Elect Kony, president, 2012?

Dear Christian Friends,

What is up with all of this Kony 2012 nonsense? I have been walking through the streets of my home neighborhood and have been seeing all of these Kony 2012 posters. I have become curious, and did a google search. Kony comes up as Joseph Kony, Ugandan leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Is Kony really a Christian militia leader?  Does he truly work for Christ? His body of work suggests otherwise. Reports show that Kony is responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent African children.  This is not a Christian man. This is a sinner.

So why do Americans want to elect Kony as president in 2012? Don’t they realize that the dude is going to do nothing good for this nation? Perhaps he will create an army of American children to invade Africa?  And besides, wasn’t Kony born in Africa instead of America? Oh wait, I forgot, so was Obama, so that means Kony can be president.

Are you going to vote for Kony because he is the leader of the Lords Resistance Army? I pray that you will not, dear friends. There IS a true, American, Christian candidate that we can vote for. Let us pool our votes and elect Rick Santorum president of this great nation. He is anti-gay, anti-birth control, and anti-Satan. It would be an honor to live in a nation under his control.

So let us elect Santorum, 2012.

Yours in Christ,


21 thoughts on “Elect Kony, president, 2012?

  1. Common Sense says:


    Do you seriously think someone is trying to elect Kony president?

    • dear friend,

      Why else would they be putting up campaign posters which read Kony 2012?

      • Common Sense says:

        Trying to raise awareness about the bad things he does to children. The posters are supposed to mock presidential campaign posters and they look similar so I can understand the confusion.

      • Dear friend,

        I think you are trying to pull a fast one on me. I get it. Prank the Christian and make him look foolish. I know this Kony is running for president, and I seek to oppose him.

  2. Jesus says:

    You have no concept of irony, do you? Since you do not, Luckily I am here to let you in on a secret: sometimes people say obviously stupid things to get people to do research on something. And it worked on you! See that! I think you may have missed the overall point though…

  3. WEERDO says:

    I’m not sure which is worse. That you believe so.done wants to elect that killer Kony as president or the fact that you still think Rick Santorum who is now out of the race has a chance at getting it. THE KONY POSTERS ARE MENT TO ENRAGE PEOPLE INTO ACTION ABOUT THE ATROCITIES KONY COMMITS IN AFRICA!!!!!

    • Yeah, he’s being supported by White Supremacists who think he can exterminate all the blacks in America. Get it?! Santorum would make a great president. and what the hell does “so.done” mean?

      • WEERDO says:

        So.done is an issue with auto correct on my phone, as I unfortunently can not make these comments on my computer. The last time I incited a religious argument my parents found out and grounded me for much the same reason you damn me. I am a heathen.

        And please tell me your being sarcastic about Santorum. He wants to turn america into a christian version of iran!

      • Santorum is a great candidate. He fights man on dog. Just like a good Christian should.

      • WEERDO says:

        What the hell? Man on dog? Is that supposed to be a derogatory remark or insult towards a certain group? And if so whom? I don’t use slurs so sorry for the ignorance. My policy is love everyone on site and then learn to hate them. So unless I really don’t like someone on a personal level im good with everyone else. And I repeat Santorum is out of the race he has no chance of being president.

      • You just ask Rick Santorum about Man on Dog. And don’t you worry, God will put Santorum in office, just like he put George W Bush in office in 2000.

      • WEERDO says:

        What the? HE IS OUT OF THE RACE! HE HAS NO CHANCE OF BECOMING PRESIDENT! unless he spends his own money to campaign on his own. But I doubt that. He s greedy like most politicians.

      • He’ll become president. God will elect him.

  4. Jesus says:

    God is not a registered voter in the United States of America, and cannot be, ergo he cannot get Rick Santorum elected

  5. Franco says:

    wow sorry for my comments in your recent posts, I wasn’t sure you were a mastered Troll my intention wasn’t to ruin your trolling work, you are doing well, but you are repeating so many tings, try to improve in that part.

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