Checkmate, Atheists

Dear Christian Friends, let me share the work of True Christian Edward Current with all of you! Let us join him and emphatically state “Checkmate, atheists!” to all the heathen servants of Satan!

From your friends, Jim and Martin

5 thoughts on “Checkmate, Atheists

  1. Harry says:

    Right, I feel stupid now. I argued my points on this website and now after seeing this video I know this website must be a troll.

    Well played!

    • You’re a heathen, Harry. We are no trolls! We are True Christians doing the work of Jesus. Eward Current is a great Christian thinker who’s been unfairly accused by atheists of being a fake.


      • Harry says:

        Edward Current has said over and over again that he IS an atheist. Honestly, I am not sure if you’re just an idiot or a troll…or both?

      • Lies Harry. Point me to ONE place where Current actually admits he’s an atheist. I’ve never seen anything on it. Proof or it isn’t true. I know the heathens are trying to knock down all True Christians, so I believe this is a ploy.


      • Franco says:

        don’t worry we know you are trolls, but we are not going to well anybody, and if you are not trolls, then prove me you are not that, how? at least put a picture of you and your church.

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