Coca Cola. The Devil’s Drink

Dear Christian friends,

Today I would like to highlight the evils of Coca Cola. Coca Cola is an innocuous enough drink at first. It is American at its core, as American as apple pie and atom bombs.  It is a sweet, sweet drink that many of us enjoy.  However, let us look deeper at Coca Cola.

Coca Cola rose to prominence during the 1950s, and gained a stronghold on American culture that remains steadfast to this day. With Coca Cola, America conquered the world. Consider this image from China:

Looks harmless enough at first, right?  But let’s look closer. Look at the slogan at the bottom of the image, “Red Around the World”. This is a clear Communist statement. And let us not forget the imagery in this advertisement. We are looking at a peasant farmer, the leader of the Chinese Communist Revolution, the pawn upon which Mao’s evil reign was carried.  This suggests that Coca Cola is, in fact a Communist organization. This is not only encoded in their red color, but also within their “Santa”:

What’s so wrong about the Coca Cola Santa? Santa replaces Jesus as the central figure of Christmas, leaving little boys and girls to forget about Jesus Christ and wait for a man in red with a beard to come down their chimney at night. Ever wonder what Santa Claus looks like when he’s not in his red suit? Here’s a picture of Santa when he’s not at work stealing the hearts and minds of American children:

That’s right, boys and girls. Santa Claus is nothing less than an allegorical version of Karl Marx. Through Coca Cola, Karl Marx is stealing the hearts and minds of our children. The Communists are using Coca Cola to lead American children away from the Church, replacing Jesus Christ with Santa Claus.  The implications are clear. The Communists are encroaching all around us. While the Soviet Union has fallen, the Communists continue to attack. Are they successful?

You bet they are. They are destroying what made this nation great. Look at trends from the end of WWII until today. You’ll see a clear decline in the religous-ness of America. Why? Because the Communists have led good Christian souls away from Christ and into sin. The Communists are here as we speak. Perhaps they are the foot soldiers of the antiChrist.  What is clear is that we must combat them, lest we lose ourselves to Satan.  We must combat this encroachment upon our faith. We must combat the Coca Cola company.

Repent America, and reject Satan in ALL his forms. Hell will be waiting for us if we don’t.

Yours in Christ,


84 thoughts on “Coca Cola. The Devil’s Drink

  1. WEERDO says:

    Well I wont bother explaining why Marxist communism is the system in heaven (you know everyone gets everything your all equal save to god.) I must applaud you for forgetting to mention that the original coca cola contained cocaine. Although that was back in the 1890’scities and was at the time a syrup product to be used medicinally. Now that is the only actual detrimental effect from coca cola I could find. Well this that sugar and caffeine but ill ignore that for now.

    Im curious how does consuming a product from a “satanic” organization lead you to Satan? Are the ingredients and components of the product satanic or do you protest the company? And if so why do you pay taxes? All of the taxes you pay go to a secular government which is slowly destroying american religion.

    And I must point out that jesus actually stole the date from santa. Jesus was ac tually suspected to have been born in the spring, but the Romans in their process of converting their empire moved the date to the winter solstice a date already widely celebrated as the midpoint to winter.

    • Dear friend, first, Christmas is meant to be a celebration of Christ, hence CHRISTmas. Second, it is not by buying Coca Cola, but being led by Coca Cola’s plan to delude us, that we are led to Satan.

  2. Billy says:

    Wow seriously you looked to far into this since the myth about Santa is older than MARX. Also, coca cola started being sold in China when they became a Socialist Economy state. Communists didn’t like capitalism so there wasn’t coke in MAO ZEDONG’s Peasant Revolution. Take some more political science classes you need it for this one and learn some history.

    • your logic has no place on my blog. Coca Cola is clearly communist, and the Coca Cola Santa looks exactly like Karl Marx. Coincidence? I think not. I learned all the history I need from the Bible.

      • weerd0 says:

        All the history you need from the bible? Then how do you know about china santa and Marx?

        Also I know have an account here. Yay…..

      • I know about them from the news. They exist. I am aware of that. but contermporary history does not concern me unless it concerns my salvation.

      • weerd0 says:

        What the awaiting MODERATION! !!

      • It is because your idea is new. I accepted and added friend.

      • weerd0 says:

        Huh that explains it then. What’s your education level? As recognized by the state. Not to sound condescending but your history teacher must have sucked… or you went to a private school.

      • thatguy says:

        If logic has no place on this blog, then don’t post conclusions based on your faulty logic. I am 90% convinced that you are simply a very talented troll, because its hard to believe that ANYONE is this stupid. It is one thing to believe in something, and that is perfectly OK. I could care less if you believe in Jesus, the Bible, the all seeing eye of Sauron, or a giant flying dildo in space called BOB! It doesn’t matter what you or anyone else believes. But to condemn people based on there belief is not only foolish, it is something that, according to the scripture you profess to know so much about and to live by, you have no right whatsoever to do.

        And then you are on this insane witch hunt to search out those things that are “unchristian” and you jump to conclusions with no knowledge whatsoever of which you speak and decree that such and such is the tool of the devil, and such and such is evil. Its all ridiculous. You do no research, you don’t look in to things at all. the Karl Marx/ Santa connection is a coincidence, as the myth of Santa being a fat pale guy with rosy cheeks and a big fluffy white beard and hair existed before Marx was even born. So if Coke is a communist tool for showing Santas image, than every other depiction of Santa that has ever been used, every written description of him dating back to about 1820 and before is apparently communist.

      • Dear friend, I am no troll. I am a true Christian, and I will pray for you. I live for Jesus, not for knowledge.

        Yours in Christ,


      • weerd0 says:

        You do t live for knowledge? You are not a human. You are not an ape. You are not a living being of this earth. You are an idiot. And if you do not live for knowledge but only for god how did you learn to use a computer? Ir write? Or even how to speak?!

      • I live or Christ friend. The computer is a tool which brings me closer to Him

  3. Billy says:

    the news ha the news is china hasn’t been communist for awhile once again your logic is flawed and obviously you just contradicted yourself saying the news after you said the bible. go to school actually learn something and also hows picketing wall street seriously you will not get my money that i have worked for. Learn politics and you would understand logic. The bible does not speak of any change in the world today. It only says possible events to come. So rethink your own logic since they provide to capitalist since i dont know communists dont provide to capitalists.

  4. Billy says:

    also the black mustache is not what santa in the coke product looks like its white analyze then combat

  5. That “red around the world” is probably a mistake in the translation from the chinese.
    Red has many meaning other than communism, red can mean passion, etc.
    Its how the government handle things that decide whether that country is bad, not what system the country uses.

    Then you say Satan is evil when, according to you, he punishes those that don’t believe in christianity. If he really did that, he would actually be under the command of god, because if he was truly evil, hell would have been a place similar to heaven so that he can easily lure people in. Following that logic, by punishing the non-believers, god would actually be the evil one as he would not be seen as “all-loving”.

  6. thatguy says:

    I want to share my blog with you, as you did inspire me to start it. I want to stress that nothing i write in there is meant in any way to be hateful or harmful. I do hope you will check it out.

  7. Michael says:

    Oh, Im convinced you’re either an idiot, or a very good troll. You need to do some fucking research on your own and stop being a damn follower. Its ok, I know what your reply is going to be, youll pray for me, gotcha. Ill think for you.

    • I’m not a troll at all Michael. I love Jesus and want to fight for Him. I was born an atheist, and had a conversion experience which I detail in another post. I accept Christ with all my heart, and wish that you would as well, and that the whole world would. I only want everyone to be able to join Him in paradise.

      • Michael says:

        Wow, just because you decided to remain ignorant doesnt mean the magic is real. Like it or not, you are going to have to face reality one day. You are going to die, and there is not going to be a life after life, it is self defeating idea.

        It would be better for you to face this fact now rather than later. You nor any other Christian has shown any evidence for your claims. Face the facts, not the delusions that you are currently living.

      • Michael, what happens when you die, and you find out that God IS real? Isn’t it better to worship Him now just in case He does exist? Surely its better to expend some time to accept Him and lose nothing after death than to ignore Him during life and be cast into Hell for all eternity….

      • Michael says:

        Are you trying to use Pascal’s Wager on me? Do you think Im retarded? Im going to guess that you have not read all the issues with this wager huh? Sigh. I could apply the wager to Any other god other the 10,000+ gods in history.

        God ISNT real. Real means he would be observable, and he isnt. He is about as real as the dragon in my garage.

      • the Christian God is real! Why else would the Biblical Flood story completely correspond with the geologic record, as demonstrated by Answers in Genesis? Why would early Christians be tortured by Rome rather than give up their faith? If God was not the Christian God, then why would this non-Christian God not appear to correct us?

      • Michael says:

        Oh, are you fucking shitting me? You are the best fucking troll on the internet! Is there a medal we can get you for trolling?

      • MICHAEL! I. AM. NOT. A. TROLL. I AM A TRUE CHRISTIAN. And I will pray for your sinful soul.

      • Michael says:

        You seriously believe that there was a flood that wiped out EVERY plant on the planet, and a boat made of wood that could hold billions of animals, the tidal stresses of the ocean, food, drinking water, and excrements from the animals on board?

        So, your god is the biggest mass murderer ever, congrats.

      • The Bible says it and I believe it. What more can I say?

      • Michael says:

        I can say you are delusional. You agree with genocide. The murder of millions of innocents for the inability for god to plan for the future. Not just humans, but plants and animals as well. God is not good.

      • well I believe in Him, and I believe that death on Earth was caused by Eve’s transgression, which in turn caused death to enter the world. Death is our fault, not God’s.

      • Michael says:

        God, and all powerful, all knowing being, repented in Genesis 6 because he had created man for Eve’s eating of the fruit because of a talking snake. An ALL KNOWING BEING REPENTED. He said OOPS, I fucked Up, Time to start over. Death was caused by his lack of giving a shit.

      • theological arguments, friend. Theological arguments. Jesus loves you friend, just open your heart to Him

      • Michael says:

        Everyone has failed friend, everyone has failed on the Christian part. So please, if you have a better one, I would love to hear it.

      • they don’t fail if you approach them with an open heart friend.

      • Michael says:

        You mean an open mind, and yes they do. I have an open mind. If I had an open heart, I would surely die.

      • So, its our fault that our ancestor did something wrong? What kind of logic is that?

      • Humanity rebelled against God and we still pay for it. The Native Americans still live on reservations even though their ancestors, not them, are the ones that killed Custer.

      • Then all the talk about god willing to forgive people for their sins wouldn’t make sense, if we sinned just simply by living, and is thus condemned to hell if we don’t go to church, god isn’t all-loving and forgives people, he is a person that remembers the wrong that others did and even hates their offspring if they don’t worship him.

      • we need to embrace God for Him to forgive us. Its simple, really.

      • We need to embrace him for him to forgive us? What stupid logic is that? A forgiving person would forgive others even if others don’t worship him.

      • if you don’t accept that I even exist, why would I forgive you?

      • If you are truly all-loving, you would forgive me even if I think you don’t exist.

      • God offers you a path to heaven. you should accept it.

      • Its still my choice even if I politely refused, just admit it, your god is a tyrant that wants to rule over people that worships him

      • What if humans have managed to make this world we are living in a heaven itself? Would you still want to go to that heaven that probably doesn’t exist?

  8. A friend of mine pointed me to this blog, and i must say that this is so sad. I truly hope this is a troll and if not i am ashamed to be an American. I also decided after reading this to start the blog for which i registered this name The Atheist Eagle. And I invite anyone interested to view it.
    And Thatguy, We seem to think alike, or at least my first post was Hello World as well. And i made that before i read yours. Great minds think alike?

  9. WOW, so if god tells me to kill someone its OK?

  10. Glynis Smith says:

    Best satirical article I have seen for ages – well done

  11. ippaso says:

    😀 very funny!
    Saluti dall’Italia.

  12. You mean to say that Coca Cola is the devil’s drink because Santa Clause is the Karl Marx that replaced Jesus as the central figure of Christmas? What are you smoking?

    • America says:

      It’s because of Adam’s bad choice in obeying his wife when she told him to eat of the forbidden fruit, rather than obeying God when God had said he shall not eat of it because he’d surely die. Inspite of God’s warning, They still chose to disobey Him, & like that rebelled against Him.
      They must have thought they knew better. They thought that God was keeping something good from them, when all along God prohibited it, in order to protect them. But God gave them the option to choose to obey Him or not, (yes, free will) because He doesn’t force anyone to do anything against their will, just like He doesn’t force anyone now, although God had warned them before, like He warns us now about what would happen if we reject Him, They made their choice and like that, they brought a curse on themselves (for their rebellion) and all humanity along, since we were Adam’s seed. (This made me think about His great mercy towards us, but not towards Lucifer and the angels that followed him in rebellion against God. Perhaps we could have suffered their eternal fate if God wanted, But God chose to be merciful towards us. God had a plan for us, a good plan! In order to rescue back humanity He had to provide a way, & considering that all humanity (Adam’s seed) was accursed because of Adam’s disobedience, God had to provide a sacrifice that we could come back to Him through, in order to regain us back to Him. No one from this world fit the criteria, for everyone was corrupted, and this sacrifice would require like a brand new Adam, one that had never sinned sort of speak (but infinity times better) someone clean, sinless & pure. Because God so loved us, He provided His very own best of the best, His one and only begotten Son Jesus Christ, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life..
      But this offer is only for whosoever believes in Him. Jesus Christ Died to pay the penalty of our sins. God raised Him from the dead on the third day, and proved that only in Him is eternal life, in Adam we were doomed, but in Him we have eternal life, and His Word is TRUE, and nothing and no one can change that fact no matter what anyone says, thinks or does. God Bless all

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