21 thoughts on “A glimpse of hell

  1. fluppuple says:

    this sounds wonderful…

  2. frodobaggins says:

    but carl sagan was a bro

  3. frodobaggins says:

    caffeine is used as a recreational drug, you dont need to have it to live.
    anyways, its not like the bible says no smoking weed, and it doesnt hurt as much as alcohol or cigarettes. i think you’re flawed in your thinking op.

    also carl sagan was an agnostic, and he was a bro who just wanted to help spread science, why do you hate him?

  4. Looks like hell has a lot of smart and intelligent people, no wonder everyone is sinning, the technology in hell is clearly superior to heaven.

  5. Jesus says:

    Why is Nixon there?

    • because he’s Nixon. enough said.

      • Jesus says:

        Nixon is given a pretty bad rap. The only thing he did wrong was a little bit of spying, something that George W. did like it was going out of style. But besides that there is evidence that the Democrats did the same thing to him in the previous election. He ended the war in Vietnam, opened up relations with China, and began peace and disarmament talks with the USSR. Crack open a history book before you condemn someone you only know from one aspect of their lives.

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