Some people you will probably meet in Hell, set one of many.

Dear friends,

I have here included a list of some people that you will probably meet in Hell should you choose to follow them there. Do you really want to rot in hell with these sinners, or would you like to go to paradise and be happy for all eternity? If you don’t believe that hell is a terrible place after considering these sinners, then perhaps it will be necessary to make a people you will meet in hell part 2.


Carl Sagan: heathen, stoner, atheist

Charles Darwin, enough said

Hitler, for killing too many people.

Gandhi, for liking Christians but hating Christ

AC/DC for the highway to hell

Megan Fox, for lesbianism

Olivia Wilde, for this body suit

Saddam Hussein, for being unsaved

Mao Zedong, for being unsaved

Lenin, for his war on God.

Lennon, for imagining there’s no heaven

Tim Burton, for ungodly movies

Dale Earnhardt Junior, for advertising alcohol.



Charlie Sheen, for sleeping with 2 and a half men.


Karl Marx, for rejecting God

Richard Dawkins, for rejecting God

PZ Myers, for rejecting God as well

Scarlett Johansson, for sinful clothing

Madonna, for mocking the Mother of Christ

Adriana Lima, for keeping Victoria’s Secret

Daniel Dennett, for being an atheist

And every woman ever to appear in Maxim.

140 thoughts on “Some people you will probably meet in Hell, set one of many.

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Also don’t forget Obama for trying to legalize gay marriage and all the perverted homosexuals that want to destroy the sanctity of marriage planned by God. Pope John Paul should be in Hell for being catholic and Christopher Hitchens should also be burning for saying that God is poison.

    • TheWhiteBee says:

      Or, you know, we could try being loving and forgiving and accepting… No?

      • you were deluded in college sinner.

      • TheWhiteBee says:

        “creation science study says:
        you were deluded in college sinner.”

        And all because I suggested we try being loving and accepting. Anyone who takes this website seriously, take a look at this as an example of what you’re endorsing. Isn’t your God supposed to not only advocate, but BE love?

    • Bubba Zanetti says:

      You should really kill yourself. I will be a great sacrifice to the human race. If not at least destroy your genitalia.

  2. Martin Baker says:

    Oh yeah, Hitchens was also an atheist. I hope Hell has a special place for Dawkins and all the other evilutionists mocking god and wanting to ban prayer in schools and government meetings.

    • Hitchens was an atheist, yes, but there are also rumors that he might have repented on his deathbed. These deserve to be looked into as well I think, Martin. You are, like me, a good Christian soldier, I am sure that you see the worth of checking this out, since it could be good for our side. And you are right. I hope that there is a very special, hot, torturous place in hell for all the God-mocking, Satan-loving evilutionists.


      • Nobody Special says:

        Why would you lie so blatantly about Hitchens repenting on his deathb… ooohhh… I see what you did there…

      • exchristian says:

        Hitchen’s recanted on his death bed?! This is utter foolishness and a complete fabrication. Hitchens found your god to be morally reprehensible and scoffed at your dusgusting beliefs. To think that he would recant and crawl on bended knee to your pathetic god is hilarious. Please fact check what you say, or at least provide a reference for such fantastic claims.

      • TheWhiteBee says:

        May I enquire as to the use of the term “evilutionists”? Can none of you spell the term, or is that a snide remark? If the latter (which I presume is the case, so many people making the same spelling mistake seems unlikely), then what point are you trying to make? Anyone who thinks evolution is a sound theory is by default evil? No matter how they actually act? No matter even if they believe in God?

    • christian who wants more tolerance says:

      in the bible it says god invented al the animals but it isn’t written how he created them al i think god used evolution to create the animals and it fits in the bible god creates the animals in the same order than according to evolution: firts water animals then the other animals and last humans. and i think the story of the days is just symbolic time.

    • America is a Christian nation, not a Satanic one you heathen.


      • Hail Satan! says:

        False: Despite a high level of religious adherence, only 9% of Americans in a 2008 poll said religion was the most important thing in their life, compared with 45% who said family was paramount in their life and 17% who said money and career was paramount, and polls have shown that doubts about the existence of a god were growing quickly among Americans under 30. America is not a Christian nation and never was (Yes, owning black people and suppressing women were definitely Christian ideas) A theist nation definitely, but not necessarily a Christian one.

      • TheWhiteBee says:

        Read the constitution. It is not a Christian nation. It is a nation founded on the principles of freedom of religion, and separation of church and state.

      • Then how come the nation was founded by the Puritans and Jesus?


      • AMerica was viewed as a city on a hill, a second eden, in purely Christian tones, as it was settled by Europeans.

      • Miles Christian says:

        It may have been settled religiously, but it was founded on religious tolerance. Even some settlements practiced religious tolerance. And now, we are not all Christians, therefor, it is not a Christian nation.

        Also, Jesus didn’t personally settle here, he was kind of busy being dead. I can understand if you meant that metaphorically, though, I just want to make sure you didn’t mean it literally. Someone this idiotic, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • America is a Christian nation. And I Jesus’ being here as a metaphor. This is a Christian country. Don’t believe me? Check out the book Mysteries of separation.

      • TheWhiteBee says:

        I’m trying to respond to “creation science study”, but it won’t let me.

        So basically, your attitude is, fuck what everyone else says, fuck reality, fuck the constitution, stick your fingers in your ears and hum till everyone gives up and leaves you to your small minded stupidity?

      • You’re the stupid one here. Don’t you realize that Jesus is your savior? You need just accept Him to enter Paradise.


      • Miles Christian says:

        If “paradise” is full of people like you, it doesn’t sound much like a paradise to me.

      • Martin Baker says:

        Because Satan has blinded you, heathen! It wouldn’t make any sense for God to allow good people that haven’t accepted Christ into paradise.

      • Reason says:

        And “god” has blinded you. With false hopes and threats of eternal torture should you not bend to his will.

        Sounds like god is a bit lonely and insecure about himself to go to such lengths just ensure that you’ll go to him.

      • John Lira says:

        Okay Jim boy we get it, you like taking the light rod straight up the ass, but can you answer this very simple question:
        Can God create a massive rock that even he can not move?
        there it is enjoy! ;D

      • John, that is a logical fallacy. Circular logic, just like evolution.


      • weerd0 says:

        you know what im at my breaking point. The next crazy thing you post I swear ill go apeshit crazy.

      • Reason says:

        you mean HUMANshit crazy? (Right? because we evolved from apes???) 😀

      • Martin Baker says:

        Why are there still apes if we came from them? We don’t see humans being born from apes in the local zoos, and we don’t see apes learning how to talk or drive cars. And why is evolution still called a theory in the textbooks if people say it’s true?

      • Martin Baker says:

        Another thing to point out is that Darwin can’t be accepted into your heart, but Jesus can! You can accept Jesus into you life and reject evolution in all its form. Checkmate atheists!

      • Reason says:

        Reject evolution? Reject a proven theory for an imaginary friend? If I was gonna have an imaginary friend he would be way better than jesus. And even then I wouldn’t reject evolution for it. That’s just stupid and illogical.

      • Martin Baker says:

        Reject evolution! It causes sinfulness, pornography, homosexuality, racism, Nazism, stupidity, pedophilia, rape, communism, heathenism, and other various SINS. Please accept Christ. He is not imaginary but a true savior. Fight against the evils of evolution.

      • Reason says:

        Well that’s odd… I have completely accepted evolution and I am not a homosexual (nothing wrong with that anyway), i’m not a racist (I detest racism in all of its forms) I’m not a Nazi, I’m pretty sure i’m not stupid (didn’t even know that was a sin…), I am certainly not a pedophile, I have never had the slightest urge to rape someone, and i’m not a communist. What was so bad about evolution again?

      • Evolution creates sinful things yuo sinner.

        Reject evolution or go to hell.


      • John Lira says:

        you never answered my previous question numb-nuts.

      • TheWhiteBee says:

        Why are there still apes? We and modern day apes evolved, not from each other, but from a common ancestor. One ape species spread, and evolved differently in different places, until they became different species.

        Why don’t we see humans being born from apes? Because they’re different species. Species gradually change over time, but they don’t suddenly produce completely different species.

        Why is evolution still called a theory? Because of how scientific terminology works. All ideas start out as hypotheses, then once enough evidence is gathered, and it appears that they are true, they become theories. Here are the first two definitions of “theory” on

        1.a coherent group of tested general propositions, commonly regarded as correct, that can be used as principles of explanation and prediction for a class of phenomena.
        2.a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.

        Unlike the common, everyday use, in the scientific world, “theory” is the most certain term used. The scientific world functions on uncertainty. No hypothesis is ever “proven”, only “supported” by discovered evidence. The use of the term “theory” means that something is well-supported enough for us to behave as if it is 100% true. To give you some perspective on the matter, other scientific theories include the theory of gravity, and the germ theory of diseases. in common parlance, these are referred to as “scientific facts.” It is only in the scientific world that they are regarded as theories. The same is true of evolution.

        Hope that helps!

      • Mr. White Bee you are wrong. If we came from apes then we would have outcompeted the apes and they wouldn’t still be here. Checkmate, atheist.


      • You really are functionally retarded, aren’t you Jim? HE SPECIFICALLY SAID WE DON’T COME FROM APES, but that we and apes evolved from a common ancestor! Again, for the 95th or so time, reading is fundamental. Try it sometime, because you clearly don’t read (or at least you don’t comprehend) anything that anyone writes here!

      • maybe you should try reading the Bible with an open mind and an open heart. Then you wouldn’t be dissing Jesus.


      • I have NEVER, not once, in my entire life, said anything at all negative about Jesus. Ever. And i never would. As i have stated several times to you, i have no problem with your beliefs, and i have no problems with the fact that you or anyone believes anything. There’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s nothing wrong with your beliefs, and i would never mock beliefs. What i have a problem with is people ignoring facts in the name of belief, and i especially have an issue with people claiming they are better than me or anyone else, and then condemning me and others because of that belief. But it shows your reading comprehension if you honestly believe i have been “dissing” Jesus!

      • Well I believe that the only “facts” that are factual are the facts that support the Bible. the Bible is necessarily true, and everything that contradicts it must therefore be false.


      • TheWhiteBee says:

        So, basically you’re just going to reiterate the point I was responding to without even bothering to read what I wrote. In that case, I’m not going to bother to argue this point any more, because you won’t even read my arguments. If ever you pull your head out of your ass long enough to give a damn about the facts behind the issues you argue, then I refer you to my above points.

      • Reason says:

        Are. You prepared. To have. Your mind. Blown? Okay, here we go. If Americans came from England… Why are there still English people? *GASP* Because they were a small group that branched off from the main group! Evolution is something that occurred over millions and millions of years. We were once apart of the main group. Then a small group of us broke off from the main group and slowly over time became what we are today.

        And you know what else is a theory? Gravity. Be careful when you go outside. You might just start floating away. After all, gravity is just a theory, no?

      • Your reason has no place on this blog. Repent you heathen.


      • Reason says:

        I agree. Reason cannot coexist with sheer bigotry & ignorance.

      • Miles Christian says:

        America is a nation of religious tolerance. Don’t believe me? Check out the Constitution of the United States of America.

        (On a side note, Amazon search of that title yielded no results.)

    • John Lira says:

      Seems like a certain christian did not seem to capitalize “God’s” name, now your going to hell with all of us, see you there lol

  3. Le says:

    Can I get an express ticket please?

  4. weerd0 says:

    Also if you want a big heathen you guys need to look up Ray Kurzweil he’s proposed a way to live forever on earth. no heaven or hell needed.

  5. weerd0 says:

    And i don’t have a big long contradiction in this one. About the only ones on the list who deserve hell if it exists are the dictators.

    • Darwin is worse than the dictators. Dictators steal lives. Darwin steals souls.


      • Shane says:

        He must be terrible for using his mind, observation, and scientific research to find ways to explain the world.

      • science is a sin if it rejects God

      • christian who wants more tolerance says:

        if science contradicts the bible doesn’t mean that it contradicts god because it can be a symbolic story or a wrong translation: e.g in greek virgin and young girl is the same word and the new testament was written in greek i think Maria wasn’t a virgin but just a young girl.

      • God doesn’t care what you think. He cares what you believe. And if you don’t believe in Jesus, you’re headed to hell.


      • TheWhiteBee says:

        Darwin looked at the world around him, and tried to see how it worked. Why does no religion see that as a glorification of their God – studying the miraculous world they believe He put there? Why is ignorance always viewed as preferable?

  6. Teker says:

    I wouldn’t mind meeting Gandhi, he actually changed the world for the better, unlike your god who only makes the world worse…

    • My God saves plenty of people. You should accept Him.


      • Teker says:

        yea, like the jews in Auschwitz…he sure did alot of saving to them! or the young kids with cancer, he sure saves them! so sad that you are blinded by religion

      • What about Richard Weikart? God saved him!

      • Shane says:

        Its too bad you think he would save you, taking upon your own responsibility to banish people to hell. Do you know gods plan? No. Then stop pretending like you do you bat shit crazy religious fuck.

      • Jesus would save any one of us that would accept Him.


      • “Jesus would save any one of us that would accept Him.”
        I knew a child of about 16. She was born in to a predominantly non practicing christian family (they believed, but they did not attend church.) Around her 12th birthday, she decided that she DID believe, whole heatedly, and started attending church, joining various groups through it, and generally being educated in the church, she was even baptized and confirmed, on her own volition. After a few months of her pursuing this belief, her family started to attend, and to embrace the belief in Jesus that she exuded. She was very nice to be around. Very warm, and loving, and to be near her, it almost made you want to believe your self.

        At 15, she began a battle for her life. Apparently she has a genetic disorder that has something to do with her digestive system, and though it can be fixed, once signs are shown, it is normally too late. For a year she suffered, as the pain became worse and worse and slowly took away her life, and her family prayed, and the doctors worked to try to prolong her life. 13 months after becoming sick, she succumbed to the disorder and passed. One of her last conversations with anyone was a conversation with myself and her mother, and she held on to her faith till the moment she died.

        God did not save her, Jesus did not save her. If either of them wanted to, or had the power to save anyone, it would have been her, yet they did nothing, and they let her live in excruciating pain for over a year before her body finally could no longer take it. And she accepted Jesus, with all of her heart.

      • That child is saved. I tell you, even today she is in Paradise.


      • No, she is dead. Even if there is a heaven, she is still dead. There is no reason behind her death. There is no purpose for it. She is no longer here in this world, and no justification that any body can give me for that will ever make that ok.

        Where is his omnipotence there? Where are the miracles, or Jesus’s healing hands? They weren’t there. Yet if god cared about us, If god had the power to affect things here on earth, he would have saved her.

    • dante says:

      Ghandi, while a pacifist, was actually a sexually deviant racist.

    • christian who wants more tolerance says:

      i like Ghandi he is nice and tollerant to evereone it’s a shame he doesn’t believe in god but i don’t think he’s going to hell he is far to nice for that

  7. John Lira says:

    I agree for the most part but read Genesis 1:30, there is nothing wrong with Marijuana.
    Gandhi never rejected Christ.
    The Virgin Mary is just a person, and should not be an idol in any way, so therefore mocking the mother of Christ really isn’t a sin, besides she was a prostitute, so why should it be considered a sin if she is mocking a prostitute?
    1/3 of these reasons are simply idiotic, and it just states how ignorant people can be, if you want to be an actual person of God, then read the bible, which is our map to heaven, not what you think that would be considered a sin.
    Lastly we are all sinners, from the day that we are born, so technically we should all be in Hell? But I know that if we are baptized we are saved, but honestly most of these reasons are simply what you think are sin, like apparel of clothing or genre of films. So I will say that if you do not what true sin is, then I will see you on the Highway To Hell 😀

  8. Nick says:

    So if I go to Heaven I don’t get to meet Carl Sagan or John Lennon? What kind of paradise is that?

  9. 9gag says:

    You intolerant, bigoted idiot, Gandhi hated Christians, and not Christ. Get it right.

  10. Hail Satan! says:

    I noticed one thing this list had in common was that most of these people were incredibly intelligent. And the Bible says God has chosen the foolish of this world to shame the wise. Now think about that. Doesn’t that sound exactly like saying God made religion for stupid people. We already know that very few truly intelligent people actually believe in the Bible (I mean Einstein level genius) and another plainly obvious fact is that the majority of people that do believe are not that intelligent (once again strictly speaking in extremely high IQ levels) So, if the easily duped, gullible, huddled masses believe something it must be true. Also a really, really, really old book, has to be true because we can prove that some of those people actually existed. Some people didn’t believe Troy was a real place until they uncovered evidence proven that it existed once, that must mean that the entirety of the Ilead is true. You can’t believe everything you read.

    • Intelligent on this Earth does not mean saved in the next world. I’d rather be gullible and go to heaven than intelligent and rot in hell.


      • Hail Satan! says:

        Wow, really had to think about that one didn’t you? Oh wait, that’s your problem you don’t think. You do realize that statement makes no sense at all right? You are basically agreeing with my point that smart people tend to avoid religion, but you are saying that you are still right because you want to be? A wise man once said arguing with a Christian is like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter what you do, he is just going to knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and then strut around like he is victorious. That describes you in a nutshell. Logic and reason have no place in your mind, because you would rather believe in a really old book, because a couple guys said it was true. Of course there is always faith, but faith doesn’t do you any good when faced with reality, and the reality is there is no heaven, no hell, and definitely no God. You can’t make fiction into reality by sheer willpower, if it worked like that, there would be more superheroes.

      • TheWhiteBee says:

        …so you’re saying that your religion is designed for the “gullible” aka the morons, the fuckwits, and the ignorant?

  11. Adam says:

    Ghandi liked Christ but hated Christians because they were so unlike Christ

  12. Reason says:

    You know what? I tried, okay? I TRIED, to accept jesus/god (they’re the same guy anyway). And you know what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was going through a rough patch at the time, not to mention some family issues. I prayed my (metaphorical) heart out. Your “god” left me in the dark to deal with it myself. For months I just trudged along. At one point I almost committed suicide, but I didn’t want to miss a certain video game being released in the near future (yes, it’s rather sad and petty). And then I found a collection of videos on youtube called “The Sagan Series”. Never before had I heard someone speak so passionately about our universe, our world, our origins, and ambitions. It was incredibly humbling. After that I spent nearly 2 weeks poring over video interviews and audio recordings from scientists of both this generation. and the last. Including Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, & Richard Dawkins. I looked at the world in an entirely new light. The words of these men restored me.

    I Am An Atheist Agnostic

    I do not believe in a hell, or any other sort of afterlife torture nonsense.

    But if I did, I would be doing EVERYTHING in my power to ensure I go straight there to be with these remarkable men of the world.

    Also, Tim Burtons movies are amazing. So go fuck yourself.

    • I don’t care what you believe. God doesn’t care what you believe. If you don’t believe in Jesus, you’ll got to hell. Its that simple.


      • Hail Satan! says:

        Actually, you unwittingly made a good point here: Truth does not require affirmation. It really doesn’t matter what you believe, at the end of the day it doesn’t change the fact that nothing happens when you die. It really is that simple. (if you don’t believe me you are welcome to try it yourself, and let me know about that paradise of yours)

      • TheWhiteBee says:

      • Reason says:

        What if I believed in jesus, but sinned like crazy? Would I still go to hell? (Not so simple now, is it?)

  13. Thor says:

    I know people don’t like hearing from angry Atheists but I have to clear this up, my apologies – To Jim from creation science study.

    1. Your beliefs are very primitive and delusional, to to thousands of contradictory passages in the bible, extremely immoral material displayed from the god Yahweh of the old testament (originally made up by the babylonians over 1600 years before it was written.) And all of the ridiculous accounts of impossible events with the massive lack of evidence to show the truth of such events.
    2. Aren’t you the sinner for telling someone that there going to be burning in exquisite torture for all of eternity because they don’t believe there’s an ancient, invisible, mythical old man in the sky?
    3. You’re brainwashed and you choose not to hear the truth and all of the undeniable, REAL evidence, I can tell because your speaking for “creation science study” – creation and science are like water and fire.
    4. Your only putting stress on people by posting your abrasive religious bullshit, and claiming that people are “going to hell” and making other ridiculous claims like “Ghandi was not saved” How do you know? and what was he not saved from? if your answer is hell than your pathetic.
    5. I have a question for you and I would love for you to answer it.
    “Either god can do nothing to stop catastrophes, or he doesn’t care to, or he doesn’t exist. So god is either impotent (not divine), evil, or imaginary. Take your pick and choose wisely.”

    Sorry for the negative rant but I’m sure I’m speaking for some people of reason out there.

    • Sigh. I’ll pray for you unsaved sinner. Hopefully you accept Jesus and don’t join the ranks of hell.


      • Hail Satan! says:

        Sigh. I’ll pity you, you illogical brainwashed delusional pyshotic. Hopefully, you realize your delusions are simply that and don’t end up murdering hundreds of people because ‘God” told you to (you know like he did in the old testment)

      • So you literally ignore every point he made, and simply say “ill pray for you”….good come back, Jim!

    • Hail Satan! says:

      Thor, I truly apologize for the many people that deny your existence, it is atheists like this man who insult you by saying that their imaginary friend is real and you are not. Know that I will always believe in you Thor no matter what they say. In all seriousness, I agree completely with your post, and it helps restore my faith in humanity a bit to know that people of reason like yourself are out there.

  14. Miles Christian says:

    Aside from the dictators, this kind of sounds like the best party ever. Ghandi? Richard Dawkins? Charles Darwin? Sign me up!

    By the way, I know you said there may be a part two, but I think it should be noted that two more of the people you’d meet down there are Neil deGrasse Tyson and Neil Patrick Harris. Those two being down there pretty much makes it worth it for me. It may be too hot for ice cream, but maybe we could do cake instead. Since it’s hell and all, maybe lava cake would be the most fitting~

  15. one ball paul says:

    Hell’s not so bad. No Christians plus all the fun intellectuals I could ever want to talk to. Also don’t forget Galileo Plato Aristotle Copernicus and any other person who has an independent thought, sexualized themselves or just had fun here on planet earth. I can’t wait.

  16. YourGodIsEvil says:

    “Hell” yeah! I’d give anything to hang out with the likes of Ghandi, Dawkins, and Sagan! Haha heaven sounds like a horrible place since it’s fill with all you nut bags. Science and logic all the way!

  17. one ball paul says:

    plus props on the troll

  18. zaphod says:

    I couldn’t help but notice, that’s a fairly awesome group (aside from the dictators). I’d love to spend an eternity with those guys. It’s a pity, then, that I won’t get to go there. I’m gonna be spending my afterlife with His Noodliness. Hanging out by the beer volcano, checking out the stripper factory.


    • Reason says:

      Sir, you do not deserve, nor will you ever receive, the slightest modicum of respect from us. You’re delusional, you deny the ever-living crap out of evidence for anything that defies your beliefs, you’re hateful, and extremely passive aggressive to others who are not like you.

      But you will die. Eventually. And when you die, you will become Nothing. You will cease to exist. And when I die, I will become Nothing. I will cease to exist. We will both be remembered for what we did in this life. You’ll probably remember me for being a “heathen” or a “sinner” or something like that. And I will remember you for being In severe denial, and the other reasons stated above.

      I don’t respect you. I pity you.

  20. TheWhiteBee says:

    Gosh, I almost hope there is a hell now, so I can meet some of these people! I mean, Hitler and Mao, no thanks, don’t want to meet them, but Darwin, and Dawkins, Marx, Lennon, Sagan especially, all interesting people to meet. The foremost thinkers and movers and changers of our species.

  21. Thor says:

    I literally have found more evidence and mythical stories for Santa Claus than I have for God and Jesus. Jim, you should read Dan Barker’s book Godless. Its about how he became an Atheist by analyzing his primitive evangelical beliefs, after being an all american, extremely popular evangelical preacher. I sense you’ll make the leap from delusion to reason soon enough. I’m not trying to force Atheism on you (which the word Atheism wouldn’t exist in the first place if it weren’t for these barbaric religions still lingering in the minds of the “faithful”) But once you start telling people there going to hell, over, and over, and over, it seems like your purpose on this earth is a rather negative and pointless one. Keep in mind were just highly evolved primates that have the mental capacity to wonder what is out in the universe, so naturally we created the idea of a god. Its the people like you who are so afraid of everything, so afraid of death, that you believe a lie in the hopes of “living in eternal paradise for all eternity.” Well guess what, we’ve already been dead for billions and billions of years before our births, where was god then?

  22. Martin Baker says:

    America is a Christian nation. Those who claim otherwise need to watch the historical DVDs and read the writings from our truthful Christian politician Newt Gingrich. STOP taking advice from the Demoncrats and the atheists wanting to bring America back to Soviet Russia.

    • TheWhiteBee says:

      There’s no “bring America back to Soviet Russia”, because it was never connected to Soviet Russia. Likewise, it was never a Christian nation. Read the constitution.

  23. Martin Baker says:

    Jim, this list of people in Hell would be longer since we have all the homosexual perverts and these atheists trolling our site and blocking true Christians from discussing.

    • Reason says:

      I’m sorry. I was not aware that my commenting on this site blocked other people from commenting as well.

  24. weerd0 says:

    Jeez Jim I leave for a day and you manage to piss off the entire internet. Goooooooooo internet!!

  25. Fine. You have that right to believe that. But you have no right, whatsoever, to condemn me or anyone else because we disagree with you, yet that’s what you do, every day, in every single post. I guarantee you that i know more about the bible that you hold up as the ultimate proof than you will or could ever know (I have made it my life long quest to study theology in all forms, and Catholicism and Christianity have been my focal point for more than 20 years. I have studied not only the book itself, but also the other gospels [there are several that were left out of the bible when the roman church decided it was finally time to consolidate it all into a volume, and several more that weren’t discovered till much later], the history of not only the events depicted in the book, but also of the bible itself, i have embarked on a personal pilgrimage to visit the holy places, and most importantly , i have also followed the science involved in everything. I entered in to this, like i do everything, with an open mind and a willingness to learn.) as you seem very content to to take ever single thing if it supports what you think is truth, completely at face value and proclaim that somehow you have won this game, even though there is proof readily available that what you read or heard is false or at the very least highly suspect. You don’t really think at all, you just blindly go along handing out judgement on people and things you know absolutely nothing about, except what is obviously a rudimentary understanding of a book you think tells you that that behavior is OK. But the thing is, its not OK. Its barely human, and you are quickly becoming the things you claim to stand against because of it.

  26. TheWhiteBee says:

    Something else I find hilarious about this is the fact that Hitler is going to hell because he “killed too many people”, as if if only he’d killed just a couple fewer he’d’ve been alright.

  27. Lucie says:

    Have you ever considered about adding a little bit more than
    just your articles? I mean, what you say is fundamental and all.

    Nevertheless imagine if you added some great photos or videos to give your posts
    more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with pics and clips, this website could definitely be one of the greatest in its field.
    Very good blog!

  28. This is Hilarious!

    I never knew anything such as creationist exists before visiting the atheist FB pages & I was so surprised to know how people can believe in such bull shit!

    When I see people believing in God, I can understand that for facing some tough period people want to believe in higher power and all but what I can’t understand is that how that make some people refute science!

    While the biggest irony is these “faithful” are using things like computer, Facebook etc as which are built by Atheist!

    Our world is AMAZING!

    • I will be praying for Deboleena. You should not be mocking the True Christian thinkers like me….heathens like you are headed straight to hell if you do not repent.

      I’ll be praying for you in hopes that you may repent.

      Yours in Christ,


  29. you have it backward–Ghandi liked Christ and hated Christians.

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