The idiot experience

Dear True Christian readers,

I have stumbled on the blog “the Atheist experience”, and they discuss the Powatomi Creation story (article here). The writer describes the Powatomi story and then responds by arguing that he would prefer scientific evidence to that story any day. Well of course. The Powatomi story is a myth written by heathens. The Bible is the True Spoken Word of God. And yes, the ancients did have wisdom. That wisdom came from God. This wisdom is recorded in the Holy Bible, and the writers of that heathen blog should come to know it.

Repent you sinners, and reject your atheistic heathen ways.  Know Christ, and reject sin in all its forms. I will pray for your atheist souls. I only wish that you might join me in paradise after our deaths. If you just accept Jesus, and let yourself be Born Again in His Glory, you will be able to join all true Christians in Heaven. I will keep you in my prayers.

Yours in Christ,


3 thoughts on “The idiot experience

  1. WEERDO says:

    So you reject someone elses story for creation and superimpose your own as correct? Seems a bit hypocritical.

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