Questions to ask an evolutionist!

Dear Christians,

Here are some thoughtful questions to ask an evolutionist:

Were you there when evolution happened?

Can you name a watch or a painting that never needed a creator?

Can you explain how the moon got there?

If we come from apes, then why are there still apes?

Why have we not seen monkeys give birth to humans?

If evolution is true, why do we not see animals coming out of a jar of peanut butter or a can of Campbell’s Soup?

How did the Grand Canyon, the Himalayan Mountains, and the Appalachian mountains get there?

Do you know that angular momentum and the Second Law of Thermodynamics disproves evolution?

If all life came from dust, then why do we see dust all around us?

How can there be no god if there are lots of churches in the world?

Can you justify evolution as your moral compass without the need of a creator?

Why do coelacanths of today look the same like the fossil coelacanths that are used to support evolution?

Are you aware of human remains that occur in the same rocks with dinosaur fossils?

Are you aware of ancient pottery from Central America that has images of dinosaurs on it?

How did the Universe for out of nothing?

Are you aware the banana fits the human hand perfectly?

Watch as the evolutionists have a difficult time answering these questions, and show them the TRUTH of the infallible word of God. Let’s take a stand for Christ!

Yours in Christ,
Martin Baker

5 thoughts on “Questions to ask an evolutionist!

  1. Reason says:

    You DO realize we have answered and refuted most of these questions/claims already? The rest have been answered by others who are more qualified than me to answer those questions.

    Honestly, this is just getting repetitive now. You’ve asked the “Why are there still apes?” question numerous times, and every time we have answered you. Do you trouble reading for prolonged periods of time? It must have taken you YEARS to finish the bible…

    • Martin Baker says:

      These claims were not properly addressed by the evilutionists. If we came from apes as the evilutionists claim, then there would be no apes. Charles Darwin said there should be no apes living since we outcompeted them to extinction as natural Selection predicts, but there are still apes so Darwin was wrong.

  2. Trololo says:

    And look what you’ve got! A 2000 year old book, written by delusional men who thought the world was flat, which claims I’m made of dirt.

  3. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    The answer to evolution is simple our body needed to adapt to the places we lived in such as Africans have dark skin because of the sun and temps whites need that because they typically live in areas without as much sun and heat

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