Christians, condemn North Korea

Dear fellow Christians,

I ask you to join me in condemning the heinous acts undertaken by the North Korean government. The North Koreans consistently kill innocent civilians and place political dissenters into concentration camps. They are also notorious heathens, but that is beside the point. Join with me today in writing your local representatives to pressure the senate and house as a whole to condemn the murder of innocent civilians by the North Korean government. 

Please help us to defend the innocents in North Korea.

Yours in Christ,


4 thoughts on “Christians, condemn North Korea

  1. This is probably the only post I’ll agree with you, but I find the countries opposing North Korea’s rocket launch unreasonable, they stopped the food aid which were for the civilians, just because the government ignored their warning.

  2. The_Pastafarian says:

    your prayers won’t do shit. the soldiers that will fight a war against north korea and WIN will be able to free those citizens.

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