Star Wars is for sinners

Dear Heathens,

How many of you have watched and enjoyed the evil Star Wars films created by Satanic producer George Lucas? These films are RIDDLED with sin! We must keep our children away from these evil works of Satanic reverie. We must save our children’s eyes for Christ and their souls for Jesus.

Sinners, are these the droids you’re looking for?:

It is clear that R2B2 and C3P0 are barely veiled attempts by Lucas to smuggle homosexual imagery into his films. R2B2 and C3P0 are actually gay, homosexual, heathen lovers!! Listen to them bicker. Listen to C3P0 whine like a jilted lover in the Jawamobile about how R2B2 is always messing up, only to rescue him for more gay robot love at the last moment when Luke, an abomination to the Biblical name “Luke”, comes to buy him.

The Jedi nonsense is also an abomination to Christ. The “force” is portrayed as the one true religion, and bears a stark similarity to the heathen religions of buddhism and hindoism.  The Jedi Way also bears a striking resemblance to the heathen ways of the Japanese Samurai. Master and apprentice. APprentice learns from master. One with the “force”.  A way of battle. A Jedi Code.  These Jedi are an attempt by Lucas to glorify a heathen way of life.

What else do we learn form Satan Wars (the PROPER name for Lucas’ Star Wars movies)?  We learn that evil is the true way to power! The dark Jedi, the Sith, are the powerful ones in the film, and the Pope, who bears a striking resemblance to Emperor Benedict the 16th, is the leader of evil. Clearly the Sith order is an allegorical reference to the Catholic Church. Don’t believe me? Look at the evidence!!

Note the drastic, drastic similarities!  And note the similarities in costume!!

Catholic Cardinals:

Imperial royal guard:

Isn’t it strange that the guards of the evil Emperor on star wars look exactly like the personal confidants/assistants to the Pope, the Cardinals?  The evil empire on starwars is clearly the same thing as the evil Roman Catholic Church. And what do we learn from Star Wars? By following Papism, one becomes strong. However, at least at the end of the third film, the papists are exterminated when the last death star is destroyed. However, rather than being replaced with True Christians, they are replaced with heathen savagery.

Star Wars also promotes bestiality, as demonstrated by the “Twi Lek” dancing girls in the film. People actually go to see a half naked alien girl dancing around. This is creepy, sinful stuff! This is the type of imagery that Star Wars promotes:

download (1)

For those with more “human” tastes, consider this image, with a human slave girl chained to a gigantic space worm. This shows that George Lucas was into kinky, kinky stuff.

This space worm may in fact be a reference to Mark 9:47-48:

  And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire:
 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.

This woman, then, is chained to a demonic agent of sin as described by Mark in the Bible.  And what about this abomination?

Look at that boys and girls…we finally found it! The crocko-space-duck! The first non-pokemon evidence of evolution ever produced by the evilutionists!!! Sadly, this was created in a Hollywood basement, much like Piltdown Man was created in the basement of a sinner.    Sinful, sinful stuff.

Not only that, but Star Wars can also be demonstrated to be responsible for an increase in witchcraft in America. It is a proven fact that Star Wars pre-dates the rise in popularity of Wicca in America, thus showing that the pagan principles in Star Wars led to the growth of Wicca. What happened last time we had a population of witches in America? We burned them. In Salem. In the 1600s. And that solved a lot of problem. We must expunge these modern day witches from American society as well. Not with violence, but by silencing them, rehabilitating them, and leading them toward Christ.

And look at this. Oafy-Wan showing himself like God to Moses in the Star Wars movie.


Clearly another affront to Christ on the part of Lucas.

Star Wars has been shown to support evolution, homosexuality, pedophilism, gun violence, violence in general, hatred, rape, murder, torture, bullying at schools, bestiality, and thoughts critical of religion, and should be removed from our cinemas and our homes. Lucas was once a Christian, but was led astray by an affiliation with Mormon heathens. Lucas has become an agent of the anti-Christ, and his works must be avoided.

Lucas even mocks the virgin birth of Christ by claiming that Anakin Skywalker is born to a virgin mother.  In Star Wars, Anakin, the figure Lucas bases on Jesus, turns to the “dark side”, joins the Catholic Church (the Empire), and ultimately dies in its service. The One True Christ, however, would always reject the ways of the Catholics and their self-serving indulgence selling idol worshipping habits. Do not be misled by Lucas. Accept the TRUE Jesus.

Let us reject George Lucas, Star Wars, and the sins that they inspire. Let us take back America for Christ.

Brought to you by your friends, Jim and Martin, of Creation Science Study.

P.S. At least Lucas got one thing right. He made the Muslim heathens out to look as ridiculous and uncivilized as they are. Check out what Muslims look like in Star Wars:


Now THAT’S a terrorist if I’ve ever seen one!

67 thoughts on “Star Wars is for sinners

  1. Martin Baker says:

    We need to stop the children from bringing Star Wars toys in Sunday School. Look how they use the toy lightsabers as perverted toys for pleasure purposes.

  2. Reason says:

    I’m just here to keep you guys company. It’s been pretty quiet around here…

    So uh… When will you hatch your next brilliant plan to troll the internet?

  3. ATHEIST says:

    LOL this has to be the most retarded shit on the internet, keep believing in you’re sky fairies.

  4. Lagavulin says:

    This is satire, right? I laughed my buttocks off at this article, though to be honest, jar jar could be the spawn of satan. He ruined the first two movies. anyways, great humorous article!

  5. Never you mind says:

    Wow… so uh…. this is real huh? I’d be offended but uh…. honestly… I… I’m having difficulty…. making words…. uh you know…. happen, right now. Phew crazy at its finest.

  6. Kubie says:

    Things like this make people turn away from religion. Good job making a million starwars fans hate religion even more. It’s sad that people like you are so incredibly ignorant and frankly, rather sad.

  7. Dave Buster says:

    Is this supposed to be taken seriously?

  8. Bitsey says:

    It’s R2D2, not R2B2.

  9. J-dog Catkilla says:

    I love how the Pope looks exactly like the Sith Lord, event though the movie came out 28 years before Bennie got his big hat. I really enjoyed your argument even though I found little merit. May the peace be with you.

  10. Clark says:

    With absolute unconditional love, I say the person that wrote this needs to assess what true love is. First off, this is a movie, even though it does have some universal wisdom, it is not meant to alienate any one person, religion, or race. Secondly, doesn’t the good side win in the end? The side that is all about love and compassion? Isn’t that what Christ came down to teach. “Love the sinner not the sin.” “Judge not lest ye be judged.” “Faith, Hope, and Love are three things he gave us and the greatest was Love” And those three things Faith, Hope, and Love are what the Jedi order is all about. Christ unconditionally loved ALL humanity and expected us to do the same. Just because someone’s beliefs differ from yours does not give one any right to judge, condemn, and spread hatred. On another note, this person also needs to re-watch the movies and get the character names right. Its R2 D2, its Obi-Wan Kenobi, The “Naked Alien Chick” picture is not even in the movies and you had to search an adult site to find that, hmm. I hope the people that wrote this message of hate, read my reply and realize that “Truth comes from knowing that only Love is real.”

    Love, Light, Blessings, and May the Force be With You,

  11. Lucifer says:

    I hope teh auther of tihs artical gets cunt smashed by teh incrdble hulk…..
    p.s. shit pubes fuck cunt wetback banana

  12. Watch says:

    Is this real? Can’t tell if stupid or an attempt to troll. Please I need a true Christian believer to smack me in the face with a bible.

  13. David says:

    Oh, thank God I found you when I needed you (for a loved one). Praise Be. You speak Truth. Take care- you’ll be in grave danger now 😉

  14. Mar says:

    and where where all these “facts” found? are there reliable cited resources? this blog is ridiculous and spews more hatred than anything. it is close minded people like this that are preventing society from moving forward. and im not sure if some people realized but the emperor palpatine was created long before pope bendict came to be the pope. by at least 30-40 years. all star wars was about was old natural ways of life (jedi) versus the onslaught of new technologies coming to light Also, if you actually read the bible, there isnt really anything negative about homosexuality in there. Just more hatred spread from fundamentalist christians why cant you people understand that if everyone was created equal by “God” then you shouldnt be this negative towards the different ethnicities and gender preferences. In fact, im pretty sure, Jesus was not white. In addition, if jesus was real, he loved everyone no matter creed race or religion. he didnt force religion on anyone EVER. He never built ridiculous churches he preached in the open to whomever would listen and if you didnt want to follow him he wouldnt strike you down or create racial slurs or perform hate crimes. people need to grow up. and no matter how much you try to deny it we are…98.6% similar biologically to chimpanzees no way of fighting that one.

    • Martin Baker says:

      We are not hateful to any people. We love the gay people and other sinners, but we hate the sins they commit. Even though there are claims that we are related to monkeys, this can’t be correct because this is not mentioned in the Genesis account.

      • thewhy? says:

        You say you love them, yet condemn them to hell and say how good it was that the Witches were burned in the Salem Witch hunts, which was later proved that none of them were witches. It was a result of pent-up guilt and fear taken out on other members of the church. Oh, and btw, calling someone a heathen and saying you’ll pray for them does not put you in a morally high position. Stop praying to god to change them and becomes god’s tool to argue back your undeniable evidence. Isn’t that what Jesus did? He didn’t go around condemning everyone, he went around proving them wrong. I know because I’ve read the new testament. He loved all, but had the arguments and “divine power” to back him up. Shouldn’t you be able to do the same, since you both are right?

      • Yaqubj says:

        It has been proven we have genetic evedince

  15. pagan says:

    i was amused by this article, and I will admit you gave some pretty strong points there, If I was a blind herd-member. don’t get me wrong i went to church for eighteen years I was baptized and everything but it all seemed like a waste of time. I mean why do I have to unconditionally believe in a power that may or may not exist and devote my entire life to on the off chance that I may have salvation in the after life which there is no solid evidence that proves it exists. I look at things like this and fell both amused and saddened at the same time. amused because i find the human ability to Bellevue in something that may not exist to the fullest extent without any solid proof other than a really old book saddening. so though you won’t accept it, i feel only pity for you and your ilk….

    hapus a bodlon “cenhedloedd” paganaidd addolwr llofnodi

  16. Yaqubj says:

    That is retarted Star Wars is a grey movie and don’t be so uptight about Christ this and god that and satanic George Lucas that is stupid!!!

  17. Yaqubj says:

    If this punk ass Christian thinks all Muslims are terrorists than Allah save us brothers لاينيويبمين بنيري something random in arabic

  18. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    You made me cry jerk

  19. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    La’anatullah beast

  20. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    Ya homar

  21. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    Tozz hiik

  22. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    Alaah tonal albuk

  23. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    Kuss ummak

  24. Yaqubjalal1234 says:

    Your a stupid hamagi

  25. Keith says:

    You people are fucking wack jobs I could go on for days how wrong u hateful jackasses are but ill cut it short. Star Wars means a lot to people for me it’s one of my favorite things in the world but it is fake kinda like god and I kno the line were reality is do u? And samurais can’t b heathens they were around before Jesus and furthermore u ass backwards Jesus junkies are a bunch of hateful fascist that if had ur way u wuld kill the 5 billion ppl that don’t believe in Jesus cuz there “heathens” wtf!! So what’s not heathenistic it seems like u ppl think everything that isn’t Jesus related is evil that’s insane. Do u think if god existed he wuld let u spew ur hate around the world I don’t think he wuld and he wuldnt want u wasting ur time on nothing everyone deserves to b happy even gays and as much as I dislike u a lil more than I should u still deserve happiness and a good life but seriously fuck off with ur starwars hating garbage I’m Guna leave my email I really wana hear ur side I love being right haha.

  26. Noelle Sumlin says:

    Hey, My Name is Noelle and I am 23 Years Old. I am a Christain and I have been a Christain ever since I was 13 Years Old. I have Loved God and Jesus ALL My Life and I have went to Church My Whole Life. My Fellow Christain, YOU are So WRONG about Star Wars. I am Loving God with ALL My Heart, Happy, Nice, and Sweet Christain. I LOVE ALL 6 of the Star Wars Movies. I LOVE Star Wars. First of ALL it’s R2D2 NOT R2B2! It’s R2D2. R2D2 and C3P0 are So NOT, NOT Gay. Are YOU DUMB???? First of ALL they are Robots, Robots are NOT People only People can be Gay NOT Robots. Robots Can’t be Gay. Being Gay is when a Guy and Guy Love Each Other or when a Girl and Girl Love each other and they have feelings for each other! Robots DO NOT LOVE! Robots DO NOT have Feelings! Robots DO NOT Believe in Things! Robots DO NOT Think about Things because Robots have NO Brains or Hearts! Robots DO NOT Eat or Sleep! Robots are NOT REAL! Do YOU Think Cell Phones can be Gay? What about TV’s, Do YOU Think TV’s can be Gay? Again I Ask are YOU DUMB. So NO YOU are WRONG, YOU are WRONG C3PO and R2D2 are NOT Gay because they are Robots and Robots are NOT Living Breathing People. Only People can be Gay because Only People have Feelings and can Love and can Hate, Robots have No Love or Hate and Robots have No Feelings. Second of ALL are YOU a Aloner? Do YOU have any Friends? You Said R2D2 and C3P0 are Gay Lovers because they Fight and Fuse a whole lot and because they save each other. So YOUR Saying that If Friends Fight and Fuse with each other and if they help and save each other then they’re Gay? Satan has You in a Trap. If 2 Guys Who are just Friends fight and Fuse with each other and help each other out, does not mean they’re Gay! I have much more ways to Prove that Your WRONG about Star Wars. I am a Fellow Christain, who wants to Help YOU show that God is Love. God is Love. God Bless You. I am Praying for YOU. My Email is .

  27. Vaderman says:

    You know pal star wars is a fake story. It only meant for simple entertainment. (Fyi the force in sw is just a super power).In the Bibble God did not say we can’t make up fun stories bout creatures with cool star ships, planets or fictional elements. Also he gave us the ability to imagine things like fictional stories so we can have some fun. I believe God is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  28. The First One says:

    Oh this is so cute.

  29. Reblogged this on creationsciencestudy and commented:

    Avoid these films at all costs. Heathenistic Hollywood is once again making more Star Wars films to humiliate Christians and to strengthen Satan’s presence in America. We must unite to cut down and burn the tree that produces the bad fruits that are fed to the public.

    Martin Baker

  30. Lol, your argument is so bad.

    • Martin Baker says:

      It’s too bad your eternity will be without God for loving this Satanic filth. Repent and become born again before it’s too late.

      • Sorry, your argument is a joke, half of your “quesions athiests can’t answer are a joke (only half, though, good job with the rest) and Jesus in a mall? That’s called a FALSE CHRIST, my friend, and it IS satanic. Defend your argument, please. It’s like you dont try. I know you are a devout Christian like myself, but seriously. Come on.

  31. Jesus says:

    Dear Christians,
    Let humanity get smart. Stop believing in me, get a life, and suck some cock. Meanwhile I shall be down at the local strip club if you need me…

    • Martin Baker says:

      You’re going to Hell for impersonating the Son in a smutty way who was given to us by God for Everlasting Salvation. Jesus would never use this language.

  32. P.C.Miller says:

    I HATE STAR WARS, BECAUSE I AM A TRUE CHRISTIAN! (Note: my unsaved parents like STAR WARS, But I don’t like it at all!) GOD HATES STAR WARS TOO!

    STAR WARS IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!

    I HATE LUCAS!!!!!!!


    – PC Miller

  33. P.C.Miller says:


    – PC Miller

  34. P.C.Miller says:

    Where is all the comments?

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