Dear heathens,

repent or rot in Hell. The only way to heaven is to be Born Again. Accept Christ as your Savior. Accept every word of the Bible, the Word of God, as true.  Allow God to lead every aspect of your life. Then you will go to heaven.

If you engage in sodomy, hedonism, heathenism, masturbation, adultery, sex outside of marriage, sexual fantasies, paganism, wiccanism, heresy, blasphemy, bearing false witness, stealing, murdering, wearing pants in Church (if you are a woman), Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, unpure thoughts, lesbianism, dishonoring your parents, swearing, cursing, using Ouiji boards, gambling, excessive drinking, partaking of drugs, celebration of Festivus, anal sex, oral sex, hand-jobs, Darwinism, Newtonism, Satanism, volunteering or working at Darwinist museums, massages, the wearing of unchaste clothing, capitalism in an excessive fashion, posting on 4chan or reddit, facebooking, myspacing,Tebowing, planking, coveting your neighbor’s possessions, coveting your neighbor’s wife, worship of false gods, idolatry, taking the Lord’s name in vain, doing anything other than worship on Sundays, or other sinful activities, you are not following Christ, and are therefore destined for hell.  Please repent immediately. I would hate to see you cast into the fiery pit for all eternity.

Dear heathens, I will pray for your unclean souls.

Yours in Christ,


22 thoughts on “Dear heathens,

  1. Russ says:

    No, I’m good. I’m an atheist but also a husband, father, soldier, tax payer, etc. I’ve never wronged anyone in my life and never plan too. It’s easy to be good without god.

  2. Jim I have it on very good authority that you like to suck dicks and fuck butts.

  3. Michael says:

    You either have evidence for your claims or you can join the pile of other religions that are bullshit too. You have a bad use of grammar and run on sentences. This does not help your case. You attacking the atheists with threats of hellfire is offensive.

    You have the burden of proof, so get to proving.

  4. […] that is either a “Poe” or a moron. Here is the link for your IQ destroying pleasure: . I say destroying because the lack of grammar is horrible. I would like to tackle this dumb […]

  5. Tafacory says:

    It’s obvious that you have no idea what you’re talking about on so many levels.

    You say to accept every word of the Bible. Does that mean you condone slavery? Patriarchy? Stoning people to death for minor offenses? Absurd dietary laws? Genocide? If so, at least you’re being consistent. But you’re not being moral in any sense of the word and you’re disobeying Christ’s commandments to love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

    Next you say to allow God to control or lead every part of one’s life. If God wants to control every part of our lives, why would He give us free will in the first place? Wouldn’t it be easier just to create mindless automata instead? If God wants our unconditional love and worship, He could’ve done it in an easier and better way. So if that’s your argument, it’s actually serving to undermine the case for your God. It raises various philosophical and theological objections.

    Everyone engages in hedonism. We’ve evolved to do so. Humans naturally, without any kind of outside influence or coercion, seek events, people, ideas, and actions that result in joy or pleasure while reducing the amount of, or even the possibility of, pain. So if hedonism is a no-no, we all have nothing to worry about because Hell will be filled to the brim with every human being that has ever lived.

    You condemn heresy but Protestantism began as a heretical movement. So according to your logic, all Protestants are also going to Hell. This means Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Church of Christ, Mormons, etc. Every single person is going to Hell because they are descendants or off-shoots of the foundation of Protestantism.

    You also speak out against stealing. Do you include digital piracy in that as well? If so, more people will go to Hell. Intellectual property exists and every time someone downloads a song or movie or program or picture illegally or pirates it, they are committing a form of theft. So those Christians who have utilized programs such as LimeWire or Napster or YouTube to MP3 converters or torrents are all going to Hell.

    And I can’t believe you actually put impure (not unpure) thoughts on this list. I know you’ve had to have thought some “nasty” thoughts in your lifetime. No one is perfect. Thus, you yourself are going to Hell. Same about dishonoring your parents, taking drugs (especially if you consider medicine to be drugs in addition to those currently deemed illegal), oral sex, massages (even those relating to sports and other medical conditions?), wearing of unchaste clothing (if you’re applying it to women only, you’re being a hypocrite), capitalism in an excessive fashion (One cannot live in America without participating in a capitalistic system in an excessive fashion; Christmas is the most excessively capitalistic holiday in the world), and doing anything other than worshiping on Sundays (do you breath? Do you eat? Do you think? Do you sit? Do you walk? All of these things count as doing something other than worshiping). I do not personally know you, but I know that I can say with reasonable certainty that you yourself are not free from these “sins.” But that’s what you get when you try to define morality in such a narrow manner. You run into contradictions and absurd obligations.

    Also, how can a soul be unclean? They’re immaterial. This is just a semantic objection but still an objection nonetheless. You could argue that they’ve been corrupted, but that’s another story completely.

    And I’d like to know how facebook, myspace, and 4chan/reddit are excluded but wordpress is not? These are all social media outlets. If you want to be truly consistent, you’d condemn everything. If not, you’re being arbitrary by picking and choosing.

    You’re an embarrassment to Christ and Christians everywhere. Your ideology and thought process is extremely outdated and poisonous to progress. I agree with Michael. Either support your claims with well thought out and empirical evidence or cease posting such ignorant, warrantless, and offensive material. And don’t bother to pray for me. God doesn’t exist. He won’t hear you.

  6. So a true christian like you lives in a cave and is forever alone?

  7. “posting on 4chan or reddit, facebooking, myspacing” , if these are so bad why is posting on WordPress ok? Why do you have a button for people to share on fb? You are encouraging the very sins you condemn.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware but the ‘sabbath’ is supposed to be Saturday not Sunday and it starts on Friday night, to follow all the teaching of the bible you must spend Friday nights in darkness. Have fun.

    If the bible is your supreme document, why do you hate the Catholics who first complied it in full? St Peter was the 1st pope, is he in hell?

    If every word is true, then it cannot be true. There are contradictions throughout. I understand that you haven’t been able to read it all but many people have and, as one would expect for a book with so amny authors, its full of contradictory descriptions of the same events.

    Jesus, we are told, put the so called ‘golden rule’ as one of the top 2 commandments. Telling people they are going to hell is not a very nice thing to do, you wouldn’t want someone to do it to you thus you have just broken one of the 2 most important commandment as stated by your god. Well done, you will be joing us in hell.

    Actually if you’re going to be there I may make a bit of effort to go somewhere else when I die. I hear Asgard’s nice this time of year…

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