak the truth of the Lord through the guidance of the Holy Spirit! May we spread the truth to all the ends of the world and convert all people! Richard Bennett is a true soldier of God and all should see his testimony!

        Truly your brother in Christ,

      • Cathy says:

        Watch YouTube:
        Richard Bennett, Former Dominican Priest
        He has many DVD’s to teach about the wrong Catholic Teaching!
        Everything from the Mass, Marion Worship, Inquisition, Former Nuns and Priests, Protestants Embarking Back to Rome!
        If this doesn’t wake you up, then your Dead In Christ
        Good News…Salvation is Possible, but first, you need to be Convicted by the Holy Spirit, to be brought to Life!

      • Amen Cathy! don’t let the devil win!

      • Vid says:

        Truly Lord Jesus is the ONLY Who is the Way, the True and the Life..
        Catholics pray to GOD/Christ directly, or pray to His Mother to intercede with the Lord for them. Like “Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you…
        Pray for us sinners….”
        “Greetings, you are highly favored! The Lord is with you” Angel Gabriel to the Virgin named Mary. Luke 1:26-38.
        Can GOD make mistakes, Can God remove sin from Mary in order for Him to enter her womb? Was not Elijah taken up to Heaven alive without laying decaying in the tomb? If you say NO, you blaspheme the Almighty GOD for the thing he did to save our miserable sins. Do you think by cursing and insulting His mother will help you to go to heaven?

        Did GOD allow His mother’s body laying and decaying in the tomb like the rest of humanity? Blessed Mary must be GOD closest person to be chosen to carry Him and to be received a highest Convenant above Angels and Saints.

        Did you ever have friends pray for you? Humans need all prayers to reach GOD’s heart. What is so wrong to pray and ask His mother who is with Him to interceded with Him for us?
        Blessed Mary either on earth or Heaven, she is the closest servant of GOD.

        Read the true story of the Priests in Italy name Padre Pio, in India Jose Mayangat, US, Steven Schrier, then come back and tell us. Don’t spend your time cursing Jesus CHRIST’s Mother, and judge others, because you are just a miserable soul like the rest, you are not authorized to judge any one.

  10. IMELDA says:

    God does not hate Catholic Church, or He hates other Churches or hates us His children, but He hates sin. We are all sinners. If you love GOD and truly follow His Gospels, DO Not judge others. If you do, you will be judged. Do you really know that you will be going straight to heaven?


    • Actually God DOES hate the Catholic Church. It’s an abomination, the Babylon spoken of in Revelation. It’s right there in scripture. I’d suggest that you repent oro risk burning in Hell…

      • IMELDA says:

        That’s your opinions. There were many Catholic Saints were seen in heaven, there were many non Catholic such as Pastors were seen in hell by the people who went through NDE.

        Thanks, but I don’t need your suggestion, because I already gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I pledged to follow and obey the Gospels of the Lord for ever. I Obey only GOD rather than men. If Pope John Paul ii is in hell for disobeying the Lord’s Gospels that Heaven and Hell exist, then our GOD is a Mighty and just GOD. I am Catholic, and I believe the Gospels. Luke 16:22-28, 16-24.

        “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” Matthew 7:1
        I don’t judge you or others, so you too should not judge me and others.
        But if you still want to be like pharisee, then it’s up to you.


    • Cathy says:

      The most Unforgivable Sin, is to Blaspheme the Holy Spirit!
      What exactly, does helping another Human out of Bondage, to Priestcraft mean? Evangelization, and bringing a sinner, to God, not blaspheming the HS!

  11. Vid says:

    Cathy. Your Hate toward Catholics drove you insane. You are too ignorant about the early Church (Catholicism). Any body will be sent to hell if they disobey God’s words. Why Satan like to target famous people like Oprah Winfrey, Pastors, and/or Pope such as Pope John Paul…etc.?
    Because they are famous and they can lead million souls to hell.
    Catholics were seen in heaven and some in hell. Baptists, Methodists… were seen in heaven and some in hell by NDE, based on their denominations.
    Million Muslims had visions saw Jesus, many converted to Catholics, some Baptists, … depends on the Holy Spirits guided them.
    Some Christians falling from grace, they converted to Islam following Satan who said “Thou shall kill all infidels” against True God’s 10 commanments “Thou shall Not kill”.

    I was a Buddhist kid, but God the Almighty healed me, saved my life from Khmer Rouge, and I am the only person survived in my family. God healed my disease when I was kid dying on my deathbed. GOD has raised me since I became an orphan until this day. I had tried to join some Churches, but I was led to Catholic. I believed, the Holy Spirit led me to becoming Catholic. I am satisfied with the path I was led.

    I will never stop praying “Our Father, who art in heaven… “,
    then “Hail Mary… pray for us sinnets…”
    I am a child of GOD, the most High, I prayed and asked His Mighty to have mercy on me, a sinner, and especially to correct me if I am wrong.
    You are no body but a sinner like us the rest of the world, do not you dare to take GOD’s job and condemn others to hell. I saw GOD/Jesus in my dreams, He healed me. If the path He led me is hell to you, you curse GOD.

    I obey no one, but GOD/Jesus.


    • Cathy says:

      I am truly happy, you left a False Religion! You say you obey Jesus/God, but yet you obey the Pope( Vicar Of Christ )! You submitted, your Will and Intellect, to a Sinful Man! God is No Respector Of Persons!!! As Believers, In Christ, we are ALL Saints, not designated people, proclaimed by the RCC, because they deem themselves to be Apostolic Sucessors of the Apostle Peter.
      See: Galations 1:6-9 God curses those, that Change His Gospel Message!
      My greatest hope for you, is to read the New Testament, carefully….to discover the Truth, of Gods Word! It is through Gods GRACE and his Alone, that we are Saved/Justified!
      Mary, was Blessed and Chosen to bring Christ, into the World….No where does it say to Worship/Venerate her. She is Not the pathway to God. JPII consecrated, the World to her. We should have no other gods. Our God, is a Jealous God and He would not allow this!
      I respect,, Mary, I do not venerate her,, or pay to her. For special favor!
      That is a Man Made RC Dogma.. The RCC has defined veneration, to not be as serious as worship…..very Clever,, through the ancient of times.
      Do you know what the Immaculate Conception means..
      Mary was born, not of Sin! In fact, her Mother was sterile.. I would think 99% of the faithful Catholics, aren’t aware of this.. Most Christians believe, the IC was for Jesus!
      Help Us All!

  12. Vid says:

    Jim and Cathy.
    You cannot destroy Christ’ s Church. SATAN has tried to destroy for 2000 years, but SATAN was defeated every time, because the Church still stand even under the persecution. Priests were ordained and annointed to serve HIM. “If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them, if you retain the sins, their sins …” John 20:23.
    About 412,236 Priests in the world, but a few evils infiltrated in the Church, you see ~ 1.2 billion Catholics are bad. Satan/Evils infiltrated in all Churches, communities… families, all. There’re Pastors, Preachers who have committed such mortal sins whom your people had thought they were men/women of God were seen by NDE in hell fire.
    God did not save a child (me) from the killing field then put me in the wrong Church. He has raised me who had no knowledge about God from darkness in Khmer Rouge into the light.
    You keep accusing and bashing Christ’s Mother that she is being worshiped which in fact, she used the same language to the Priests who were NDE “Do whatever He tells you”, the same as she told the servants at the wedding at Cana.
    A few seconds ago, my friend texted me and asked me to pray for her, I said I certainly will. Can people ask the Blessed mother to pray to her son, Jesus Christ for them? Sure they can. She is in heaven with her Son.
    When Christ walked on earth as a son of man, and when His mother informed Him, they’re out of wine, did the Lord refuse His mother requested? No.
    Too bad that you left the Church. I obey Him so I stay, follow and worship The Lord. He is my True Merciful Father. With Him I fear no Evils.
    I am no orphan anymore. Because I knew I have Father in Heaven who created me and gives me hope and life. Glory to His Mighty Name the Highest.


    • Vid, you have been duped by the devil. Catholicism is satan’s church. reject it and turn to a REAL faith in Christ. The only way to heaven is to be born again in Him. Not through Catholicism but through your own actions in His name and acceptance of His salvation. I will be praying for you.


      • Imelda says:

        The Lord said to Peter Simon “On this rock I will build my Church,and the gate of hell will not prevail” Matthew 16:18, and you said Satan defeated our Lord? You are blaspheming God’s early Church.. Catholic is one of the early Church.

        How do you know that you are not the works of Satan? Many were defected from your Church to join the early Church of the Lord. don’t you want to know what they said about your Church? Freemason is your leader.

        Anti Catholic is not new, and this Bennett is not the first one.

        Vid, as you said, you belonged to Him. He has raised you, then Follow and do the Will of GOD, and don’t follow these people.
        “People will tell you “there he is or here he is. do not go running off after them”. Luke 12;23.

    • Cathy says:

      Your love for God, as your true Father is good, He has adopted you in His family, once your Born Again. Christ, is seated, at the right hand of the Fathers throne, in Heaven!
      After Christ was crucified, there were, many antichrists, in world “Sheep in Wolves Clothing!” Please read 2 Thesalonians 2: 1-10
      Sitting in the Temple of God…..
      We are the Temple of God, the Holy Spirit, dwells in us!
      The Body of Christ/Bride of Christ= His Church/The people who believe and follow him!
      In the Epistles, we are told , to Assemble with Like Minded People To Glorify God! The Levitical Priesthood is gone! Now, we have our HighPriest, in Christ Jesus…..where we go to Him as our Mediator!
      The Veil of the OT is ripped….GONE!
      PTL, now, we can have Assurance of Salvation, and be Free!
      Who, the Son sets Free is Free Indeed!
      Bless His Pure, Undefiled Name!

      • Vid says:

        Cathy. I shared a very tiny story about my life how I survived from killing field. All my immediate family members were killed and died by starvation. I was just a little innocence soul. In a Buddhist then Communist country, it is impossible to survive with no grown person to care or find food for me. I did not just dream saw GOD, but I encountered with a fair woman whom no one saw her but me. She was gentle and kind. My own father before died in the jungle told me “Your GOD is with you”. This Mighty GOD healed my disease, fed me. I did not know how I survived without Him feeding me. I did not know how I survived walking with thousand adults acrossed the border without hungry or thirsty. I did not have to eat or drink many days still I was fine. At the border there were many Drs. Nurses mostly Christians (Catholics) who gave me shower and new clothes I never had. Even with all the helps, I refused to become Christian. A few families wanted to adopt me but later I was put in the Mormon family for a temporary until they can find my background. I grew up went to college, my foster parents were upset that I refused to becoming a mormon. Baptist, Jews, Methodist, Mormon, Muslim, Buddhist … friends I met all of them in schools. Until one day thing changed. What I saw in my dreams, I found the true Church then I was baptized at “Saint Charles”. I did not believe I can finally recieve BSEE degree if the Lord did not help me.
        Why the Lord chose a Buddhist child like me? Why did he feed and help to save me? Walking on the mines many died and I was standing there, but the mines did not hit me.
        Today, I do the Will of GOD who saved, fed me when I was a lonely poor child. The Lord Blessed and gives me so much which I do not deserve. I still saw the Lord and His love and kindness for me is unconditionally. I stay with my Catholic Church and never stop praying.



      • Cathy says:

        There are plenty good Mormon people, who belong to a False Religion, started by Joseph Smith.( Occult Inspired/ Moroni inspired! This is WHY. Following, the Authority of the Bible, is so vital in following Gods Will!
        Psalm 88:9…..Put your Trust in God, and not your Confidence in Man!
        Christ commanded, not call anyone, but your Heavenly Father, Father, for you have One Father, in Heaven!
        What is the Pope called? Holy Father, His Holiness!
        I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to take, that chance!

  13. Vid says:

    This to Cathy which regards to the ROCK you replied to Imelda.
    You are totally wrong.

    “Derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros) meaning “stone”. This is a translation used in most versions of the New Testament of the name Cephas, meaning “stone” in Aramaic, which was given to the apostle Simon by Jesus (compare Matthew 16:18 and John 1:42).” I quoted.

    The Lord chose Simon called Peter to be the leader. Cephas in Aramaic, Petros in Greek, Peter in English, and Pierre in French. It means ROCK/STONE.

    By the way, Richard Bennet is not the 1st man who attacked the Church, it happened since Peter, Paul’ time. Regardless of the attack, infiltration from the devils, the Church stands strong since 33AD, and only the devils that were defeated and sent to hell fire. A few left the Church, many returned.



    • Cathy says:

      Oh, I missed your sentence:
      The Catholic Church Stood since 33 AD!
      Christ Christianity, began, at the Cross, where his True Apostles, went to spread, the “Good News” of the Gospel! ( Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was delivered to, the future Church)His Church = Believers In Christ!
      Apostolic Sucession is “Man Made” for once the Apostles died (John 90 AD) they were gone!
      Christ’s Church Lasts Forever. But Spiritual Babylon (Babylon Has Fallen-read Revelation!)

  14. Cathy says:

    Take a look, at the warning, in Revelation, by John, of the 7 Churches, in the First Century! ( Asia Minor)
    Look at the 4 Patriarchs, in Jerusalem, Alexandria, Anteoch, and Rome!
    There was elimination, of all except Rome. The Bishop, of Rome won! Peter calls Rome, Babylon. Now, my friend, See Revelation 17: Mystery Babylon, Mother of all Harlots and Abominations! Read this carefully…it will tell you everything! ( a complete description of the Catholic Church!)
    The Albagensies, Hugenots, Hussites , Waldensies, believed in Scripture, the the Reformers changed the world, no longer was Spiritual Babylon, in control of the World, The Vicar of Christ was not God on Earth!

    • Vid says:

      Let me follow the Lord which I was raised by Him to be. I believe Him so I will not break away from His Church. SATAN infiltrates everywhere, not only in my Church, but all. We are in the spiritual battle, and I must pray and pray and do the Will of GOD. Satan/Evil infiltrators cannot prevail. The Church of Jesus Christ, the Living GOD stays for ever.

      Like some1 posted above quoted from the Bible:
      “People will tell you “there he is or here he is. do not go running off after them”. Luke 12:23.


      • Imelda says:

        How can they build the website in the name of God then they condemn others to hell? No one but Jesus Christ who has all authorities in heaven and earth who is the judge.

      • Cathy says:

        The Pope is the Supreme Power on earth! He is basically, the King of the Earth. Recently, he was using his Religion-State Papal position, in Turkey, with Islam!
        Of course, all Judgement is from God! The Pope and his Followers, who have submitted their Intellect & Will, to the Vicar of Christ, believe he is Christ, under the “Veil Of Flesh!”
        What is he called?
        His Holiness and Holy Father, a title reserved for God Almighty!

      • Cathy says:

        Christ, never “Brokered Diplomacy With Caesar!” (Castro)
        Latin America, is the Largest RC Population. The RCC has been granted permission to build a Cathedral, in the Atheist country, of Cuba!Hmmmm

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      Cathy, you know NOTHING!!! Catholicism is the only true branch of Christianity! (I shan’t be replying to you here, because I only read the newest posts.)

      • Cathy says:

        There is coming a time, when Christ returns, when He will say, I Never Knew You!
        Tou and Billions, will be like the Pharisees, wrapped in your Man-made Traditions, lead by a Man, called the Vicar of Christ. I suggest you Repent, as the Sacred Scripture commands and not heed the Penance, of a Church! The Spirit of Babylon, will send many well intentioned people to Hell! This is the Price that is paid, for not following the Lords precepts and following Man! God, through, the Holy Spirit will show you, the Truth! Come Out Of Her, and do not partake of her sins, and do not receive her plagues!

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