Blues, the Devil’s music. Warning. Heathen music inside.

Dear Christian friends,

Tonight I’d like to expose the evil of blues music to all of you.  Many people think that blues is a wholesome form of music useful for expressing the true inner feelings of the human soul. This is a patent lie. Blues music is nothing but sin, and spawns sinful behaviors. Let’s consider some examples for starters.

First, we have Chuck Berry talking about playing with his ding-a-ling. This is a clear reference to the act of masturbation. This is sinful in the worst of ways:

Next, let’s look at Robert Johnson, who tried to sell his soul to Satan himself, talking about having a hell-hound on his trail. This is a clear reference to some sort of demonic presence chasing him. Here’s the track:

That track was released in the 1930s. Is Satan still present in blues music today? Of course! Check out this piece I found posted on the Reddit and the soundcloud today. This is from the description ” [l]ove the feel of this thing; you can almost hear the devil crawling out of the depths at the bottom of the track to devour your soul.” And the track actually does sound kind of demonic, and definitely sinful. There are no lyrics, but the guitar playing on it reeks of sin:

A Satanic blues song links to track on

Now back to the classics. Also in blues, we have John Lee Hooker talking about drinking bourbon, scotch, and beer. The consumption of alcohol is clearly a sin unless we are drinking wine at church in remembrance of the sacrifice Christ made for all of us. Here is the song:

And just listen to Buddy Guy leaking sex into the microphone! This is pure and total sin!

And who can forget Ray Charles’ What I’d Say? The song is pure evil. It both mocks gospel music and has Ray Charles trying to mimic what he describes as “the sweet sounds of love.” This is pure sinful smut:

In this next track, BB King tells us that nobody loves him but his mother. Obviously BB does not know Jesus or our Heavenly Father, or he would never say this!

In this final track, we have Stevie Wonder and Stevie Ray Vaughan singing a song about superstition. Stevie Ray Vaughan was sinful, drank alcohol, and did drugs. And he constantly recorded Godless blues music. He is surely in hell. So want to be superstitious? Join Stevie in hell.

So the next time you want to think about listening to blues music, think again. Blues will only lead you deep into sin.

Yours in Christ,


30 thoughts on “Blues, the Devil’s music. Warning. Heathen music inside.

  1. StockholmSyndrome says:

    Wow, this is batshit.
    I’m all for freedom of speech and respect for opinions…
    But this is just complete and utter bullshit, the product of paranoia, and what’s worse is that your only foundation is religion; you do not take into account any other components of life, which suggests that you are close-minded and unwilling to accept the way human ideas intertwine to form what is known as reason, of which you have little. I do personally do not believe one can sin, but I do believe that there are more appropriate times for certain activities than other, and if God does exist, I doubt he/she/it is anything like Orwell’s “big brother”, always “watching”.
    But I’ve already wasted enough time, for as I have stated before, it is evident that you will probably not keep an open mind about my opinions, and that you will most likely ignore them. I do not choose to partake in religion or atheism, but rather, I am indifferent of others, and I believe that they should live life, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes, and if they do not, they will most likely end up hurting themselves. If they do not learn, it is their own fault, not the fault of Blues, or any other type of music for that matter.

    • I’ll pray for you you heathen.


      • StockholmSyndrome says:

        It is truly a sad reckoning to behold, the downward spiral that the extreme end of the religious spectrum can have on society. No sense of moderation. If you were to look at it through the cracked image of your perspective, it would be overindulgence, but of course you fail to open your mind and understand what it truly means to be without what you define as “sin”, for sin has many faces.

        Do not pray for me, but for yourself, for you are in greater need of false-securities. I am contained by no such boundaries.

      • I am contained by my faith in God, and that is good enough for me.


  2. Martin Baker says:

    Brother Jim,

    Don’t forget about the heathenistic song “The Devil went down to Georgia.” I had a prayer conversation with the Holy Spirit, and he told me that playing the song backwards gave satanic messages. Also the title of the song glorifies Satan.

    Martin Baker

  3. bob says:

    is possession 9/10 of the law? how about God’s law? what music does God listen to? does Jesus listen to Jesus Christ Superstar all day? wouldn’t you? do you listen to it? isn’t Jesus glorious? or do you prefer the sound of blood pounding through your diseased, syphilitic brain, you soulless, delusional half wit?

  4. Martin Baker says:

    It’s sad that many atheists drop by here to wreck this site and not want to follow Christ for he cleansed the world of sinfulness.

  5. God says:

    lol..oh dear..what a sad world i have created.. Jim please bleet at the sky and i will try to forgive your intolerance.

  6. Sweetums says:

    Jesus was trying to say heaven and hell are a state of mind….”look for the light of god in the birds, trees, etc” I forgot the exact quote something like that. God is love and life and music is part of a healthy relationship with the source of our life. Blessings,

  7. Batiatus says:

    Ignore these heathens Jim. I am a true Christian, and found your article enlightening. In Satan’s world, we can never be too guarded. I have never scorched my ears with blues and never will! Is it alirght for me to listen to Sonseed though (song posted)? I hasten to ask, because one of the band members says he was influenced by blues.

  8. Elliot B says:

    Can I listen to this?

  9. The Dude says:

    What’s your opinion of the guitar player? Is he possessed?

  10. Wade says:

    Father Jim, i am a christian man in the broad, non extremist sense and i’m also a musician. Your opinion is completely valid, but so is all the other souls on this earth whom all deserve love no matter how much you think they sin. As an African American man growing up in Louisiana, The Blues is apart of my tradition. My pastor himself is a Blues guitar player, but anyway my point is you can’t pidgeon hole somebodys culture especially if you don’t have a full understanding because that’s inciting hateful feelings towards others.

    That particular opinion is referenced in the Bible many times, and of course i’m not saying you are wrong because in the Bible it states rhat everybodys opinion is valid to the whole picture because each and every soul on this earth has a right to the words that come from their mouths.

    When the ‘Devil’ is referenced in blues music, it’s an analogy for evil that plagues everybody. So i would make the argument that The Blues is a gift given by the Lord himself. It’s healing music, and a way to express your feelings when you’re in a low down dirty mood. When you got The Blues, you want no bother from no friends or family and it’s a way to get through the hard times.

    This article i believe is the epitomy of sin, using religion for purely hateful and selfish purposes and i pray for you to relaise this. I hope that you realise this before too long, because these opinions create a bad name for people who just want to love. Because The Blues is a loving, compassionate music. Most of the older Blues musicians were Christian men and women, and i would advice you to do some research before you advertise your malcontempt towards someones culture and tradition.

    Wade Phillips

    • Wade, I am not a priest. Do not call me Father. The Catholics are as misguided as the bluesmen. Blues musicians may have been “Christian”, but they were writing about sex 9 times out of 10. Ella Fitzgerald parading around onstage wearing bananas? Yeah, she wanted a little bit of “sugar” in her “bowl.” One does not have to be a rocket scientist to know that this is sinful smut!

      I thank you for the thoughtful post, but I’ll be praying for you.


  11. Marco says:

    I am sick of both atheist preaching their own personal logic as universal fact and Christians incredibly paranoid of these commits. Blues men were just as various as any other person, not all of them sang about sex because it’s impossible to know every blues lyric written by man or woman and just because the song has devil but not smite thee before it, doesn’t mean worship, many Bluesmen were poor souls who got the short end of the stick and grew up in an unhealthy environment just like hip hop artists. Also people change, there are songs all artists regret because they wrote them when they were young and stupid and have grown out of them, including the sexual content

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