Good Christian videos

Dear Christian friends,


Martin and I have put together some good Christian videos that will help you combat the devilutionists.






And a bonus, from the Godly Edward Current (who is NOT an atheist, but a soldier in Christ!)

7 thoughts on “Good Christian videos

  1. weerd0 says:

    Wow lots of posts today. Time to get cracking, this is actually becoming a good source of stress relief.

    You do know that the last video is by a guy who is being satirical right?

    • I have discussed this before friend. Edward Current isn’t a satirist! Satan the deceiver has made it appear that he is a satirist, even though he is not. anyone can hack on the internet.


      • This is Eddie Current, himself, explaining that he is making fun of creationists:

        Please stop posting his videos as your evidence, because it just shows how much of a moron you truly are!

  2. weerd0 says:

    Anyone? Lets see you do it, come at me bro hack my computer! I give you legal permission!

    Thought not. Hacking a public site like Youtube is difficult it in fact has some of the highest security on the internet.

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