Dear True Christians,

The reelection of Obama was an American nightmare! The champion of communism and Islam was reelected into the White House, and America will be heading to a secular nation just like socialist nations Germany and Sweden. Thanks to the godless College students, disobedient women, the gays, Richard Dawkins, the illegal immigrants, the pagans, the Wiccans, the muslims, the drug users, the party lusters, the drunkards, the ACLU, the abortionists, the atheists and evilutionists, we will see these actions:

-More mosques built in America

-Forced gay marriages

-Israel will be given up to the Palestinians

-Loss of jobs

-Bibles will become illegal

-Dependence on China

-Hidden deals with purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia

-Religious liberty being threatened

-Forced atheism


-Gun rights being taken away

-Christian rights being taken away

-Laws making it illegal to build more churches

And other SINS! America also lost lots of seats in Congress from godless politicians associated with the Demoncrat party. The Devil is really looking over America right now, and it is time for Christians to take a stand. It’s time to rebuke the evils in the name of the Lord!


It’s time to have a Tea Party! I will keep God and my bible. The sinner voters can keep the change!

Martin Baker

5 thoughts on “OBAMA REPENT!

  1. Trololo says:

    Every atheist laughs at you. Provide legitimate news sources that, in its entirety, proves that Obama is doing all this.

    And The Onion is not a legitimate news source.

    And, last of all, just stop this website. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  2. weerd0 says:

    Mitt Rommney was Mormon. Why would we want him as president?

  3. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    Obama isn’t Muslim you idiot even though I wish he was

  4. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    He is creating freedom of religion by building mosques

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