Dear haters,

I am recently getting some love from the heathen ends of the internet. The atheists are coming, quick, look busy. In any case, any time we true Christians work to defend Christ, the atheists and heathens are bound to attack. This latest attack is from “AtheistMichael”.  Here is his post. He is intelligent, but does not know Jesus. Let us pray for him.

First off, religion is not poison. Satan is poison.  If you know Jesus, you know life. And I don’t ever want to deny anyone’s civil rights; I merely want to ensure that they are saved in the afterlife. A lifetime of correction is far better than an eternity in hell (which is where sinners such as atheistmichael are headed if they don’t come to know Jesus.

Second, I want ALL people to know Christ, not just Americans, hence my criticism of China.  And “I’ll pray for you” isn’t a “f*ck you” in Christian; it’s a legitimate expression of my concern and love for you. I want you to enjoy paradise just as I will after my death.  Heaven is going to be a great place, and I want you to join me there. Please, please, please just know Jesus and join me by His side in paradise after death. I will pray for you, and I pray that all the Christians reading my blog will as well.

The Treaty of Tripoli was written by deist heathens. However, the true American state is based on Christianity, not Deism. Why does the Pledge of Allegiance say “One Nation Under God”?  Why is “In God We Trust” on our money? This proves that America is a Christian nation. America is not a Muslim nation. It is not a Buddhist nation. And it is not an atheist nation. Look at the demographics. America is a Christian nation, founded by Christians such as the Puritans, who sought to build this continent as a city on a hill. Read your John Winthrop.

And this confused individual claims 9/11 as caused by religion. This is patently false. 9/11 is a result of global politics, and the fallout from the carving up of the middle east following the first and second world war. Lines were drawn on maps by random white dudes sitting in a room with no input from local peoples. This generated a ton of hate, hate which still exists today. Why attack America? Because America is the modern leader of the Western imperial system.  The 9/11 attacks were a response to this hatred, not to religion.  Islam was merely used as an excuse. They would have happened regardless of religious beliefs. Oh, and Answers in Genesis is not ignorant. They do great science.

Get your facts right before you try to think for me. I’ll be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,


9 thoughts on “Dear haters,

  1. WEERDO says:

    And while you might live in america, this is the internet. The worlds largest atheist nation. Deal with it and the haters or leave. We are not going anywhere.

    • WEERDO says:

      Oh and our nation was secular to begin with. Under god and in god we trust were not added to the pledge and our money until the 1950’s as a way to fight against the Red Scare from the Soviet Union. Before that our pledge nearly said we were all united and our money had the latin phrase e plurbis unium which meant out of many one. Look up some history. Ben franklin was a freethinker!!

    • Well perhaps my attempts can eventually help to save you

  2. What exactly are you praying for? That god will change my mind about his existence, thus removing the supposed ‘god-given’ free will that is supposed to be the cause of all the world’s ills? Or that I’ll be allowed into heaven despite refuting the existence of god? What makes you think that you’re so special in the eyes of your god that he’ll break the rules he uses for everyong else just because you asked him?

  3. Michael says:

    Well, here is your reply you so desperately wanted:

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