Morgan Freeman, Agent of Satan

Greetings True Christians!!

Today I turned on my television, and (to my dismay), found a show titled “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. You all know Morgan Freeman. He’s that guy that played “God” in that movie “Bruce Redemption” (or Shawshank Almighty…Bruce Almighty I think it was called). I prayed about this for a moment, and the Holy SPirit told me that Morgan Freeman is an agent of Satan.

Morgan Freeman works in the American film industry, a notoriously evil industry that has given us such smut as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dr. Strangelove, Tron, Brokeback Ridge, and Debbie Does Dallas. Therefore, even if Morgan Freeman wasn’t evil on his own, he’s evil by association! Freeman is deeply tied to an industry which, at its core, operates as a tool of Satan.

Morgan Freeman’s own resume shows us, far more explicitly mind you, that he does, indeed, work for the devil. Morgan Freeman portrays God in a Hollywood movie in a story line which tells us that God takes vacations and lets man do His work. This is sinful stuff! This movie is sinful at its core! Mr. Freeman wants us to believe that God CAN be replaced by man. Don’t let his calm soothing voice trick you; Satan himself can give us an appearance of harmlessness. Some of the most evil things in the world can be packed in a seemingly harmless package, much like the apple in the Garden of Eden. Mr. Freeman is an agent of Satan that seeks to sneak his way into our homes through film and spread Satan’s power on Earth!

This is where “Through the Wormhole with MOrgan Freeman” comes in! Not only has Freeman come out in support of homosexual rights (a CLEAR rejection of Biblical Truth, which tells us that homosexuals and homosexuality must be ostracized and removed from society), but he also supports that other Satanic falsehood, “science”. “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” actually can CONVINCE non-Christians (and weak-minded Christians who have allowed their faith in the Bible to falter) that science is more than just theories, and indeed that it is actually true. This goes for affronts to God such as parallel universes, evolutionary theory, and the Big Bang. Want to know what the real “Big Bang” is? THat’s the sound of the gates of hell closing on Mr. Freeman’s soul once he is cast into the pit!

What is a true Christian to do? Reject Freeman and all his lies! Boycott his sinful films. Boycott his sinful show! Write letters to your local television stations asking them not to support Freeman’s Satanic agenda!~ Tell your friends and loved ones to join you in this true Christian Mission. Let us take back our televisions and homes for Jesus. Let us reject Morgan Freeman, agent of Satan,for Christ.

From your friends in Jesus,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

13 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman, Agent of Satan

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Amen, Jim! Morgan Freeman is an agent of evil, especially in Batman!

  2. Satan's little helper says:

    you cant be serious? Even Tron?!! how is TRON EVIL??? OMG get a life.

  3. Andrew says:

    I hope you are old and will die soon because people who think like you will be the end of our species. You are psycotic, you believe in something with no basis in fact but criticize viable scientific theory? You need to get over your delusions and quite posting this garbage on the internet where some unfortunate, impressionable kid may find it and read it as fact instead of the rantings of someone who belongs in a mental hospital. If you actually comprehend anything I just said, I will be surprised. Don’t pray for me, it offends me.

  4. Danny says:

    Tell me, how can you claim science is the work of the Devil when you clearly don’t comprehend the scientific method, nor value a pretty important thing called evidence?

  5. Simone says:

    This insanity is terrifying. I can’t believe there are adult men and women who believe in this nonsense. You need to learn that science and sexuality isn’t evil, they are both a part of life and things we all need to learn about to grow as a person.
    Ostracising homosexuals will not help you grow as a person. Nor will throwing delusional accusations about ‘Satan’s agents.’ You have no sense of morality and you should be ashamed of your ludicrous, hateful behaviour towards mankind.

  6. Jerry Christ, no relation. says:

    The fact that you utilise the internet to communicate your ideas and then label “science” (incorrect use of quotations by the way) as a Satanic falsehood is remarkable.

    If you cannot see the hypocracy in that, then perhaps this whole ‘free-thinking’ thing isn’t for you. In which case, carry on good christian soldier.

    • Jerry Christ, no relation. says:

      Better yet, maybe you could clarify which scientific theories are satanic and which one’s are christian. I’m guessing the bible is involved somewhere. Is gravity the devil ?

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