Dear fellow Christians,

I must inform you all that this site was attacked by a coalition of hateful atheists from the heathen site reddit. The atheists were well organized and they spammed the previous blog entries with hateful and offensive messages. Some of these messages claimed that “god is just a fairy.” The messages were so offensive that many Christian followers of the site were turned away and never wanted to come back.

It is in these times that there will be more and more people that will openly deny our Heavenly Father, and the Bible was correct with this prediction. Many people will choose to be sinners and allow themselves to be puppets for Satan, but deep down they know of the good that Jesus has done for us. The messages left by these atheists are full of fear, anger, hate, and suffering. Please join me in prayer as we help the atheists leave the darkness and see the light of Jesus.

Martin Baker

5 thoughts on “ATHEISTS ATTACK!

  1. Reason says:

    Hehe… Heh… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh. My goodness gracious. He actually said something about it… HAHAHA! Oh this is too good. This is just darling.

    But in all seriousness. Really? An organized attack? Far from it. Do you know how reddit works? For those of you who are not from reddit and don’t know how it works, allow me to explain to some degree. Those who DO know what reddit is can do whatever they like. I couldn’t care less.

    Reddit is a community built around hundreds of other smaller communities known as “subreddits” When you join reddit there are some default subreddits. Among those defaults is an atheism subreddit.
    Which by the way has over 1.2 million people subscribed to it the last time I checked.

    When you post something (Like a link to this blog for example…) It available for everyone who is subscribed to that subreddit to see and click on.

    Most likely someone from reddit found your blog and felt motivated enough to post a link to it on the atheism subreddit.

    You got MAYBE 10-14 people posting comments.

    This WAS NOT an organized attack.

    I literally CANNOT stress this enough.

  2. Reason says:

    Replace every time I said “organized attack” with “coalition of atheists”.

    Brain fart.

  3. Christianfags are wrong says:

    You may be retarded, Mr Baker. If the Bible is proof that God is real, then I can pick up a Harry Potter novel, point to it and say ‘Proof that Harry Potter is real, fucker’

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