Dear readers, this site is not satire.

Recently, I have been accused of attempting satire with this blog. This site is not satire. This site is not a joke. This site is not run by a “poe’, a stooge, an atheist, or a heathen. I am a True Christian, trying to defend the word of God.  I was born into a family which did not have strong faith, but came to know Jesus after a near-death experience. I was previously staunchly anti-God. But then I nearly died. Lying there, on the table, I saw myself moving toward the light. And I heard God’s voice calling me, a moment when I realized that my entire life up until that point had been a lie. I had spent my entire life up until that point mocking God.  After that point, I learned that it was my duty to defend Him.  This was confirmed when I opened up a Bible that very day or the first time in years. The first page I opened to featured the conversion story of Saul, who went from stoning Christians to defending the faith.  I am another like Saul, and I live to defend our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Yes, this blog gets aggressive at times. Yes, I get angry. Yes, I condemn heathens. Yes, I am a radical.  But I exist to serve our Lord Jesus, and bring people to Him.  And the only way to receive His salvation is to be born again in His glory. Ye must reject all evil. Ye must reject all that goes against His Word. Ye must live by the Laws of God, even more importantly than by the laws of man.  Ye must accept the Bible as True.  Paradise will be a wonderful place, friends, and I hope that you will be able to enjoy it by my side.  This is why I’m so aggressive.  Sure, if you accept Creationism and the Word of God, you lose much of modern science. But if you reject the Word of God, you lose your soul.  Would you rather be mocked in this lifetime and live in paradise for eternity after death, or be glorified in this life and rot in hell for eternity after death? I choose paradise, and wish the same for you. Won’t you join me at Jesus’ feet?

So go ahead. Feel free to keep mocking. I’ll be in paradise while you sit in hell. Please, please, please just repent from your heathen ways and accept Christ as your savior.  He died for all of us. We need only accept Him and be Born Again in His glory to enter His Kingdom, where the lion shall lay down with the lamb.  Please friends, accept Him and join me in His Kingdom. I will be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,


7 thoughts on “Dear readers, this site is not satire.

  1. WEERDO says:

    Hmm eternal paradise. Sounds rather boaring. WAIT THIS AIN’T SATIRE?!?! jeez people like you really exist? Come on man for sake of sounding like a hippie just love everyone for who they are!

    And why the hell does Satan toorture the condemed? Is that not what god wants? Ergo Satan works for god, thus he is just and follows gods orders to the letter and tortures people for him. Thus god is evil.

  2. Jared says:

    So, I know this is going to come off as me mocking you, but I really don’t mean it to be that way. I’m honestly curious and would like a sincere answer if you feel comfortable giving one.
    Here it goes:
    How do you know the god who was calling you was the Christian God?
    Since it was God who called you and not Jesus, why do you know it was the God of the New Testament and not the God of the Old Testament? (I know they are the same god, I mean how do you know Jesus was the messiah) Based on your telling of your near death, Why did you discount the Jews belief that the Messiah hasn’t yet come? At the same time, how do you know that the God that spoke to you wasn’t Odin or Jupiter, or Zeus, or even a god that is currently worshiped? Could it be a God that was never imagined or written about? Did he give you instruction? Did he tell you to follow the bible? Did he tell you to worship him?
    I’m guessing you’re going to say “you just knew what God wanted” and if that’s your answer then I’m prepared to accept it as your reasoning for your religious revival, but if there is more to it than that, then I’d be genuinely interested in hearing about it.

    • Dear friend, the way you pose your question suggests that you are legitimately asking. So I’ll give it a try. So many on here just want to call me stupid, ignorant, or whatever just for being a Christian. You are obviously different, you are approaching me with respect, and I appreciate that.

      Anyway, here it goes: I honestly felt God calling me, and went to the Koran, some of the Buddhist texts, and the Bible. Went through the Koran and the Buddhist texts, and neither really drew me. I opened the Bible, and like I said, the first thing I opened to was Saul’s conversion story. That was when I knew that Christianity was for me, and for me, that moment spoke to me. Heavily. It was as if I had seen a bright light. Like Saul, the scales were removed from my eyes. It could be true that the “God” I felt and feel in my life is some other “God”,but that was proof for me. Just the strength of response, my entire body being filled with His love at that moment, was enough for me.



  3. thatguy says:

    As my post didn’t work again, here goes a second time: you have inspired me to write my own blog, which can be found here:
    I want to stress that nothing that i have written there or will write there is meant in any way to be inflammatory or negative. It is simply a representation of my views on beliefs on diverse subjects.

  4. voz says:

    I have to be honest, I thought that this site was a joke at first. XD

    Anyway, in response to the “Please, please, please just repent from your heathen ways and accept Christ as your savior.”
    I look at that as no different from any other religion asking me to do the same for their belief system. They can’t all be right, but they CAN all be wrong.

    Opening the bible after reading all the other religious texts and liking it the most does not alter the universe and make what you read about true. If that was the case, then every religion would be true.

    I am an agnostic atheist first and foremost because of the fact that there are so many religions.

  5. Gyryth says:

    It is possible to be sincere and yet still be wrong.
    I don’t mind you praying for me, but please don’t tell me how to lead my life. Lead your own life well, be kind to others and be satisfied with that.

  6. sabnikolas says:


    you do not need to defend God for he is God. God is God even if we did not exist. God doesn’t need us – it’s the other way around.

    as much as you imply that you are not of this world (none of us are of this world, by the way), you’ve got to wake up and realize that you live in it; it evolves, it progress, and there will be more and more temptations. everything that’s happened, that happens, and will happen is on God’s book. It was his intention to create an imperfect world and imperfect people. He made us superior to all his other creations and then he gave us free will – it’s clearly not a recipe for flawlessness and he knew it from the start.

    And then he sent Jesus Christ, His son. He did not come with wings or halo. He walked with ordinary people. He was approachable.

    Also, those criminals did not repent and accept God because Jesus scare them with hell and fire. Jesus inspired them to be good because Jesus is good.

    you don’t tell people to sit in hell then invite them to join you in “His” Kingdom. you also don’t tell people you are a radical [on the internet]. the internet is out of innovation and evolution. do not contradict yourself, jim.

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