Repent Craigslist

Dear Christian brothers and sisters,

Did you know that Craigslist has a section where you can set up “casual encounters”, also known as “hook ups” or “booty calls”, or “adultery”?  Dear friends, we must fight this evil system. it is far too easy for our children to fall into sin if they can hook up through craigslist. Most of the people on it are probably pedophiles and rapists anyway! Let us reject the evils of Craigslist, and pray that they will be stopped.

Yours in Christ,


15 thoughts on “Repent Craigslist

  1. Michael says:

    Maybe you havnt heard of “Christian Mingle” and other services like this either. Same shit, different label.

  2. Jesus says:

    You do realize that if you successfully bring down, and every other site like it on the internet, people will still fornicate. And I would like to point out that in the states with the highest number of Christians, there is the highest rates of teen pregnancy. Christians fuck, just like everyone else.

  3. Jesus says:

    My point is not that you should like bars, as you seem to think it is. My point is that people will find a way to meet and engage in sexual acts, in a consensual manor, regardless of what you, or anyone else, tries to do.

  4. Jesus says:

    my argument was never that it was not a sin. I don’t believe in sin, so its sort of a moot point. the point of your post was that craigslist was the cause of the “sin”, and my point is that it is inherent to the human condition, inseparable from being human.

  5. glenn147 says:

    I have known since High School, Christian Girls are Easy….

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