A blog war on China

Dear friends,

Join me in the war on China. The Chinese are constantly hacking our nation’s servers, trying to steal our natoinal secrets. I don’t want people to do anything illegal, but let’s put together a series of blogs attacking the heathen Chinese state. Join with me, and we can take down China.  Join with me, and highlight the problems inherent in China, in the state, human rights, politically, economically, religiously…pick an area, and fire away.

Will you join with me in the blogwar on China?

25 thoughts on “A blog war on China

  1. WEERDO says:

    Umm no. Are you so ignorant as to believe that our own government is not hacking them? Not to mention Anonymous.

  2. Good luck, at most you’ll start a real war between the US and China.

  3. Michael says:

    “human rights”
    You are ignorant. You are going to cite problem with human rights there, and you are denying human rights here?!? You are fucking ignorant. Maybe you were conceived with a weak sperm.

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  5. Billy says:

    Your father should have pushed you back in the womb. If China is communist then why are there corporations over there selling things to a capitalist country or buying from a capitalist country?

  6. Billy says:

    you do not make any legitimate sense, you lack all types of knowledge and only have one witty remark to not explain anything because you would not make it in a debatable world. You are actually loosing if you haven’t noticed.

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