Update: Dear Haters

It seems that Atheist Michael has responded to my response to him. His response is available here. It is  clear that I am dealing with an educated, intelligent individual, and I respect his knowledge.  However, he truly does not know Christ.

First, religion does NOT poison everything. What about religious charities that help feed starving people? What about food pantries and house-building projects? What about missionaries that give their lives to help others?

Second, no, animals do not have souls. God only created human souls, as evidenced in Genesis. 

America’s earliest history was built on the model left by the Puritans. America was built by settlers seeking religious freedom, but these settlers were, by and large, Christian. Christian values were built into the Constitution and the Declaration.  Just because America is not explicitly Christian in a written, decreed sense does not make it not a Christian nation. It’s not built on Islam. It’s built on Christianity.

You attack Answers in Genesis, yet they DO have their own peer-reviewed journal.  So at that point, yeah, they do peer review. So what’s not to like about their science?  They have great scientists such as Michael Oard and John Baumgardner, among others. Baumgardner has numerous peer reviewed papers.

Yes, religion was used as a tool. But religion is not the sole cause of evil. We would not have an atomic bomb to drop on Hiroshima or Nagasaki without science. We would not have had Hitler’s racial hierarchies without Darwin. To say that religion itself is responsible for all these things is utterly ridiculous, just as it is ridiculous to blame science for it all.  You seem like an intelligent man, and I respect that. However, I ask you to not miss the forest for the trees here.

And AtheistMichael, I do not hate you. I love you, even though I attack your posts and arguments. I only want to see you achieve the same entry into Paradise which I seek for myself.

Yours in Christ,


20 thoughts on “Update: Dear Haters

  1. Michael says:

    “We would not have had Hitler’s racial hierarchies without Darwin.” I dont know how many fucking times I have to go over this with you. He hated Jews because they killed Jesus. Ok, show me some peer reviewed papers they have. Hmm? Then show me how many times those papers have been cited by other scientists in the scientific community.

    You do not Understand Your own Country. Take an American History class in College. With or without science, someone would have blown Hiroshima up. Cavemen had fire without understanding the science behind it.

    Maybe you havnt seen the clip on YouTube of the preacher that would like to put the homosexuals in electrified fences and let them die off. It would be in line with the bible, since killing them is good with god. God is unchanging, as the bible says. Yes, Religion is a poison. Maybe you havnt read your own posts lately…

    • Sigh. There are radicals on either side of the fence. Doesn’t mean that Jesus isn’t legit.

      • Michael says:

        You have yet to show an shred of evidence for your religion. That is your problem.

      • haven’t you ever seen the Shroud of Turin, or contemplated the fact that so many individual people died for their faith in Jesus…willingly endured horrible tortures instead of giving up that faith?

      • Michael says:

        That is not evidence that the bible is correct. Maybe you arent understanding. People can do the exact same thing for the Qur’an. People can do the exact same thing for the Iliad. People dying for something doesnt mean that something is true.

        You have to show this something is true. Millions of people have died for millions of reasons.

      • Why are so many people cured at Lourdes then?

      • Michael says:

        Cured huh? If this was even remotely true, dont you think this would be international news? Fox news would be on this like stink to shit, being the Christian nutjobs they are.

        There is about as much evidence there as there is for the rest of your faith.

      • then why do current times so resemble the visions presented in Revelations?

      • Michael says:

        I like how you jump ship from topic to topic when I kill one off. It doesnt resemble current times, you choose to interpret it that way. You know, it says the world will end around Jesus’s time, around the New Testament authors time, and then ‘soon’. Again, it enables cherry picking bullshit.

  2. whatshtisthis says:

    So if animals don’t have souls, we humans will also not have a soul, we are animals after all.

    • God created the human soul, friend.

      • WEERDO says:

        ANIMALS DON’T GOT NO SOULS!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! my mother promised I could see my hampster smokey when I went to heaven! And my cat and my dog! Although come to think of it that cat didn’t like me much kept scratching me. Cute little devil though.

      • the only Christian sect (that I’m aware of) in which animals definitively have souls is Mormonism…

      • Michael says:

        Define soul. One should be very specific here. You can expect it to get torn apart. I could have ripped it apart earlier, but I would rather go a different direction.

  3. Jason Bond says:

    And the whole America was founded to be Christian. ever heard of separation of church and state? they did that for a reason. AND the puritans came to america for religious freedom not to have to follow other religions and do nothing about it. that’s why they left to worship how they wont to. but, guess what, when they got to america they did the same thing there was this tale of a woman who was not protestant and got kicked out by the very same religious freedom people. we should not be a christian nation. we even shouldn’t be a nation under any religions we should be a nation under freedom and choices.

    • Read the book Myths of Separation. And read Winthrop’s speech upon arriving to America. There’s nothing about religious freedom there.

      • thatguy says:

        Following the actual history, there is more evidence in the constitution and our governmental structure to actually suggest that it was founded as a native american society. But, to follow more closely to the points being made: Yes, the people who came over are considered by and large to have been protestant, and they came here because they were being persecuted under British rule. But, a large portion of those original settlers “went native” so to speak, and adopted the native beliefs and ways of life. Some time later, they were allowed back in to society. When our independent government was established, it was set up to specifically not allow ANY church to have any form of control, so whether the folks involved were christian or not, they worked really hard to not include any of that in our society. Some generations later, we, as established Americans at this point, started re-inserting religious prose in to those documents and beliefs. But America is in no way now, nor has it ever been, a Christian nation.

      • Sigh. Well I’ll agree to disagree with you here. ANd I’m still praying for you.

      • thatguy says:

        First and foremost: i don’t need, nor do i want your prayers.

        Second: This is not a matter that is open to debate. This is plain, historical fact. There is no way to misconstrue this fact. All of recorded American history tell us this. If you choose to ignore the absolute facts, that is the very definition of delusional.

  4. Larry says:

    “What about religious charities that help feed starving people? ”
    why you keep rejecting the Catholic Church?

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