A true Christian review of the film Prometheus

Dear fellow Christians,

Martin and I have talked about doing a Christian review on the film Prometheus, and feel that it would be a good service to all true Christians. If you feel the need for Christian reviews of films in general, please allow us to suggest CAPalert.com, a True Christian site which evaluates many modern movies for Christian values. Want to know whether to take your kids to see a movie or to keep your family far away? Trust the true Christians of Capalert.   And now for the show.

After directing the film, Gladiator, which was about homosexual lust, Ridley Scott again appears with the film Prometheus. We should know right from the name of the film that it is filled with sin.  “Prometheus” was the boy who stole fire from the gods. And we all know where fire is from, hell.  That’s right boys and girls, Prometheus will lead its viewers into sin just by watching it.  This Prometheus is different though. In it we see men fighting with aliens, which do NOT exist because the Bible doesn’t tell us anything about them.  The idea of aliens existing is sinful in itself, and we should reject anything having anything to do with aliens.

Now let us look closer at the film.Within the movie, Noomi Rapace performs duties that God only instructs males to do. Women and men should both know their places in life as spelled out by the Bible, the True word of God, and stick to it. This film is, in itself, sinful because it suggests that God’s Biblical order can be rejected with little or no thought at all. This is sinful.

Within the film, Noomi Rapace is seen half-naked. This is very sinful. Breasts and buttocks are meant for the bedroom of married couples, not for the big screen. Scenes such as this lead only to masturbation and sin, and not to wholesome Christian thoughts.  And to make matters worse, there are numerous scenes in the film hinting at sexual intercourse outside of marriage. We must reject these empty attacks on the Christian way of life. No sex outside of marriage. No tits or clits on TV.  No sinful sex salesmen at the theater.  To make matters worse, the film also includes Charlize Theron, a noted whore of Babylon who lets her body hang out for the world to see. Don’t believe me? See an example below (warning, unsafe for Christian eyes. Remember that Jesus is watching you when you look at it, so no touching yourself):

the sinful Charize Theron.


The story mocks the Genesis account by saying that some weird aliens, not God himself, created humans. And to make matters even worse, the alien creatures look pretty similar to demons.  To reference another heathen film, I sense a disturbance in the force here. The alien creatures look like demons because Satan is behind there existence. This film mocks the Word of God and should be rejected by all for the sinful smut it is.

So stay out of theaters if you’re thinking about seeing Prometheus, and allow us to suggest some good Christian films to watch with your friends and family. Ben Stein’s Expelled is a great family film chronicling how the evilutionists are fighting hard to discriminate against all theists. The film shows how evolutionists systematically discriminate against anyone that rejects their atheistic fairy tale smut.  My favorite parts are when Ben Stein gets Richard Dawkins to admit to believing that intelligent design happened by alien intervention and when Michael Ruse talks about life originating on crystals (perhaps because Ruse had too much Crystal meth in college. not saying he did, but he might have; these evolutionsts are notoriously sinful, allowing things such as abortion, physician-assisted suicide, and NAMBLA to exist).  Maybe Dawkins is in cahoots with the makers of Prometheus; he believes that life was created by aliens, and aliens created life on earth in Prometheus. Anyway, see Expelled. It’s a great, great Christian film.  Let us also suggest The Passion of the Christ with Mel Gibson,  a good flick which reminds us of the suffering that our Lord Jesus Christ experienced for our sins and Bruce Almighty, which, while borderline heretical, shows Morgan Freeman playing a loving, intelligent God.  There are true Christian films out there, which are better for family viewing than Prometheus.


Hope this helps, and remember to check out http://www.capalert.com for more True Christian movie reviews.


Your friends at http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

15 thoughts on “A true Christian review of the film Prometheus

  1. Martin Baker says:

    When I was watching the film, I had a cold feeling run down my spine when Charlize Theron had some sort of a relationship with the black captain. Something just didn’t seem right in that part of the film. Also the Android was a disgrace to the Genesis account because only God can create life, not man.

  2. Martin Baker says:

    I also noticed how Ridley Scott made the alens look like the men from Gladiator with their eye catching physiques and the very close camera shots. Obviously Ridley Scott wanted more homosexual lust in his film.

    • you’re right! Although I am troubled by the fact that you viewed BOTH of those movies. Don’t give into sin Martin. I know you’re a good Christian, but remember that these films can be dangerous.


  3. ” ”Prometheus” was the boy who stole fire from the gods”
    Wow, your ignorance really shows out.
    Prometheus was a titan, not god, that stole fire from the titans for human civilisation to advance, the titans’ leader was Kronos, who ate his children(the gods Zeus, Poseidon… etc), I believe you can tell who is much more evil.

    The movie is a science FICTION movie, why are you even saying that the movie is wrong by showing humans fighting aliens?

    • You are worshipful of this heathen nonsense I see. Reject pagan religions and accept Christ.


    • whatdidijustread says:


    • Martin Baker says:

      Dear whatshtisthis,

      People were trying to take God’s place in the film and that’s why it is a wrong movie. They tried to play god, and women were doing roles that God would never allow and would have frowned upon. I was offended to see Noomi’s character sacrilegiously display the cross, but she did not serve any role in the movie that would have pleased God. Aliens never made us from any fictional event, only God did in the Genesis account. God has the power to make things happen when you pray and ask for it to happen, not man. Man can’t fight demons without prayer and answer from God. Your arrogance is blinding you.

  4. WTF says:

    Hail Satan.

  5. Wasp says:

    First off if you looked at it
    1. It’s science fiction
    2. The aliens are not some form of homo sexual lust
    3. No human has all the answers, and this is a movie saying what if the being we called god was a alien that sacrificed himself to create life
    4. A woman has every right a man does to do what ever she wants, she is not confined to the house where she is a prisoner, next I suppose you would say emilie autumn because she was in a movie about hell
    5. So your saying god only made one type of life in the universe, well it does make sense that you have no understanding of the universe so I figured that you would say that.
    6. Educate yourself with more than fairy tales.

    If there is a hell I’m gonna be glad I’m going to it, because from what I’ve seen Satan killed only 10 people and gave knowledge to the humans, while god killed millions of innocents because they didn’t believe, and took everything from poor jobe, and don’t get me started on Leviticus

    P.s. it makes sense that the devil’s “followers” are all the free thinkers and atheists and Darwinists etc, and that god’s “followers” are the bigots

  6. Christopher says:

    lmmfao!! This page is hilarious! I love Christian parodies…

  7. Martin Baker says:

    This isn’t a parody. This is as real as Jesus!

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