A true Christian community

Dear friends,

I have recently come across a True Christian organization located at Montana State University in Bozeman Montana. The MSU Truth Group prides itself in defending the teaching of good Christian values, and rejecting the teaching of evolution at the university level.  I just recently communicated with them through email, and it turns out that they are good Christian men and women.  They are true Christians, and they reject sin in all its forms.  Turns out they’ve even made reddit:

The MSU Truth Group at work

These True Christian Soldiers consistently put up fliers across campus, hold protests, and lead people in prayer.  Let us pray for them, and help them in their efforts. They are good Christians, far better than Campus Crusade for Christ because they do not accept huge amounts of monetary funding. The MSU Truth Group is run completely by students, for students, and for Christ.  These good Christians donate their time and effort to spread the word of God across their campus, and I hope that other Truth Groups might pop up across the nation.  Let us build the Truth Group into a national organization to rival Campus Crusade. Let’s take back America for Christ, in the words of the Truth Group.

Yours in Christ,


10 thoughts on “A true Christian community

  1. WEERDO says:

    Take back america for christ? You already have the majority. Although give us atheists 20 or so years the generation x is a little more logical and scientific than our forefathers.

  2. whatshtisthis says:

    Actually, you can not stop evolution, as long as humanity continue to have children, evolution will always continue.

    • WEERDO says:

      Or until the rapture, a year + overdue now though.

      • bibleissrsbznz says:

        Maybe the rapture happened, and all the intelligent christians already went. Now we’re stuck in their hell, having to listen to their stupid bullshit for 1000 years.
        Nah. That would mean there would be proof of a god. Still none that I’m aware of.

  3. Norman22 says:

    Gotta love people who “don’t believe” in evolution… Do they even know how their immune system works?

  4. juancarv says:

    You guys are nuts!

  5. What kind of wacked out nut jobs think evolution causes rape and rock and roll??? This is an Onion article, right?

  6. TimmyReality says:

    Nice eDiets ad, you wholesome christian hypocrites!!! Got those big ‘ol titties out there for your pure mind to oggle!

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