Touched by Jesus

Greetings true friends in Christ.

Tonight I want to ask all of you a very important question.  Have you been touched by Christ? Do you pretend to believe in Jesus only on Sundays, or do you really know Him, and live with Him in your life every day?  We must stop the Sunday “saved” from believing that JUST because they go to Church on Sunday does not mean they will go to heaven. They must not only claim to believe in Jesus; they must be born again in Him.  Jesus loves us, but He expects us to embrace Him if we are to be saved. Let us be like these little children who had come unto Jesus:

Let us sit before Christ not with pre-conceived notions, but rather, bow before Him as a little child, willing to follow humbly and honestly to where He will lead us.  If we can do this, then we can be saved.  Jesus loves us, each and every one of us.  We need only accept Him.

But society refuses to accept Him.  What do we see in malls around “holidays” every year?  Signs no longer say “Merry Christmas.”  They say “Happy Holidays.”  And we don’t see Nativity scenes in malls anymore.  We see Santa.  This is clearly sinful stuff. Santa in the mall tells the children that they can have whatever they want so their parents go to the stores and buy it for them.  It’s a good system for capitalism, but everyone knows that capitalism itself carries the mark of the beast!

What should we see in the malls if America would like to earn its salvation once again? This:


Look at that happy young child sitting in the lap of Jesus. Look at the eager children waiting in line. Look at the smile on the face of Jesus, gladly waiting for the next child to sit on His holy lap.  Jesus loves the children, and He loves all of us. We must open our hearts to Him and be touched by Him.  Look at this man eagerly awaiting His touch:


Look at the man as he looks up toward Jesus, eagerly awaiting the healing touch of Christ. Christ will save all of us if we just ask Him.  Jesus is our savior, and we must embrace Him.  But what happens if we don’t embrace Him?

If we don’t embrace Jesus and become born again in Him, we go to hell.  Who goes to hell? Heathens, sinners, politicians, liars, communists, and evolutionists.  That’s right folks. Believe in evolution, go straight to hell. Evolution itself sends more people to hell per capita than any other sinful ideology! This is because, as Dr. Kent Hovind tells us in his brilliantly written PhD dissertation, evolution comes from the Devil! That’s right folks. The doctrine of evolution was created by Satan to lead true Christians away from God.  We must reject evilution in all its sinful forms.

Why is evolution responsible for so many sins? Consider the tree of evolution, and remember, a sinful tree can never bear good fruits:


This is the problem boys and girls.  Atheism causes sin. Sin causes a belief in evolution. Evolution causes such sinful actions as socialism, hard rock, inflation, terrorism, sexuality, bdsm, abortion, sex education, homosexuality, and blumpkins. Don’t become a blumpkin eater.  Reject evolution in all its forms.  Join with the scientific creationists as the ax which cuts the tree at its base.  Become a soldier for Christ. Reject the sin of evolution.

How do we know that evolution is sinful ?Just look at the resemblance between Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, and Hell Boy, a modern interpretation of a son of Satan in a movie. The directors wanted their “demon” to look like the devil, so they make him look like Charles Darwin. Coincidence? I think not:


We must reject Darwin’s devilish idea.  We must stop Satan at the door. We must reject evolution, and open our hearts to Christ. But is this possible?




There is plenty of good evidence for Creation.  Let me suggest a few wonderful sources.

First, Answers in Genesis. They have good True Christian articles proving the Truth of God’s Creation.They even have their own peer reviewed journal. So next time somebody tells you that Creationists don’t publish in peer-reviewed journals, you can tell them that this is false.

Second, the Institute for Creationist Research.  They do great Christian research, and even have their own widely accepted Creationist graduate school.

Third, Creation Science Defense .  These people do great Christian work.

There are hundreds of great Creationist scientists and organizations throughout America and the world, and this is just a start.


Let us reject evolution, and embrace the touch of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let us reject sin in all its form. Let us take back America for Christ.

Yours truly in Jesus,

Jim Solouki

8 thoughts on “Touched by Jesus

  1. Reason says:

    I find it amusing that you keep finding material to troll the internet with. Keep it up.

    Though, on the off chance that you are… “legit as Jesus”, then I fear for humanity. The Idea that anybody could fall for this hogwash is mind-boggling.

  2. Martin Baker says:

    Listen up Reason, we are legit as Jesus! If you keep mocking this site, then God will have a place for you in Hell!

  3. Reason says:

    You mean to tell me, I don’t ALREADY have a place in hell? I was under the impression that I was on some kind of “Heathen” list or something.

    And just to clarify, I’ve said multiple times that I would literally rather go to hell, than go to heaven with you idiots. So no. I will not stop mocking this site. Not until I get bored with it.

  4. Quaker says:

    So… God created dinosaurs?

  5. Quaker says:

    So… God created dinosaurs?

    So… if I am a Science man, a writer, a politician, a musician, a teacher, an artist, a lawyer, a doctor, a militar or a business man, I’m going straight to hell?? 😦 So, God doesn’t love me at all?

    What about a men born in Sri Lanka or in the middle of Asia, when the storgest religion is the Islam, or Budist… so they and gonna hell, even if they’re never heard about Jesus? I can’t belive God is that kind mean!

  6. Im assuming that you were going for a sort of irony here with the pictures (yet again) considering that the “Jesus” with the kid on his lap is about as creepy as any child stalker ive ever seen, and the guy kneeling before “Jesus” looks like hes about to take the holy spirit in his mouth. Also, the tree picture is about the most moronic thing i have ever seen. There is no clear (or even a believable but tenuous) connection between belief in evolution and any of the bad things in the world, especially as most of those bad things predate any theories of evolution by at least a thousand years. The picture also makes little to no sense anyway, so there it is…

  7. reason is an idiot says:

    reason you are a fucking idiot

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