Welcome Martin Baker!

A true Christian Brother, Martin Baker, has joined me in my quest. Look forward to reading his posts as well as mine on this true Christian blog. He is a good Christian and a good man, and I am sure you will all enjoy getting to know him.


Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

21 thoughts on “Welcome Martin Baker!

  1. Atheist Eagle says:

    Well Martin, please post something that makes sense.

    The Godless heathens whom are more prevalent on the site than the Christians.

  2. Martin Baker says:

    Greetings Jim,

    Thanks for bringing me to this site

    In God’s name,

  3. Martin Baker says:

    Dear weerd0,

    Hello! Jim and I don’t hate you or any other evolutionists/atheists, we just hate the sins you people do and how you use them to seduce others from the grace of God and cause sins like the election of Obama as president, pornography, and homosexuality.

    It depends on God’s judgement; after all, we must look into the scriptures of how God commanded Moses to take action against the non-followers that wanted to follow their own wicked lifestyles.

    In God’s name,

    • weerd0 says:

      So by that logic I am more moral than you. I for no reason would kill anyone. If god wants me to kill someone screw it ill kill myself.

      And I guess my wearing polyester and not stoning my girlfriend for her not marrying me makes me worthy of hell.

      • Martin Baker says:

        You can’t claim to be more moral than me since you do not follow and know God like I do, and you do not understand the scriptures that God has spread to us.

      • weerd0 says:

        WTF I read the entire bible that’s what made me atheist! And quick question from above, how is Obama evil? I mean he’s not the best president ever but does that make him evil?

        And oh yeah i wont argue morality with someone who is brainwashed but if you’ll kill me because God tells you too that’s a one way ticket to the crazy house.

      • Dear friend, Obama is evil because he supports homosexuality and abortions.


      • weerd0 says:

        Insult Bald Guy ZOMG kill all of the insulting children, WITH BEARS!

        Yeah that’s moral.


      • You mean Alan Turing, the sinner? I don’t think he was killed by bears.


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