Iran, a nation of sin.

Dear fellow Christians,

I would like to declare Iran a nation of sin, along with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, and all Islamic nations. Islam is an abomination, and does not reflect the work of the One True God, but rather the work of Satan.  Islam worships Muhammad practically as a God, and views it as a sin to draw images of him.  Draw a picture of Muhammad, get a fatwah declared on you by heathens. it’s as simple as that.

Today, I would like to declare a fatwah against Iran, a nation of heathens. Iran is not only heathen, but argues with God’s United States. These heathens must be stopped at all costs, and sent to the depths of hell. The Iranians are all sinners, and must be treated as such. We must send missionaries there. If they reject our True Christian Missionaries, I suggest that we invade. Iran is a heavily anti-American nation anyway, and it would be in our own best interests as Americans to rebuild Iran as a Christian nation.

As a True Christian, I would like to take this moment to declare a war on Islam, in the name of Jesus our Savior.  The Muslims even support homosexuality, as demonstrated by this image of Mohammad kissing another man.

These are sinful people, good Christian friends. And they must be stopped. Help me stop them. Vote on a strategy.

Remember good Christian friends. These heathens believe that they go to heaven and get 70 virgins to do whatever they wish with if they kill even one Christian by taking their own life. This is polygamy, which sounds an awful lot like Mormonism. Do not trust a Muslim ever. Avoid them at all costs, unless it is to bring them to Christ or to subdue them.

Will you join me in the war on Islam?

26 thoughts on “Iran, a nation of sin.

  1. Muhammad is their prophet, not god, and in Islam they only have one god, they pray regularly, and they fast for a month. I don’t see the difference between Christianity and Islam.

  2. Michael says:

    Muslims and Christians both worship Yahweh. Do some research.

  3. Tatyana Wu says:

    I agree, and I support Creation Science Study. Call me Tatyana, meaning “protected by God,” from Azerbaijan with love.
    I believe in JESUS! That’s why I am Tatyana. Ya sama! I can do it myself!

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