Dear readers,

I would like to ask all the godless heathen evolutionists that have been inundating this blog with hedonistic comments some questions.  So you say the earth is 4.6 billion years ago. Were you there? Were you there when molecules grew from mud and two mutant fish had babies that somehow turned into amphibians and then into mammals, and then into us? Were you there when the transition happened from goo to zoo to you?  I don’t think so. But if you think you were, you should get yourself checked. All that this deep-time random atheist evolution is is godless superstition! People embrace Darwinism because they are afraid to embrace the one True God, who WAS there when the universe was Created.

In fact, God tells us clearly how He created the world in six days, and rested on the seventh, less than 10,000 years ago. Reject this old earth superstition. The Bible tells us that the Earth is young. Therefore, it is young. We can trust this because we have God as our witness, who WAS there when the universe was created.  You can’t prove a murder with no proof! You can’t have proof without witnesses! God is our witness, and the universe is young.

Think that molecules can randomly clump together in a progressive fashion from goo to zoo to you? Let me phrase this another way. Look at a car. Did that car randomly assemble itself from a bunch of random parts? NO! It had a Creator, just like you do.  The car was created by man, just as man was Created by God. Think a random destructive  process can create advanced life? Think again folks, because that’s just stupid.

So next time an evilutionist claims the earth is old, ask him “were you there?”  Next time an evolutionist claims that the dinosaurs didn’t live with man, ask him, “were you there?”  And he asks if you were, you can tell him truthfully “no, but I have a witness who was there and wrote it all down for me and you to read in a book called the Holy Bible.”

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m  a true Christian.

13 thoughts on “WERE YOU THERE?

  1. weerd0 says:

    Were you their? This has got to be the worst argument ever for creationism. Let me show you how this is a poor argument.

    Man 1: Did WW1 happen? NO it did not!
    Man 2: But we have historical documents and proof for it.
    Man 1: Were you their? NO So it did not happen
    Man 1 = idiot

    Also if you want to go by the witness theory for God then you would actually have to have him testify in a court setting. And sorry but i thought men wrote down what God said to them and this made up the bible, making the bible hearsay which is not admissible in a court of law as to its distorted account.

    and as for a murder investigation you cannot convict on a single piece of evidence, you need multiple sources as well as motive to convict a person. God supposedly gave man a single source the bible, and he has no motive for creating Earth.

    As for a car spontaneously forming out of nothing that is a null argument. A car is not an adaptive being with reproductive processes and you insinuate that evolution says that man has appeared from nothing, that is untrue. The first forms of life which according to fossil record formed over 3 billion years ago were simple single celled organisms which were hypothetically created by the amino acid sludge present on Earth after the crust cooled after the planets formation. As to how the amino acids formed into a coherent life form is still unknown as lab tests have not been able to reproduce the effect, yet.

    We as scientists can also say that the Universe is 14.595 years old due to the red shifting of light and cosmic background radiation, which has traveled in space long enough for a perceptible change in wavelength thus allowing for an approximation of the universe’s age.

    Where were the dinosaurs in the bible i missed them.

    • people were there to see WW1.

    • and science is based on interpretation, not proof.

      • I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Science is based on proof and if you actually watched a real video or went to a evolution class, you would see that the Bible is somewhat false.

        I’m going to answer some of your ever so stupid “Checkmate” questions.

        “Did you know that dinosaur and man walked together? There is proof!”
        Did you carbon date any of your “Proof”? Also the ones in the Texas Lakebed were proven false.
        “If Noah’s Ark was fake, how do you explain rainbows?”
        Reflection of the many light colors against water molecules in the atmosphere.
        “If evolution is real, why do we still have black people?”
        You racist son of a dog. You know what, here, answer this one then. “If evolution is true then why do we still have race whatsoever?”
        I could remind you of more like “If evolution is true then is it okay to have sex with goats?” But I’ll save you the trouble.

        Now some things you should know.
        The world doesn’t revolve around Christianity not does it revolve around you.
        You want to be Christian? Cool, good for you, I won’t stop you, just don’t use your faith to insult people who aren’t with you.
        How do people like you have fun. I mean, apperently God doesn’t like Star Wars, you’d probably throw a racist fit about the Chitauri in the Avengers. Dude you probably wouldn’t even watch Dora the Explorer because of a talking monkey.
        Praying was eliminated in schools because by LAW, this is not a Christian Nation nor will im ever be. I don’t mean there is a law against praying, I mean Freedom of Religion which was in the Constitution. The constitution was also written by the so called “Christian” founding fathers.
        My Aunt is a Muislim who is the exact opposite of terrorist, her company owns the New York Stock Exchange, she just saved a baby’s life in Pakistan. She taught me how to code. Screw off about 9/11.
        News flash: just because something isn’t in the Bible, doesn’t make it false. Infact, a lot of the Bible has proven false.
        Just because people aren’t born gay, doesn’t mean they don’t get the same rights so leave them alone. (How would you react if someone came out as gay on this site just to make you angry?
        Jesus’ thing was love each other. You claim there is no hate on this site yet you call people Heathens, Heathen Scum, Demoncrats, worshipers of Satan, and sinners pretty much every time you post.
        Checkmate Christianity.

    • and science is based on interpretation, not proof. and dinosaurs? Leviathan.

  2. Miles Christian says:

    Were you there when god created the Earth? Nope. Do you have proof that he wrote the Bible? Nope. Do you have proof that he influenced the dudes who wrote it? Nope. Your argument is terribly invalid.

    • open your heart to God and pray about it. The Holy Spirit will guide you.


      • TheWhiteBee says:

        Oh you crazy fundies. Your logic is so flexible it ties itself in knots, and then walks around ignoring the knot in its midriff and pretending that it has thereby straightened out the whole situation.

      • Miles Christian says:

        >Someone points out how flawed your logic is
        >”Pray about it!”

        That’s just kind of sad. So, what, your logic only applies when it works in your favor?

      • your logic has no place in my faith.


      • Logic, my friend, has a place everywhere. Logic is what was used when our ancient ancestors began to form language, you know, the one that eventually led to the bible being written. Logic led to man learning how to build homes, and make clothing, and even cook food. It even led to that machine that you type on (which you claim was a gift from god, but it was essentially invented by an atheist homosexual, which god apparently hates). And logic is what you seem to try to use to defend your belief, and then when the logic fails you, all you can say is “logic has no place in my faith” or “i will pray for you”. No amount of faith in the world can trump logical thought, ever.

  3. William M Drew says:

    Jim, it simply doesn’t matter what a person posts here, you are going to spin doctor it so you can considerate invalid. Even BLATANT evidence will be ignored by you, so really, there is little point in chatting – which you will take for a win, when it truth, you should hang your head in shame because you are happy to deal in avoiding thing, not truth.


    How do you explain this? I mean, how do YOU explain this – not how do you blow it off. If God is the God of creation, then he should be able to stand a simple thing like facts… because after all, according to a biblical view, God Created Facts. If that is so, and God can not lie, then why is there so much evidence for a very old earth?

  4. I’m gonna post this here, and hope you deiced to watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LW06dav7KA

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