Repent Howard Hughes Medical Center

So apparently the Howard Hughes Medical Center just gave $1.2 million dollars in funding to PZ Myers’ institution. PZ Myers is, as we all know, an avowed atheist. His blog, Pharyngula, consistently mocks organized religion, and spews atheistic smut.  Myers is going straight to hell, and if Howard Hughes Medical Center wants to support him, they’re more than likely following him there.  Myers actually claims himself to be a “godless liberal” in the header to his page.  Sigh. This update is more proof that the modern scientific establishment is driven by atheists and atheism. Why not support True Christian Scientists instead of heathens? America, and its scientific mainstream, are going straight to hell. REPENT HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL CENTER! REPENT PZ MYERS! REPENT AMERICA!

Yours in Christ,


6 thoughts on “Repent Howard Hughes Medical Center

  1. WEERDO says:

    A politician is posting smut on his website?! I kind of like this guy. Or did you just throw words out without knowing their meaning?

    And also, true christian scientist? That’s an oxymoron.

  2. Jason Bond says:

    Newton had to do with the laws of gravity. NOT heliocentricity or anything that has to do with disproving god. plus with the church at that time being complete douches and killing everyone for not believing EXACTLY what they taught, which we now know is false. (the whole earth is center of the solar system) of course he might not even try to change his thoughts on heavenly objects.

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