why should we trust evolutionists when they don’t trust themselves?

Just stumbled across an interesting article. Apparently EO Wilson now rejects the idea of kin selection….HIS idea of kin selection.  If evolution were true, then why would he make something up and then reject it decades later? This shows the weak, weak basis for much of evolutionary thinking. Original article here.

17 thoughts on “why should we trust evolutionists when they don’t trust themselves?

  1. whatshtisthis says:

    Science can be disproven, so it common to see scientists disagreeing with certain theories but religion doesn’t allow for that, prove the religion wrong, you get bashed by the believers.

    • even the scientists are attacking Wilson though.

      • WEERDO says:

        True, but their arguments are civilized and backed by their own peer reviewed research. If scientists said that one thing were right and remained steadfast on that opinion than it becomes religion. Science must change and be debated as new evidence is presented.
        Even scientists once thought the earth was flat and the earth the center of the universe. But through observation and debate it was proven that the earth was a sphere and just an insignificant speck of dust in the universe. Science will never understand everything and I hope it never does, the quest for knowledge is what makes us human.
        On another note, the scientific community would be thrilled if you could present a more valid hypothesis than the theory of evolution for the origin of life. So long as you had verifiable and testable proof to back it up. But no one has done that so far thus why evolution is a theory just like gravity and light.

        Look up the difference between a theory and a hypothesis. Evolution is a theory religion a hypothesis.

      • Religion is Truth, evolution is merely a theory.

      • WEERDO says:

        Spot on mate! I told you to loom up the damn definitions! You just conceded and said we were both right yay! Your taking steps towards rationality!

      • Dear friend,

        perhaps you are on the wrong tube if you seek rationality. There is nothing more rational than Christ to a Christian, but atheists do not see this as such. THerefore, atheists will never find “rationality” on a Christian site. Their base assumptions are all wrong.

      • WEERDO says:

        Damn it autocorrect. I hate typing this stuff out with just my thumbs. And my parents almost caught me debating with you again. SORRY FOR MISSPELLINGS I BLAME AUTOCORRECT.

      • No worries friend. I’l pray that they won’t catch you : )

      • Your logic is flawed, just because an old book talks about god you believe in his existence? Science may not be always correct, as long as we can find evidence that a certain theory is correct, it will be respected, if its proven wrong, then we find another theory to explain.
        But once religion is proven wrong, the person gets bashed by the believers, and the believers’ only explanation for why things happen are all written in an old book, where the original meaning may have been lost due to countless translations.

      • Religion is true. You should open your heart to the Holy Spirit. Then you would know.

      • Give evidence that religion is true, and don’t tell me to open my heart and feel the “holy spirit”, you sound like some person who abused drugs and is high.

      • I’ll pray for you heathen. You go get touched with your noodly appendage.

    • thatguy says:

      you repeat that “religion is true” but there are several hundred different religions in the world. So which one, exactly is true, and why? Quite a few are older than Christianity, so if you believe that Christianity is the only true religion, than you completely contradict your self, but explain to me why Christianity is true. And don’t tell me “because i believe in it” or some such rhetoric. I need an actual, verifiable reason that Christianity is true and all the other religions, especially the older religions that Christianity borrows from, aren’t.

      • Sigh. You heathen, Christinity is true. If you would only open your heart you would find that out. I’ll pray for you

      • thatguy says:

        how am i a heathen? and you have absolutely no clue what is in my heart! I haven’t said a single anti christian thing. I have simply asked for clarification on your beliefs, which aren’t very Christ like at all, judging by what i have read here on this blog. The question remains: What makes Christianity true and all other religions not? Every religion has some sort of wholly writing that they credit to god. Most of them share much verbatim with the bible. Every religion BELIEVES that they are the true religion. But where is the proof that Christianity is, in fact, the true religion? If we are judging on the bible, then shouldn’t we refute its absolute truth simply based on the fact that the vast majority of what said book holds has, in fact, been around for many thousands of years before Christianity existed, and has, in fact, been used by many religions before Christianity? Again, this is not my bashing Christianity. I am simply refuting your zealotry and your inability to communicate your beliefs rationally.

  2. WEERDO says:

    So you will pray that I shall continue to defy my parents and insult you. Once again contradictory. And this is the third time I have posted this comment either you are blocking or something is wrong with your site.

  3. Frank Sinatra says:

    Just a quick thought on evolution theory. So you don’t believe in theories. hang on a minute, Gravity’s just a theory, why don’t you go through yourself off a cliff? Sure since gravity’s just a theory it can’t hurt you.

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