American Atheists repent!

Dear Christians,

Just look at what an organized coalition of atheists, know as “American Atheists” have done in New York City:




We must remember to keep Christ in CHRISTmas. The ACLU and the atheists are trying their best to take this nation away from Christ, and the AntiChrist is among us all! Santa Clause is a myth that was based on the communist leader Karl Marx. We must pray to fight the evils that are corrupting and ruining Christmas!


2 thoughts on “American Atheists repent!

  1. crystal methamphetamine says:

    um, Jim, you do know christmas started out as a pagan ritual with the winter solstice, not the birth of jesus, and you know what this country was never a christian country, the goverment is suppose to treat every religion the same, no more, no less, and we atheist has had enough of this religious shit, we need to go back to the original constitution that the founding fathers made, and they even said america is not a religious country, and it never will be

    • Martin Baker says:

      Dear friend, you are flat-out wrong on many claims. Christmas was original, and it was copied from other false religions to make pagan rituals. The government is supposed to make sure that Christian rights are being followed. America was also founded as a Christian nation, so get your facts right!

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