Checkmate Atheists. Proof of the Flood. Noah’s Ark, found.

Dear heathens,

Did you know that Noah’s Ark has been discovered by Ron Wyatt on Mt. Ararat? Don’t believe me? Here’s a photograph:

If you don’t believe me now, then you’re either blind or stupid. The Ark is real, and it exists.  Link to photograph is here. For full details of the discovery, click here. They not only found the Ark, but also associated artifacts. Looks to me like the Flood happened after all.

Checkmate atheists. You want proof that the Bible is true. Here is proof.

Yours in Christ,


52 thoughts on “Checkmate Atheists. Proof of the Flood. Noah’s Ark, found.

  1. weerd0 says:

    So screw the geological evidence around the world. Which indicates that their has not been a global flood in the last 100 million years. Forget the dinosaurs, and the fact that too fit two of every animal as well as food and supplies for even a few days would require a ship at least a few hundred times bigger. And would not all animals now be inbred? Not to mention that had such a flood occurred all aquatic life would have been nearly destroyed due to the salinization exposure to freshwater fish.

    Its an old boat built on a mountainside. Stranger things have happened in history. The pyramids, stonhenge, the Aztec temples. On a grand scale this. Boat is just another oddity.

    If it is even a boat.

    So you got checkmate by grabbing my price off the board and saying that’s all their is too it. Next time actually play the game.

  2. ... says:

    This guy is a troll or a fool. It’s hard to tell which.

  3. The photo doesn’t look real to me, theres this rather…. weird colouring.
    Heck, it might even be just an ancient fort thats shaped like a boat built to keep wild animals away, or the ancient people were afraid of floods and built their village as a huge boat.

  4. So, i just want to point out that any site that claims that actual tests have been done on the site is falsified, because the Turkish government has declared since the initial findings that the site is not open for scientific investigation. I’m not saying that someone hasn’t been there, or hasn’t done testing, but they certainly wouldn’t have been allowed to post or publish that information as of right now. The only scientific testing that has been publicly disclosed of the area has been photography and radar scans, as the Turkish government will not allow anyone permission to physically examine the site.

    Also, note that there is evidence of a monastery present in that region of Ararat, and that easily debunks the other “anomalies” in the mountain, and can even help to explain this one, which all credible evidence points towards being a rock formation, and not of wood at all, anyway.

    Seriously, do just a little homework and its pretty easy to find that the Turkish government has said no to EVERYONE who has asked to examine it, and the whole “Turkey announced Noah’s Ark” article is simply laughable and fake!

  5. Seamus Ruah says:

    Sorry, one photo without the backing of physical evidence isn’t proof of anything. Try again troll….

  6. rockster says:

    this is old news , its actually just a geologic formation … its rock , not wood, and 5000 years is not enough to turn wood to stone, i see your checkmate and raise you a ” so screw you”

    • Actually, you can fossilize a teddy bear in a few days. The Glendive Museum has a perfectly preserved teddy bear “turned to stone” over the course of days, not even years. Your science is wrong.

  7. SkepticalReason says:

    Yeah, this is a rather old find, and needless to say, I’m skeptical. Even if it’s a boat, it hardly constitutes proof of a global flood. Something of that magnitude would leave evidence everywhere, and that’s just not the case right now.

  8. thatguy says:

    So what youre telling me is that i am supposed to trust one site that you posted, simply because they are Christian, when EVERY OTHER SITE ON THE SUBJECT, including christian based sites, say that no actual expedition to the site at ararat has EVER HAPPENED, and that the only thing they have been allowed to do scientifically is take pictures and use GPR? This isnt me trusting the turkish government so much as it is trusting in everyone that says there was never an expedition as they werent allowed to have one by said government. There has been a planned scientific investigation by a turkish college in conjunction with American geologists that, so far as i can find information, has been in the planning stages since about 2006, but there is no record of them actually having conducted said survey. Were as, the site that you linked to claims that testing was done as early as the 70’s, and shows documents as “evidence” which show no credible link to the site whatsoever:
    And the fact that the area where this was found is only not buried in snow about once every 10 years or so, yet we have pictures of men apparently running around the sight in light shirts, shorts and slacks, and nothing about the site you linked to appears credible in any way.

    Couple that with the other site (the only other one i can find that makes such a claim) show a visitor center for the “park” and claims it is very close to the site, yet, again, that site is buried under feet of snow for years on end, so not likely to much of a park. Again, i trust evidence, not hear say, conjecture, and clearly fabricated evidence.

    I am not saying it is not what these sites and many others claim it to be. What i am saying is those sites, you, and the rest of the world has yet to present any evidence to show that it is, an the “evidence” those sites show is clearly fabricated.

    • The Ark is real. I justshowed i to you.

      • thatguy says:

        No, what you showed me is a site that claims that it is real, and has shown no credible evidence to support its claims. I, on the other hand, voiced valid arguments that at the very least discredit said evidence found on that site. Then, in response, you completely ignored my arguments with no consideration of them and told me that somehow you did something that you didn’t even attempt to do in the first place.

        When presenting proof of something, it is customary to know whether or not said “proof” is in fact legitimate, or at least to be able to speak intelligently in response to the arguments against it. However, whenever someone presents real evidence, or even a well posed argument against your statements, you either shut up, or you revert back to the mental acuity of a 6 year old and just repeat the equivalent of “Nuhuh, cuz i said so!” over and over again.

        And, by the way, i never stated that the ark wasn’t real. I have no clue if that is the ark or not, or if the ark even existed factually. What i said and showed in my response was that the “evidence” presented on that site and the other site that they link to, is in fact fabricated, made up and not factual.

      • Dude. His work is legitimate. Check it out.

      • I did. I never said his work wasnt legitimate. What i said was that HE WAS PROVED WRONG WITH THE ARK, and that Ararat, the discovery that you and that site claim he investigated is not, infact, one he was allowed anywhere near, moron. Reading is fucking fundamental, jackaas!

      • His work seems solid to me….

  9. Chris says:

    Ron Wyatt was a known fraud, he never even had credentials to be an archaeologist, his work has been dismissed by bible scholars, scientists, historians, and even his own church, this article has the poorest of sources.

    • Ron Wyatt is a great archaeologist.

      • Chris says:

        Your own opinion does not validate his claims.

      • your own arrogance does not rebut them.

      • thatguy says:

        Oh, to also discredit both sites claims, Ron Wyatt dint have anything at all to do with Ararat, and the pictures of the excavation shown are not of Ararat at all (which has still not been explored, by the way.) Ron Wyatt explored the The Durupınar site, which is a large aggregate structure in Mount Tendürek of eastern Turkey, a couple hundred miles away from Ararat. Said site was disproved in the mid to late 90’s of being the ark, due to various tests, most notably after drilling and excavation of the site it was determined that this was not a man made structure. It is commonly believed that ancient peoples found this rock formation, and seeing the general shape, also believed it to be the ark and worked to carve it out and place holy stones in the area.

        The “drop stones” that were found in the area have been proven to have been made of local rocks, making extremely improbable that they were brought to the area, and more likely, were placed there as worship stones, a tradition that was very common at that time.

      • acording to some “experts”. Wyatt’s an expert too…

      • weerd0 says:

        I keep trailing off….. as if it makes me sound airy…. sigh….. heathens…..

        (Hanging the lantern that was satire.

  10. Marko says:

    Genesis 6:15…”This is how you are to make it: the length of the ark 300 cubits,[a] its breadth 50 cubits, and its height 30 cubits.” That leaves the ratio of length to width at 6. It’s hard to tell from this photo but I can’t find a way to measure it that has that ratio at anything higher than 4. Either god can’t use a tape measure or that’s not the ark.

  11. Sneh Dhruv says:

    First things first, Wood decays simple fact. The archaeologist was a fraud, many reputable sources even stated so. The bible was wrote by old shepherds, translated, re-translated, kings took their favorite parts of it, then re-translated, then re-re-re translated, then “minor” changed were added. Even a 14 year old such as I can easily tell that the bible is fake.

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