Evolution is just another dumb religion!

Dear fellow Christians in Christ,

Why should we believe in evolution when we are told constantly that it is just a theory? We know that Charles Darwin gave up on evolution, which we know is only a theory, and accepted Jesus on his deathbed, but we still have people today that teach this theory in the public and use it to indoctrinate the public schools and universities. That is to say that evolution has a cult following because there are scientists that act as prophets to spread the message, and that there is a large following of people that want the word to be spread. The large following ranges from rebellious high school kids to college students and confused Christians. As truthful Christians, we should not let this go unchallenged. We must take a stand for Christ because he decided to take a stand for us on the cross.

Just as many false religions such as Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormonism, and many others have their own texts, evolution also has many texts that come in the form of science books and magazine articles in order for it to be religiously spread to the public. The books are often distributed just like bibles. Evolution also has many messengers that are responsible for preaching the message to the public in order to brainwash the public. Godless scientists such as Atheist Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Lawrence Krauss, PZ Meyers, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Francis Collins have preached evolution throughout the secular media and have sold books to make sure that their dogma is spread so that many people can reject God.

Here are some of the godless works of the heathen scientists that Christians should watch out for:

Now let’s look further into evolution. Evolution has made weird claims that everything in the universe came out of nothing without a creator, that we evolved from monkeys despite the fact that there are still monkeys existing, and that all life came from some sludge on the surface of a pond. I have observed pond scum and haven’t seen it change into a frog or any other animal, and I know this is impossible because the Six Day Creation account from the Book of Genesis tells me so, and I have noticed how a pocket watch cannot spontaneously form by itself without a creator. We have never seen planets forming from dust in space, we know that the Piltdown Man and the Cardiff Giant were just fabricated hoaxes for the human evolution myth, and that it is impossible for chimpanzees to give birth to human beings. If the universe formed after some “Big Bang” explosion, then how come we have perfectly round planets in space? You can’t see something perfectly round like a basketball or a bowling ball form after a piece of dynamite blows up a slab of rubbish. It’s just smaller broken pieces that can’t assemble into round objects. Overall, these claims require faith since their is no evidence to back these silly claims.

Physicist Lawrence Krauss claims that you can get a universe out of nothing without a creator. He also preaches his personal beliefs and faith to the atheistic crowd. Really? Was he ever there to prove it? Of course not! Read the book of Genesis.

Richard Dawkins, who is the Jerry Springer of atheism, claims you can still believe in evolution and be a Christian! However, from his book “The Blind Watchmaker”, 1986, he says that “Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.” Richard Dawkins has also done many campaigns across America to spread atheism with Darwinism. He spoke to over 20,000 evolutionists at The Reason Rally in Washington D.C., which were in fact just atheists that were newly converted after reading fraudulent material that isn’t approved by true scientists of Answers in Genesis. Other evolutionist scientists that claim to be Christian, such as Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller, are likely to be closeted atheists that are spreading the Darwinian agenda.

There are many gaps in evolution. Evolutionist Niles Eldridge says in his book, “The Monkey Business: An Evolutionist looks at Creationism,” 1982, “There are all sorts of gaps: absence of gradationally intermediate ‘transitional’ forms between species, but also between larger groups – between, say, families of carnivores, or the orders of mammals. In fact, the higher up the Linnaean hierarchy you look, the fewer transitional forms there seem to be.” Douglas Futuyama says that “Undeniably, the fossil record has provided disappointingly few gradual series. The origins of many groups are still not documented at all” from his book “Science on Trial: The Case for Evolution, 1983.” J. Cracaft  says in “Systematics, Comparative Biology, and the Case Against Creationism,” 1983, “It should come as no surprise that it would be extremely difficult to find a specific fossil species that is both intermediate in morphology between two other taxa and is also in the appropriate stratigraphic position.” The fossil record that the evolutionists use for evolution is full of gaps, and the Creation scientist Duane Gish has told us many times that the fossils just say NO to evolution. But how do the evilutionists try to fix this problem? They hire artists to make illustrations of creatures that never existed! Look at these illustrations made below:

Overall, evolution is a faith based initiative and just another religion that has caused so many problems throughout history. From Hitler’s founding of the Nazi Party to pornography, teenage sexuality, homosexuality, doubting the One and True Creator, atheism, the rise of the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, the election of Obama and Jimmy Carter as presidents, hate, drug usage, racism, and the other bad fruits from the Tree of Evolution, we must take action to fight Satan and chop down the tree.

Jesus has always instructed us that trees which produce bad fruit must be chopped down and cast into the fire. Evolution assumes that you can use absurd faith to believe that everything is changing when we know it is scientifically impossible. The claims made by the evolutionists compare to the Mormons believing that God lives somewhere on a remote planet in space, and so on. You can get the picture of how ridiculous evolution is. The faith in evolution has never produced any miracles that Christianity has produced. We know Christianity is real since the image of Jesus has appeared in random places, that there is the Shroud of Turin that proves he died on the cross for us, that Darwin converted to Christianity, that evolution has never been proven, and that Christianity has more followers and is still rising compared to other religions. The only example of evolution we have ever seen was from the Japanese cartoon Pokemon, which is demonic and ungodly. It’s no wonder that Ray Comfort thinks that all the atheists are just bananas!

Your fellows in Christ,

Martin and Jim

14 thoughts on “Evolution is just another dumb religion!

  1. “We know that Charles Darwin gave up on evolution, which we know is only a theory, and accepted Jesus on his deathbed,”
    This is where your argument breaks down. Darwin never gave up on evolution. EVER.

    He was raised a devout christian, and was highly orthodox up to his travels. Point of fact, he started his travels as at least a partial attempt to prove intelligent design. He began to lose faith as he found more and more evidence to support a unified theory of evolution. It was reported by Elizabeth Reid Cotton that she had met with him and that he had refuted evolution shortly before his death, though his family, noted historians and even friends and colleagues of hers have stated that she had a talent for fabricating such things. It is also noted that at the time she was poor, disgraced and sick, meaning she had everything to gain by fabricating such a story.

    Also one must note what the “Lady Hope” story actually says. It doesn’t actually say anything what soever about evolution. It just says that she spoke to him about religion in general. Though you may not agree with it, being a christian does not mean that you are not allowed to question. In fact, God gave us free will to do just that. A knowledge of evolution does not mean that you aren’t a christian, it means that you question the traditional teachings on that particular subject. But it is perfectly OK for someone to have said knowledge and still fill a closeness to God and a kinship to Jesus. So the simple fact is, the only report you can offer as evidence of him giving up on evolution says nothing of the sort, and is most likely falsified anyway!

    • Martin Baker says:

      No, Darwin became a Christian once he rejected evolution and called upon Jesus for salvation.

      • Francisco says:

        martin. your argument is, at least, very poor. in fact, you don´t have any argument to reply that awesome guy!!. even the church, don´t say any of your crap.

      • Franco says:

        That’s such a lie. Also Evolution is not a Religion. Please, inform yourself then speak.

  2. Darwin did not “become a christian”. By his own account, and in his own words, he was never not a christian. He just happened to believe, after years of travels, studies, and research that evolution existed. Where in the world do you get the idea that he “rejected evolution”? Please, i am asking this honestly. Where does that information come from? The only piece of evidence that even comes close to suggesting such a thing is the “Lady Hope Letter” which, as i stated before actually says no such thing! Here is that letter, word for word:

    “It was one of those glorious autumn afternoons, that we sometimes enjoy in England, when I was asked to go in and sit with the well known professor, Charles Darwin. He was almost bedridden for some months before he died. I used to feel when I saw him that his fine presence would make a grand picture for our Royal Academy; but never did I think so more strongly than on this particular occasion.
    He was sitting up in bed, wearing a soft embroidered dressing gown, of rather a rich purple shade.
    Propped up by pillows, he was gazing out on a far-stretching scene of woods and cornfields, which glowed in the light of one of those marvelous sunsets which are the beauty of Kent and Surrey. His noble forehead and fine features seem to be lit up with pleasure as I entered the room.
    He waved his hand toward the window as he pointed out the scene beyond, while in the other hand he held an open Bible, which he was always studying.
    “What are you reading now?” I asked as I seated myself beside his bedside. “Hebrews!” he answered – “still Hebrews. ‘The Royal Book’ I call it. Isn’t it grand?”
    Then, placing his finger on certain passages, he commented on them.
    I made some allusions to the strong opinions expressed by many persons on the history of the creation, its grandeur, and then their treatment of the earlier chapters of the Book of Genesis.
    He seemed greatly distressed, his fingers twitched nervously, and a look of agony came over his face as he said: “I was a young man with unformed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything, and to my astonishment, the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion of them.”
    Then he paused, and after a few more sentences on “the holiness of God” and the “grandeur of this book,” looking at the Bible which he was holding tenderly all the time, he suddenly said: “I have a summer house in the garden which holds about thirty people. It is over there,” pointing through the open window. “I want you very much to speak there. I know you read the Bible in the villages. To-morrow afternoon I should like the servants on the place, some tenants and a few of the neighbours; to gather there. Will you speak to them?”
    “What shall I speak about?” I asked.
    “Christ Jesus!” he replied in a clear, emphatic voice, adding in a lower tone, “and his salvation. Is not that the best theme? And then I want you to sing some hymns with them. You lead on your small instrument, do you not?” The wonderful look of brightness and animation on his face as he said this I shall never forget, for he added: “If you take the meeting at three o’clock this window will be open, and you will know that I am joining in with the singing.”
    How I wished I could have made a picture of the fine old man and his beautiful surroundings on that memorable day!”

    No where in there does it actually say anything negative about evolution at all, and as i stated earlier, his family, friends, colleagues all stated that they didn’t even believe any such meeting ever occurred, and friends, family and colleagues of hers stated that though a meeting may have happened, her reputation of writing works of fiction, sensationalizing accounts and embellishing details makes the whole thing extremely suspect!

    So is there any other evidence that you can present to me that he somehow denounced evolution? I am genuinely interested to hear of any, because as i have noted here, i sure cant find any!

  3. hzcummi says:

    For over 18 years, mankind has ignored the “Observations of Moses”, which explains the fossil and geologic records of Earth, and mainly only listens to the false conclusions of science. The reason there are various changes of fossils in different time periods, is because the days in Genesis chapter one is not just one week. It is seven days taken from seven different weeks, and those weeks were taken from seven different time periods, or eras.

    Therefore, both old Earth Creationism and young Earth Creationism are false, and misrepresent the Genesis text. I advise all to examine the truth of Genesis, as conveyed by the PowerPoint presentation, the “Observations of Moses”.

    Also, the visions of the days given to Moses were not in chronological order. The only day of Creation Week which Moses saw was the Fourth Day. The remaining weeks were Restoration Weeks, following extinction events.

    It is better the embrace the truth, rather than to continue to promote a lie.

    Herman Cummings

    • Martin Baker says:

      This is no lie, friend! The teachings of this site are as truthful as Jesus.

      • Francisco says:

        have you aver listen to you? i can´t belive it…i can´t belive in you. it is a concept hard to understant. people so blind, so ignorant, so…dumb to deny the evolution!!!

  4. sgv,we3 says:

    Darwin recanted on his deathbed?
    No transitional fossils?
    Humans evolved from Monkeys?

    I’m sorry but Evolution is a fact!

    Francis Collins is trying to get people to reject God?
    If anything, Francis Collins is trying to prevent people from rejecting God because of the “faith v science” dichotomy presented by YEC’s.

    Evolution isn’t undermining Christianity, Young Earth Creationism is because it is tying false facts (Man lived with Dinosaurs, the Earth is 6000 years old) to the Bible. Whatever you believe you cannot defend something to be true with a lie which is exactly what YEC does.
    YEC is not God’s word but man’s interpretation of it.

    • Martin Baker says:

      It’s all true because it is in the bible.

      • You're an idiot says:

        Thats like saying Hogwartz is true because it’s in the book.

      • freedumbs says:

        How do you know the Bible is true and accurate? Because it says so. Why is the Bible reliable? Because it’s the trut.? How do we know the Bible is right? Because it says so. So why is that biblical passage correct? Because it’s in the Bible.

        And there is your problem. You can’t prove the Bible is accurate by citing the Bible.

  5. Mohammed Hindi says:

    There’s so much evidence, It’s now referred to as the principle of evolution, not the theory. In Hawking’s book he recounts a story where Pope Jean Paul II is addressing a roomful of the world’s leading cosmologists imploring them not to look into moments before the big bang as that was the will of God. EVEN THE VATICAN ACKNOWLEDGES THAT IF GOD DID CREATE THE UNIVERSE, he left it to evolve under it’s own laws with no outside influence.

  6. Francisco says:

    hahahahaha, it is in the bible!! hahaha, realy you use that argument to respond to EVIDENCE???? and nowhere in the bible says that human lived with dinosaurs. have you ever do the carbon 14 exam???? have you ever understan that de sun do not orbit the Earth???? do you know witches does not exist????

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