Keep Christ in CHRISTmas 2012!

Dear Christians,

It is our duty to save Christmas and to fight back against the “War on Christmas”, which was declared by the atheists and the greedy secular Jews that want to rip off Christians. Once again, as always, organized coalitions of Grinch atheists and the ACLU lawyers have censored Christians and taken their rights away. Nativity scenes have been banned from being on public displays and many businesses are saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, so that they can offend and ruin the lives of Christians. Obama has taken a step further by making “Holiday Cards” instead of Christmas cards. Even worse, we don’t see Jesus, Marry, Joseph, The Three wise men, or the angels featured in his cards!

Santa Clause, who is a myth based on the communist Karl Marx, is glorified in the secular media, and he is used to brainwash the children with an unholy view on Christmas. It is simply wrong to hear young children talk about Santa in Church as well as seeing them sit on Santa’s lap. Instead of seeing kids at the mall sitting on Santa’s lap, they are better off sitting on the lap of Jesus and knowing that they are saved! After all, Jesus is real and he is the reason why Christmas is here! We should also be seeing lots and lots of Nativity Scenes all over the malls. Displays of Rudolf and Santa are just sinful stuff.

The porn industry is also taking advantage of offending Christians. See for yourselves:





This is sinful stuff that creates lust, and lust is wrong! We know that Satan tempts us into sinning as he tried to tempt Jesus into sin. These abominations must be trashed!
Overall, we must not forget why Jesus put himself on the cross and what the true meaning of Christmas is all about! Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas! The antichrist is behind these deceptions during Christmas, and we Christians must fight back. Christians continue to be persecuted in America, and we must remember the book of Revelation and end times. We need to stop the atheists and other sinners from taking this great nation away from Christ!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a true Christian!

And remember:



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4 thoughts on “Keep Christ in CHRISTmas 2012!

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Amen for spreading the word, Brother Jim!

  2. crystal methamphetamine says:

    again christmas is a pagan ritual, jesus was born around september

  3. how is that possible when there is actual proof that the “pagans” (i quote because pagan is a mostly miss used term) were celebrating on that day for generations before the year Jesus was born? Are you telling me that they were apparently psychic and could foresee that someone would be born on a specific day sometime in the future that would be worshiped? That is way beyond ridiculous, even for you!

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