Dear readers,

It is nearly Christmas, and let us remind you that Dr. Kent Hovind, the brilliant and great Christian scientist fondly known by Dr. Dino, who rejects evilution in favor of Biblical Truth, still languishes in prison. Dr. Hovind’s prison sentence makes a mockery of the American justice system as a whole, and shows us that Satan himself is working within the American legal system to attack solders for Christ such as Dr. Hovind.

Let us keep Dr. Kent Hovind in our prayers. Let us write to our congressmen and congresswomen calling for his release from prison. Let us write letters to our local newspapers and to our friends. Let us join together as one true Christian voice, and let our voice be heard.

Free Kent Hovind, and free him now! Let’s take back American’s judiciary system for Jesus! It is time to take back Congress for Christ.

From your good Christian friends, Jim and Martin.

2 thoughts on “FREE KENT HOVIND

  1. Marcelle says:

    We are living in South-Africa and truly love the great work that Dr. Kent Hovind does and still do, we pray that he will get out of jail very soon

    If you would like to purchase a Kent Hovind doll, these people (Martin Baker and Jim Solouki) are selling one for FREE!

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