Africa, the Dark Continent

Dear Christian Friends,

I have noticed that my blog has viewers from around the world, and I am flattered by this attention, which shows me that there are true Christians across this planet. We must band together in order to prepare for the attack of the AntiChrist, and many of us will be raptured. Those of us that aren’t will be left here on Earth to fight.

It saddens me to see that Africa is in dire need of saving.  There are hardly any views from the African nations. My blog has views from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Oceania, and even Asia, but hardly any from Africa. Tonight I hope to fix that. Let us call the chocolate peoples of the world to repent. Let us call Africa to the table of Christ.

Some Africans already get it. This little Black boy knows what it feels like to be Saved:

See how he looks happy, healthy, and at peace? See the determination in his eyes? See the happiness? This is a child that knows Jesus. Know Jesus, Africa, and you will be happy.

However, much of Africa is without Jesus. Genocides cover the continent.  The Hootoo and Tutsi, two African tribes, killed each other heavily just because of their names.  This isn’t Christian! If they knew Jesus, they wouldn’t have been killing each other in Rwanda.  Rwanda is a messed up place.  Why? Because they don’t know Jesus there. Repent and embrace Jesus, Rwanda. Your country will find peace only then.

Somalia is another heathen state. Why are Somalians destined to rot in hell? It’s simple. Somalia is a nation of Islamic Pirates who support al Qaeda and launch unnecessary and evil attacks on Western peoples.  Here is a typical Somalian Pirate:

This man does not know Jesus. If he knew Christ, he would not be a pirate. He would be a Christian.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is also filled with sinners. Look at the country.  Their country is so screwed up that their own army is fighting with mutineers.  People leaving the army and fighting against it! Kabila, the sinner, invaded neighboring nations including Rwanda and Uganda. It’s pretty fitting that Congo is right in the middle of Africa, as it seems to be the center of the evils of the continent. Kabila is the leader of this evil nation. Let’s look at him:

Africa, as a continent, is in dire need of salvation. What are Africa’s main exports? HIV and blood diamonds. These exports have replaced slavery as the basis of the African export economy.  What does Africa’s population mostly consist of? Starving Black babies, tribal warlords trying to kill each other, and people with AIDS.  I do not seek to jest here. I’m saying that Africa is a messed up place. We need to join together in prayer and pray for the Africans. We must also seek ways to support them. Want to help an African orphan? Click here.  Want a whole list of charities focused on helping Africa? Click here. Join with me, friends, and help me bring some light to the dark continent. It is our Christian duty to help these people. Won’t you join me?

Yours in Christ,


21 thoughts on “Africa, the Dark Continent

  1. weerd0 says:

    ……. you know what its late and I don’t feel like pointing out everything wrong with this on my phone. So expect me tommorow. However I must say that the majority of your viewers are the heathens you condemned.
    Your also a racist, homophobic, hypocritical, misinformed, bible thumping idiot.
    (I got no problem with religion. But I do take issue to people like you.)

    Sigh…. ill correct your article tommorow.

    • I’ll pray for you. And honestly, I want to see an end to poverty and starvation in Africa. Is there some rule against trying to help the Africans live? I care for them, and want them to be able to live happy lives and come to know Jesus.

  2. Michael says:

    Yes, because God is such a wonderful entity that his all powerful ass cant help these children. Please, tell me again how your “all loving” god exists.

    • God can help if we accept His help or ask for it. But if you reject Him, be prepared to rot in hell.

      • So, god is a being that sends people that refuses his help, even if they refused his help politely, to hell? What an asshole.

      • You only need accept Him! If I rejected your very existence, wouldn’t you not give a **** about me?!?!

      • Michael says:

        So, with all this war, famine, disease, and hate, you think that an all loving God must exist, and that it must be your god? How disgusting.

      • God is real. I have a relationship with Him. And you can too. Just open your heart to Him!

      • Michael says:

        You have convinced me that you are an idiot. You have either ignored the entire argument and defaulted to “ZOMG he is real!!!” or you dont understand what I am saying. So, you have a relationship with Him huh, I thought homosexuality was a sin?

        You need to think about what you say before you say it. Him refers to gender, which is male. You arent allowed to switch around the meaning of the word just because you would like to whenever you like to suit you. You either are a hypocrite and are a homosexual, or you dont have a relationship with your imaginary friend, OR you can submit that your god is genderless.

  3. Perhaps you don’t know that humanity is a violent race, the first thing we do to new-born babies is to cut off the umbilical cord, severing the only physical connection the baby has to the mother. Not to mention our history, any alien being that read our history would probably be frightened at the mere sight of a human, we kill each other for illogical reasons(killing in the name of “god”), kill each other for resources(when we could share) and have killed each other for various reasons.

  4. Seth says:

    Go to Africa and see it for yourself before you post bull shit like this. This article epitomizes everything that is wrong with people like you.

  5. Pat says:

    >I do not seek to jest here.

    • I’m not jesting at all. I’m super serial

      • Super serial? Unless my vernacular is insufficient to understand that phrase i believe you meant something else. Let me apply science.


        Ah so you are using a phrase Al Gore uses when he is being serious (Which by the way i do not believe you are, no pics no proof) Strange you are utilizing such a phrase as it is not from your holy text and not from a man in your religion (he’s Baptist, you i believe are born again christian)

        Oh well, i used science to understand the phrase you used which I did not previously understand.

        and if you don’t logically answer the next question i shall turn a phrase which will scar you for life. fair warning.


  6. Martin Baker says:

    Atheist Eagle,

    You live in an atheistic and materialistic world leaving you too blind to know God. God has everything planned, but you let Satan and his evil disciples aka Dawkins and Darwin blind you from seeing the miracles happening such as having hospital visits reduced for patients after being prayed for over and over and people gaining job promotions. Once you know God like I do and have a personal relationship with him, then you will understand what is happening.

    In God’s blessings,
    Martin Baker

    • Logan says:

      People get those promotions because they work hard for it, bit because god handed it to them. I actually thInk they’re may be a god, just not the bastard you keep taking about. Pretty much every human has believed in a higher power at one point or another, just your higher power is a sucked one. You have diluted your precious lives to doing nothing but mindlessly slaving away for some god that may not even be the right one.

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